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Dewdrops-Chapter 12

Author Note:

 I dedicate this post to Devi/public enemy (Lavender, Kalarikkal House), Meera (Careless whispers), Telefan (Wings of Dove), serialjunkie (The Filigreed Sun), Maya/Inked (Khushi), Pinkionly(Let's fall in love), Anne (Chains series), Mistyrains (Cherished Wounds, Fatal Attraction, Mystic Skies), Munchy (Pandora Box), Gargee and Bingala (Shades of grey, Memories of a butterfly),  Saucechips (Unexpectedly expected), Madmaxine(Highway to hell), Madhu123 (Forcibly Yours) for rejuvenating my thirst for stories, activating my reading passion and most importantly for inspiring me to find my way back to writing down my imaginations. Also I wish to thank Inspiringstars for introducing me to the world of fanfiction.

Coimbatore: the guys have zeroed on NK, who seemed to have lost in his thoughts. “That's unusual” Alexy had commented to Sunny; hence they decided to uncover the thoughts buzzing through their best friend mind that was causing him smile involuntarily. Initially NK denied that he was not smiling nor thinking anything. But upon Sunny’s sweet coaxing, NK opened up. He told them about meeting Anu. “When I saw her first, I couldn't react, I just stood there gawking at her, Khushi had to kick me to get my attention back to the present. Can you imagine guys? I didn't even use one of my usual lines of introduction! Instead I introduced myself as Nandakishore to her”.  Sunny burst out in laughter while Alexy sniggered. “Seriously?!”Vinay asked a baffled NK, while trying to suppress his laugh. “ Yaar, you have no idea, In the history of my love life, I never had such a situation! Nor I was this desperate. Do you know? We all had gone for a weekend trip and Khushi had invited her too, I can’t explain to you guys, how happy I felt when I saw her again. I mean, there had been many girls in my life, but till date, I never felt like wanting to meet someone again and again and never felt my heart will burst with joy when I finally get to meet her or talk to her.“ Vinay, Sunny and ALexy smiled at each other feeling glad for NK for finally finding his true love. They had seen the parade of girls in NK’s life but no one had this effect on NK. They could clearly see that NK was smitten by Anu. 

Delhi: Anu shut the the laptop, she was trying to work on her project for the past one hour. “This is not working” she thought in frustration. Her exams were on the way and somehow instead of exam fears, some weird feelings had clouded her brain and heart. Whenever she closes her eyes, she could feel his charming face with that dimpled smile which squeezes her heart. She recalled the first time she met met him and his handshake which send tinkles down her spine., Payal, even though her senior in college, has always treated Anu like her baby sister. Anu also has considered Payal as her own sister only hence she was very happy when Payal was getting married to the person whom she loves. Akash was a nice guy and she was sure that he would keep Payal happy all his life. When Payal had called her telling that Akash’s cousins were coming from UK, she had expected very modernized high class attitude spoiled brats who will be subjected to her famous wrath if they behaved rudely to Payal but she was completely taken aback when she saw two cute and beautiful people who were very warm and friendly. She had immediately liked Khushi, Khushi was nothing but a very sweet and fun loving spirit just like her however, her twin brother had left a much more greater impact on Anu. His eyes and the way he looked at her had left her slightly breathless however she didn't show it but when he introduced himself and shook her hand; she felt so many emotions engulf her. However, she managed to tame and calm her heart before it got out of control but throughout their conversation, she could feel his eyes on her but it was not disturbing or irritating but it evoked a feminine feeling in her. He made her feel the woman in her. Even during their trip to farmhouse, he had been a perfect gentleman, no indecent approaches or flirty talks. She found him witty, charming and what amazed her most was his affection for his sister. NK had panicked when he saw Khushi was hurt and his chiding Khushi for her carelessness while he get guilty for leaving her alone had not gone unnoticed by her and it made her liking for him more stronger. That night she had thought about him a lot and even smiled about how precious he made her feel, his talks, and his funny ways to which she kept a straight face but laugher bubbled within her when she thought about those moments. But she was Anuradha, who never gave any attention to the male species except her father; hence she was not going to allow him to think that he had impressed her. She was polite to him but had kept her distance while he respected her feelings and stayed friendly. Then why she was feeling this restlessness? Payal told her Khushi and NK had left to someplace in south India to meet some friends. Why she missed him? Why she longed to see him? 

