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Dewdrops-Chapter 10

Viren checked Khushi’s feet and seeing not much damage only an angry scratch and a small cut, he put some antiseptic on it , which made khushi wince and Arnav roll his hands into fists and jaw clench. NK saw this scene as he entered the drawing room with Anu, Akash and Payal. Immediately he was at Khushi side fussing on her and scolding her to be careless and clumsy. Eventhough Viren soothed him saying that it was nothing just a small cut he was slightly put off at himself for being so careless about his sister. In that anger, he told Khushi “again wherever you go, I think I should put a sticker on you saying “Accident prone girl, please keep yourself safe” . Khushi was angry at NK for scolding her and making fun of her clumsiness. Its true that Khushi has a habit of falling down every now and then, mostly because she would be concentrating on her talking rather than on what is stepping on or where she is going.  Anyways, to diffuse the situation and to relax chotey who looked like he was on the verge of going to blast the bridge, Anjali reminded everyone of an old incident of Khushi’s falling down in a puddle.

It was one of their summer vacations, Akash, NK, Arnav and Khushi was walking back home after their trekking trip to the mountains. While Akash and NK had been walking in front, Arnav as usual was with Khushi listening to her blabbering about monkeys. He used to secretly call her “Jumping monkey” in his mind many a times whenever he used to see her jumping up with joy at little things! Suddenly Khushi fell into the mud puddle in the middle of the road while talking, and started crying seeing herself dirty in mud puddle. Arnav assessing the situation immediately folded his shirtsleeve and jumped into the puddle and started fighting, as it was a person while a stunned Akash and NK looked at Arnav as he was mad. But our dear Khushi loved it and encouraged Arnav to beat more and finally he got up and told Khushi that the puddle said sorry, she hugged him and kissed his mud-splashed face. The recollection of the incident left everyone laughing out loud while Khushi and Arnav shared an eyelock with a smile remembering their old days.

The dinner was a fun at their backyard, after that they all sat around the fire with dessert, while NK and Nani entertained the gathering with their dancing for a duet song. Anu was feeling very comfortable with the group as if they were like their own and she felt at home with NK who made her feel very comfortable in everyway. She admired NK’s bonding with Khushi, she knew how the bro-sis mean to each other. Anu was a single child like Payal hence knew the value of siblings very much. She sat there enjoying NK dance with his Nani, suddenly Khushi came and pulled her up to dance along with Payal and Akash. Even Mama, mami Anjali-viren was dancing, all with their own crazy steps, while Arnav sat on the swing in the backyard watching the dancers with a peaceful and happy smile on his face. Khushi noticed that Arnav was not in the dancing group, she went to him to pull him to the group. “What are you doing here? Come na, nacho! Hasso!, jeeyo yaar!” she said with a lovely smile. He noticed her face was flushed with excitement and happiness, suddenly he noticed her eyes widen at seeing jeelabi in his hands and she rushed over to him and sat n the swing near to him while grabbing the dessert from him. “ Hey this has sugar! What are doing with this? You are not supposed to eat it, you will fall sick!” She chided him. “ I was keeping it for you” he replied. “Really?” she asked with a surprised happy smile and started munching on one. When she noted from her corner of eyes that he was looking at her as she greedily ate the jeelabi, she felt bad, she knew he loved jeelabi but cant have for no fault of his. Hence she broke a very tiny bit of the one she was munching and extended to him with a smile, and told “ I hope one small bite can do no harm”. He was so lost in her eyes and mesmerized by her, that when she extended her hand with jeelabi, he slowly took it and bought towards his mouth. She thought he was going to feed her the jeelabi as old times but was surprised when he made her feed him. 

This was the scene Anjali saw when she broke from the group to have a glass of water. She lost the grip on her glass and that went crashing. The feel of his lips on her fingertips made her look into his eyes that were looking at her and her breath caught, while her crazy heart did a mad tango. The eyelock was broken by the sound of glass crashing and they looked up to see a surprised Anjali who looked immediately down as if she was hoping the glass to reform into its original shape. Khushi immediately got up and went to Anjali asking her “What happened Di”.

That night was sleep avoided many souls, each one was lost in their own world of thoughts and dreams.  Only Nani, Mama-Mami slept peacefully. Anjali confessed to viren about what she saw witnessed between Arnav and Khushi and her deep longing to see her chotey happy. Anjali knew only Khushi could bring that happiness in chotey’s life and Viren promised that he would be with her in her mission to unite the two souls and with that promise she snuggled into Viren’s chest while he held her in his arms and they slept. On the other side, NK and Akash who were sharing a room were restless. Sleep was the last thought in their mind. NK wanted to see Anu very badly, her smile when she said goodnight left him with wanting more and he suddenly looked at Akash who was staring at the ceiling as an idea clicked his mind. He got up immediately and pulled a startled Akash and told “Akash mere bhai, tum yaha iss celiling ko kyun pareshan karthe ho? Yeh Payal bhabi nahi hai, she is in her room, not on the ceiling. I know, I know, you want to meet her na. Koyi bath nahi hai, hum tume help karunga. Come with me” .
“Nahi nahi NK bhai, Nani ko patha hota to hum ….” NK didn't allow Akash to finish the sentence. “Ok ok. Tek hai. Lekhin for a moment, close your eyes”.
“Kya” Akash asked with a confused face. “ Oh ho, come one Sky, just do as I say, close your eyes. Akash said ok and closed his eyes. “Ok, now just imagine, Payal bhahi’s kajal filled eyes, her hair, her smile, her face, her surprise, are you seeing it” NK asked. “Yes” Akash said dreamily. “Ok now open your eyes, what you see now is me, not Payal bhahi’s surprised filled face. Don’t you want to see her surprised face now Akash mere bhai? Nk said the last part with a teasing smiley nature and raised his hand for a hi5. “ Yes, come on, what are we waiting for” Akash said.

