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Dewdrops-Chapter 11

Lavanya saw the 4 cousins sitting together in the longue checking out something in Akash’s mobile while waiting for her to join them. As told, the twins were a rare specimen altogether; if NK was cool and jovial, Khushi was sweet and charming. They immediately became friends. Khushi was happy to see Lavanya was a lovely lady with a great humor sense and easygoing nature.  Secretly Khushi felt relieved thinking that Arnav wont give her unwanted attention; she was highly disturbed by her crazy thoughts on him. She loved having his attention, love and care, after all he is her best childhood friend but after the farmhouse trip, whenever he looks at her, she feels strange and feels an uneasy wretched knot in her stomach. 

Khushi had practically lived her all life with men, her brothers had brought her up and then all her close friends at college had been guys. Even though Dadi visits them, Khushi was brought up in a men’s world. When NK flirted with girls, Khushi was always taken care by NK’s best friends who considered Khushi as their best mate. Even when she was small, her brothers and cousins- Arnav and Akash were her life. Since she was the only girl born in the family after Di, all the men pampered her to the maximum but Pavan had seen to that Khushi is made to learn all her cultural and traditional values and stay grounded. So far in her life, she never had any issues dealing with men but now suddenly Arnav is giving her reality check. She didn't want any weird thoughts; Arnav was going to engaged with a very beautiful lady who seems to adore him. She was happy for him. With that thought she joined NK and La for scramble game while Arnav, Akash and Aman discussed business.

La could see her dear friend Arnav was looking at them from time to time. Initially she was surprised; Arnav was a person who doesn't give a second glance to a woman, it was usually the women who pursue him and drool over him. Then she understood the tenderness and love in his eyes was for the chirpy, lively girl sitting next to her who was so much involved in her game and unaware of his look. “So, so Mr. Raizada this comes as a surprise! The man who never believed in relationships and love seems to be clearly fallen for someone!” she thought with a smile and decided to know the details. 

After a while, when they paused the game, La went to Arnav and while chatting with him, she causally exclaimed to him “Arnav, you are really blessed to have such a wonderful cousin “sister”.  She is so nice and lovely”.
However the word “sister” didn’t sit well with Arnav, he immediately told La “She is my cousin. Quit the sister part. I have only one sister and that's my Di”.
 La wasn't surprised, she wanted to know whether her hunch was right and his reply confirmed it. “Relax Arnav! I was just saying that she is…”
He immediately cut her off “Enough La, I don't want to hear anything. Your have your show stopper dress fitting as soon as we land in Bangalore and Mr. Malhotra wants to have a word with you for the upcoming commercial too. So be ready for the meeting”.
He started on the business matters and La listened to him but with a smile. She knew at heart that he wont be requiring her help to pacify his family anymore since there was perfect person who can fit into those shoes.

It was evening by the time Arnav’s private plane landed at Coimbatore airport. Aman had already arranged a person to keep an eye on the twins. Arnav didn't want any troubles since it's a unknown place to the twins and their safety was his responsibility. He was briefing NK about this arrangement when he saw Khushi whizz past him to someone and the scene, which unfolded in front of him made his blood boil. Khushi was hugging someone with so much affection, as if they had missed each for a long time (actually it was a friendly hug but what I wrote was from Arnav’s POV). He saw NK also join them while another guy to came to the scene and they all hugged together. NK introduced his cousins, La and Aman to his and Khushi’s friends. Arnav saw Khushi was still near the same guy, whom she hugged earlier and to Arnav’s irritation now that guy’s right hand was on her shoulder as if taking her in a side hug.  NK introduced that guy as Sunny James and the other guy as Alex Samuel both basically hailing from Kerala but brought up in UK. There was another guy it seems, Vinay Srinivas and it’s for his sister’s marriage these 4 have landed in Coimbatore.   

Khushi explained with pride that these were her best friends in college and they were known as “Terrific Five” among their other friends. Arnav could clearly see that “the sunny guy” was clearly Khushi’s favorite and Arnav hated Sunny on the spot, he wondered why Khushi had no girls as friends. La could see the angry blaze coming from Arnav and she suppressed her smile, clearly Arnav was besotted with Khushi for until date, La has never seen a jealous Arnav or a Arnav who looked as if he was going to murder a guy if he dare touch his girl. Khushi was oblivious to Arnav’s anger for she was happy to see her friends; she had missed them. Arnav had guessed correctly NK and Sunny were Khushi’s dears; both of them would be with her partners in crime and they were ready for any fun and dare without thinking of the consequences just like her and up to anything in a second, while Vinay and Alexy were much more matured and realistic among their group.Alexy informed the twins that Vinay was held up due to the wedding preparations hence they have come to pick the twins. 

Arnav saw Khushi asking something Sunny softly but couldn't make out what she was saying. To say he was irritated and angry was an understatement. He wanted Khushi to leave with him that moment but he knew he can’t burst out like that while she looked absolutely thrilled to meet her friends and was happy. Khushi was asking Sunny whether Vinay introduced his ladylove to them. Khushi had always been fascinated by Vinay’s love story and Vinay had promised her if she comes for his sister’s wedding he would introduce her to his “Keerthana” hence Khushi was excited and was looking forward to meet Vinay’s childhood love.  Khushi was a believer of true unconditional love, soulmates, destined love; blame it on the numerous romantic novels she read and movies she watched. Hence when Vinay had confessed to them about his love that dates back to his childhood days Khushi was all ears and was truly happy for the couple. She couldn't wait to see them together and that thought made her smile. Sunny had easily recognized Arnav, the famous business tycoon and was glad to see him in person. But when he shook hands with him, Arnav had held his hands in an iron-grip which almost crushed Sunny’s hands and made Sunny wonder but soon enough, Sunny got the reason for the ferocious look Arnav was giving him. “Khushi!” He realized with a start, “Man! if looks could kill I am ashes now” he thought.

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    1. well, its not Surya..its Asif Ali and Alex is Fahad Fazil, two actors in Malayalam movie industry..I just wanted to give a face hence it would be easy for you to relate the characters while picturizing the scene in your mind..

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