Friday, August 3, 2012

Dewdrops- Chapter 1

When the plane had started its descent towards the Delhi International Airport, Khushi had woken up NK. After the custom clearance, when they came out to the arrival area, they saw Akash waiting for them with a big smile. Khushi ran into the waiting arms of Akash and hugged her Bhai tightly. She had missed him so much. Akash was so happy to see the twins.  He hugged them both and started enjoying the chatter the duo has started regarding their journey. NK had been complaining about the lack of entertainment during the flight, which Akash gathered as lack of beautiful women of NK’s age group with whom he could have flirted with!  Khushi was talking about the turbulences that kept her awake throughout the flight concluding that she was tired while NK slept fit fully unaware of all these troubles.

When the BMW finally came to a halt at the Raizada palace, Khushi and NK jumped out of the car and dashed inside leaving a stunned Akash and driver in the car. The twins were racing each other to see who will hug their Dadi first. Well! What to say NK let his siso win the race!:) Devayani Raizada was busy in the kitchen ordering HP and OP who were making all the favorite dishes of the twins but she herself was making the hot samosas for her darlings. Hence she didn't notice the race until she felt her Khushi bitiya’s hands hugging her. She turned around surprised to see her baby. A moment she was reminded of her late daughter who was similar to Khushi. Khushi could feel her Dadi getting moist eyes hence she quickly removed herself from the hug and with hands on hips told “ Dadi, if you are starting to cry like this whenever you see me I am leaving” Dadi started laughing seeing her expression hugged khushi and kissed her forehead. NK pushed Khushi aside telling her its his turn to kiss his sexy Dadi! By the time the intial greetings with Dadi were over, they came out of the kitchen and were met by Anjali Di’s angry stare. NK and Khushi gulped.

They had forgotten that Anjali Di would be waiting for them at the door with her Pooja thali to do aarati and nasar utharna before letting them enter into the house. In their mad rush to win the bet of whom will hug Dadi first, they haven’t given Di a chance to take the thali and come to the door. Now Di stood there with one hand on her hip and the other held the thali while her face showed that she was angry with the duo. Akash came laughing watching this scene. However Khushi was the one who broke the ice. She suddenly dashed to Di side and gave a bear hug telling “Di you look so lovely, you have no idea Di how much I missed you. Do you know NK and I was having a bet that we would make our super cool Di on the first day we land in India. See now we won our bet!” NK came forward saying “ ah yes Di, you look gorgeous” however he stopped short seeing Anjali’s unrelenting expression. Immediately both NK and Khushi went on their knees in front of Di holding their both hands to their eyes and saying sorry. This sudden gesture melted Anjali. When she saw their cute sorry pout with innocent expression on their faces, she smiled and pulled both up and hugged them telling that she was waiting for them. She then did aarti for both of them made them eat the Prasad ladoo that she made for them. While NK was asking about Jeeju and Nannav to Di, Mami and Mamaji came in. NK and Khushi were Mami’s guides to English and make up. She loved having these two around. NK hugged and greeted Mami as “ Hey gorgeous how are you doing?” “Hello HI NK beta am gooood, tum bahuthi handsome lag rehi hai, lekin Khushi beti you again slim, yeh kaise, not eating?” Mamaji spoke up as he hugged Khushi “ Khushi beti be careful, Mamiji woulnt let you rest until you share all your beauty and fitness tips with her ” for which he received a playful punch from his wife. They all had a good laugh and Khushi felt the warmth of a home, of a family. She felt the fatherly warmth from her Mamaji’s hug that reminded her of her dad and her big bro whom she suddenly missed. Suddenly she jerked around, NK we didn't call Bhai, to which Akash informed that he had texted Pavan Bhai about they safe arrival to which Bhai replied that he will call them as soon as his meeting his over.

After a relaxing shower and stomach full of favorite foods, Dadi had tucked in Khushi for an afternoon nap since Khushi looked tired. NK was spending his time with Di and Mami catching up with the news at home, also about Jeeju’s practice and Nannav’s and Akash’s upcoming marriage. Akash and Mamaji has gone to office for an important meeting since Arnav and Aman were at Australia closing a deal. It was late afternoon when Khushi woke up. She was in her sleepy state when she opened her eyes trying to place where she was. Slowly she got up and went to the large windows and opened the curtains. Her eyes grew wide, amazed to see a small private garden with a pool. She felt a strong attraction to towards that garden which made her walk towards it. She took the stairs near her room to walk to that small heaven, poolside garden. The blue water sparkling from the pool was an enchanting sight! She didn't know how long she was standing there admiring the garden. That's how Anjali found her when she came to wake up Khushi. It was while having the evening snacks and tea suddenly it hit khushi’s mind. She suddenly caught NK’s hand and dragged him from the tea table to the poolside garden while Anjali and Dadi initially stunned, followed them. They saw Khushi was in full excitement expressing her idea to NK about having a swing along the poolside, which could be supported by the upstairs beam. The pool was open air but along the side they could hang a swing and it would be lovely to have a swing. 
After explaining her idea, Khushi was waiting for their response. NK was trying to grasp this girlish idea but Dadi loved it. Eventhough Anjali, the evergreen romantic loved this idea she was scared of Chotey’s temper as this was his poolside garden, his sanctuary. But it was so romantic idea to give up, she was wondering why she didn't think about it before. So it was decided that Khushi’s idea should be made practical and Dadi set in the motion to made it real by tomorrow. Khushi was so happy that her idea was appreciated and to see it turned into reality. She hugged her Dadi in thanks! Little did she know what awaited her at this poolside tomorrow…he he..

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  1. Aww romantic, love the idea about that hanging a swing along the poolside! Interesting