 Akash and NK slowly and quietly opened their door, both peeping out together, one above the other. NK slowly crawled out to the corridor followed by an equally creeping Akash behind but as they turned around the corridor and reached the steps to the other side of the house where the girls stayed, pair of pajamas covering feet met them.
Khushi wasn't able to sleep, she didn't want to disturb the dreamy Payal and Anu who was smiling while pretending to be sleep hence she took her phone and came out of the room and called her Bhai. 

Pavan picked the call on her second ring. “Kya hua meri pyari behena? Its it too late for you there?” He asked his darling sister in his cheerful voice. “ haa bhai, lekhin kya karu? I was missing you very badly”. Khushi replied in her pampered voice. “ Ajeeb bath hai” Pavan was surprised. He immediately knew something was disturbing his sister otherwise, when NK is there, Khushi hardly misses Pavan. Its usually her habit, when she is confused and upset or if there is something troubling her which she cant identify it on her own, she immediately turns up to Pavan. Even though NK is her partner in crime and solves all her problems, Khushi always believed her elder Bhai can sort any problem within a second and that too without any fuss or confusion. Also she knows her elder bhai has always solutions for any problem and she trust Pavan’s judgment to the core; her Bhai is never wrong. Khushi had been slightly disturbed by Arnav’s behavior; her heart was sending some wrong signals and she felt weird feeling all those. She felt she was doing something wrong, Arnav was going to engaged with Lavanaya, who from what she heard was very beautiful and they had been together for sometime now. Khushi felt angry and disturbed. She has never felt like this before and didn't know how to deal with these kinds of feelings. She suddenly wished she had a sister or mother who can explain all these to her, that's what made her call Pavan. Even though she didn't disclose the reason for her uneasiness to him, she felt at ease talking to her brother. Pavan couldn't place what was troubling his sister but he felt better knowing that she was happy to be with the family and as she talked about the trip and the new ladies (Payal and Anu) with whom she made friends with, he felt his sister was fine, just some nerves he mused, which he will see to when he comes over.

After finishing the call, she was going to go back to her room, when she noticed two figures crawling on the floor. The immediate thought that came to her mind was to scream and she was going to do that, but then she saw the familiar blue Tshirt of her bro. She rolled her eyes and stood up in front of them. 

She saw NK looking up from the blanket he was covering him with and slowly stood with a goofy smile followed by an embarrassed Akash replicating the same action of NK who was standing beside him. Khushi with her hands on hips said “Explain” to her brother who immediately took up the opportunity to cleanse him of the angry glare which his sister was giving him “Khushi, shhh…its just that Akash wanted to see Payal bhabi and I was helping him” while poor Akash stared at NK with a shocking expression. He immediately came forward to Khushi and said “ No No Khushi, NK you cheater, you pulled me and provoked me na to meet Payal at night. Sorry Khushi we will go back now”. “ NO! exclamined Nk while Khushi and Akash “shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” silenced him. NK pleadingly looked at his sister “Khushi please baby, Akash will be heartbroken if you deny him one look of his lady-love, you see, we just wanted to surprise Payal Bhabi nothing else”. Khushi knew well, who was desperate to see whom and she was going to relent to her brothers when another sound startled all 3 of them. “ What are you all doing here at this hour?” Arnav strode to them; he had gone for a walk since he wasn't able to sleep thinking of her. While returning back home, he saw NK, Akash and Khushi talking in small voices. He knew they were up to some mischief hence he intruded them. 

NK and Akash knew, Khushi was easy but Arnav, their band bajayega, which made them, swallow their saliva. NK immediately said “Hey Nanav! What are you doing here?” Arnav with his angry glare said “I shall ask you the same. What are you 3 doing here? “ Akash was tongue-tied hence NK spoke up” Kuch nahi, we were just! You see Akash was sleep walking and …” Arnav cut him off saying “ and you was following him with blanket over you?” NK replied with ease thinking that Arnav was following what he was trying to say “ Ah! Yes Nanav, how clever you are! “Enough! Off to bed! Now! Arnav commanded the duo. Akash and NK hurried off back to their room while leaving  Khushi and Arnav who stared at each other uncertainly and with a small smile, they turned back to go their respective rooms not before turning once again to see each other. 


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