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Character Sketch

PSR or Pavan Singh Raizada: The Big Brother of the twins NK and Khushi. A young hot business magnate based in New York. He is 30 years old, handsome bachelor. Not a playboy but still a favorite of the medias whenever he appears with a supermodel. None of his girlfriends have a bad thing to say about him, even though he is not into relationship, he treats every girlfriend he has with dignity and has been very open about his choices. He has promised his grandma that he will settle down with a Bahu whom she chooses once his Khushi’s marriage is over. Even though he loves both the twins equally, Khushi is the apple of his eye. He handles the US operations of Raizada industries. Bought up his siblings like his own kids.

NK or NandaKishore Raizada: A cool, fun loving happy go lucky guy. 20 years old. Doing his MBA in UK along with his twin Khushi. He is a flirt, a charming guy but not a harmful one, loves his sister and brother more than his life. His Khushi or siso as he calls her is the most important person in his life. They were born together, in a few minutes difference. He knows his siso in and out, her fears, her each expression, her heart and feelings without even she telling him. He is very protective about his siso but he letz her do all mischiefs, infact he is her partner in crime. They usually have a blast wherever they are and he has no secrets from his siso or his bro. He looks up on his bhai as god. NK is a favorite of all girls in his University and at a time has more than 3 girlfriends. Khushi is the only one who puts up with all his antics.

ASR or Arnav Singh Raizada: The lifeline of Raizada industries in India, if Pavan manages US base of Raizada group, ASR manages the rest. 27 years old, most sorted bachelor, hot, unexpressive and he is famous for his temper and arrogance. The only one to who matters to him is his Di and Jeejaji. Loves solitude, his only hobby apart from work is gardening. Doesn't believe in relationships, he is a mild playboy but recently he has been associated only with Lavanya Kashyap. If rumors are to be believed there is an engagement coming up soon. There is a past associated with him due to which he changed his name from Arnav Malik to Arnav Singh Raizada (taking his maternal surname)

Khushi or Nandini Singh Raizada: The darling of her brothers. 20 years old, sweet, cute, carefree girl with a heart of gold, she is charming and a beauty. She is currently in UK with her twin bro NK doing her studies. She is a lively person one who can’t sit quiet for a second and has the best partner in the world her NK who very similar like her. Even though she is pampered very much by her brothers, she is grounded, a traditional at heart, loves to see goodness in everyone and everything. Her brothers have protected her from all evils. She is a spontaneous and impulsive, act without thinking most of the times and NK is her damage control manager. She doesn’t have to confide anything to her brothers since she is very transparent to them. She fears darkness, closed spaces and is terrified of people shouting or screaming mad. 

Viren Kapoor is a doctor, a surgeon to be precise who is madly in love with his wife Anjali. Theirs had been a love come arranged marriage. Anjali was his patient when she has come over to Delhi. Over 4 years of their doctor-patient relationship, they didn't know when love bloomed between them. Viren makes Anjali complete; he doesn't care about her handicap. He knows her soul and admires her love for her brother chotey aka. ASR. Viren had been an orphan and thus he appreciates relationships very much. His hardwork and determination made him as one of the most sorted surgeons in India today. He cherishes his relationship with Arnav, as he never had any siblings, he has taken Arnav as his own brother and tries his best to controls Arnav’s temper and tries to make Arnav see through the matters involving relationships.
Anjali Viren Kapoor is a blessed lady, who is loved to great extend by her brother and her husband. Her world revolves around these two people. She too suffered a bad past like her brother. But her husband who she worships like god bought her out her sad past. They have been married for almost 3 years now and she is eager to become a mom. Anjali is like a mother to Arnav and she hopes one day he settle down with a right choice of partner. She is happy now since she has been given a promise by her chote that he will settle down soon for her happiness.

Akash Singh Raizada or Sky (NK alone calls him Sky) is a very sweet guy, 26 years old, he is the second in command of the Raizada group in India after ASR. Since he is the only one in the Raizada family with no siblings, all his cousins are dear to him like siblings. His most favorite is Anjali Di and Khushi. Anjali Di is like his elder sister one who catches all his secrets fast through his expression and Khushi his most dearest younger sister who one knows him in and out. Even though Khushi lives in UK and US, she can tell what her Aki bhai is thinking within seconds even without seeing him. She is the one to whom Akash confessed about his ladylove Payal Sharma and it was on Khushi’s and NK’s insistence and training, Akash finally found the courage to propose to Payal. Even though NK irriates the hell out of Akash, NK is Akash’s secretkeeper. Akash is very much scared about Arnav’s temper but was shocked when Arnav came around in a supportive manner for his marriage issue. He knows he owes it to Jeejaji, the man who made Arnav agree citing Akash’s wishes. But it was then he understood the brotherly warmth of Arnav.
Payal Sharma 23 yrs old, a sweet natured girl with a cool outgoing character, she is not introvert but not too much extrovert. It was during one of her friend’s party she met  Akash. It had been love at first sight for both of them. But she kept herself aside knowing well how rich Raizada are. Payal was from a middle class well off family. Her parents were professors in JNU and she herself was a research student there. Like Akash she was the only child of her parents. Payal had rejected Akash’s proposal when he asked her. But when the whole Raizada parivar came to ask for her hand in marriage with Akash she was stunned. Her parents fears of social and financial status was put aside by Akash’s grandma and parents. Hence they was a wedding soon coming up. Payal was waiting to meet Khushi and NK, the duo about whom Akash had told her a lot.

Mahendra Singh Raizada is the second son of Devayani Raizada. He was the man who stood with his mother during all the tragedies which striked the raizada family. He loves his wife Manu aka Manorama very much. Theirs had been a love marriage. Hence it was no wonder when Mahendra was in support for his son’s Akash’s  marriage with Payal. Manorama even though she comes from a very poor family background once she became the Raizada bahu she was ecstatic about riches. But she finally gave in when she knew her son wouldn’t get married to anyone else than Payal. She loves all the Raizada children like her own. 

Devayani Singh Raizada is the ruling head of the Raizada family. Her word is the final. She loves all her grandchildren very much. Arnav and Anjali is her only late daughter’s kids. While Pavan, NK and Khushi is her late elder son’s kids. Her trusted confidant is her son Mahendra. She is a masti grandma, in for all tricks and mischiefs. Sometimes she gives her grandchildren a tip or two as to how to handle or play a mischief on someone.
Lavanya Kashyap is Arnav’s current girlfriend to whom he would be soon getting engaged. They had been steady in their relationship for more than a year now. She understood ASR nicely and knows ASR’s dislike for marriage. She was in for living together without marriage but recently Arnav’s family pressure bought them to a situation where marriage was the only option. Lavnaya didn't mind since she too was under too much pressure from her family for marriage. Hence she agreed.
Aman Mehra was Arnav’s most trusted confidant. He stayed at the Raizada house, 24/7 working for Arnav because he owes his life to Arnav. It was ASR who took him out of his miseries and gave him a life, job, a family. He lost his parents when he was in the final year of school. He struggled through poverty and worked all kinds of odd jobs, with the savings he studied and it was while doing MBA part time he came across Raizada industries. He won an internship there and destiny bought him close to ASR.

Note: Most of the characters are adapted from the serial Iss Pyaar ko Kya Naam Doom of Starplus. No claims, but other characters are my imagination and story is purely fiction. Craziness of my mind!

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