Coimbatore: Khushi couldn't get sleep that night. It was not excitement of the big fat south Indian wedding taking place, nor because the place was new to her. Her mind had been plagued with some thoughts which was highly disturbing her. Even when she kept her cheerful face and voice in front of her friends, she knew NK would be soon asking her questions. Also she had noted Sunny was observing her. These two could read her like a book. She had been keeping her disturbing thoughts aside, whenever it starts to raise its head, but she can no longer avoid it. She stopped tossing and turning in bed, got up and went to the window. She could see the Coimbatore airport runway, and a Silk airplane taxing the runaway getting ready for departure. She watched the plane take off, which reminded her of Arnav’s face. She had seen the anger in eyes before he turned and walked back to his plane. She had been hurt and wondered why he was suddenly angry, why he hadn’t wished her good stay or even say a bye. Instead Lavanya had wished her a pleasant stay and gave her a charming smile. Yes! Lavanya would make a good wife for Arnav. She was good and Khushi had liked her then why she was feeling unpleasant and a why was her heart weighing her down with an unknown despair. She felt like crying, a sense of loss overwhelming her mind. She looked at the sky, the plane was up in the sky, flying away from her direction and then tears started to roll down her cheeks.

Bangalore: At the same time, Arnav had finished his meetings and reached his room in. All others have called it a day and retired to their respective rooms. He removed his coat, threw it into a chair, loosened his tie and walked to the large full-length window and stood in front of it with his hands in pocket. He missed her. He wondered how he managed to keep himself away from her all these years. There was something enchanting in her, which has always left him fascinated. Her innocent eyes and her heart-melting smile, he closed his eyes recalling her smile and her smiling eyes. He knew he wont be able to live a day if she is taken away from him again. But he knew how Pavan very well; knew how much Khushi and NK mean to him. Arnav knew at heart, something had changed between Pavan and him when Pavan came to know that Arnav’s dad was behind his parents’ death. Pavan never blamed Arnav; of course it wasn't Arnav’s fault. But there was a distance between them from then on. They met during regular intervals for business dealings; they talked nicely, joked, but never got personal. When Pavan distanced himself due to his own personal emotions, Arnav’s gulit made the distance wider. The result of which lead to the missing of the old warmth their shared in their relationship and easy companionship they had between them was lost. 
Only NK had been same all through these years, he kept in touch with Arnav and shared all the happenings in their lives. NK never questioned his silence with Khushi even though he wanted to know why Arnav avoided Khushi. More than once he had tried to convey to Arnav that Khushi missed him terribly and would be very happy if Arnav visited them or talked to her. Arnav recalled the phone call with an exuberant NK who conveyed to him that Khushi regained her voice. Arnav had wanted to fly that moment to her side and was almost going to do so when his guilt got in the way and he helplessly dropped back to his seat. The decision to get engaged with Lavanya was taken in haste when he came to know she was coming for Akash’s marriage. He didnt know why he wanted her to believe that he loved another woman more than her. He didn't know why he wanted to avoid being close to her. May be he knew, his heart knew that she could never be his, he didn't deserve her and most importantly he didn't want to put her in a difficult situation where she will be forced to choose. He knew that it would kill her because she only knew to love everyone unconditionally. So then if he knew all this, then his should stick on to his plan. He should give Lavanya more attention instead of Khushi. But the last weeks, he had completely lost it. When she made peace with him, he felt like he owes her the explanation for his silence. When he expected that the truth would make her hate him; she surprised him by enveloping him once again in her love. He was bewitched from then, he felt peace and alive after a long while, he enjoyed her company, her laughter, and her pranks. He enjoyed each and every single moment with her. He totally forgot about his plan, but today when he saw her with another guy, it made him angry and he was going to blast that damn guy but her smile and happiness had stopped him. It was during the flight to Bangalore, the reality hit him like tons of bricks. What was he doing? He didn't want to be close to her or mislead her with his feelings. But that's exactly what he had been doing. He had compromised to himself, that he would have to see her with another guy who would share her life then why Why dammit did he have to feel the anger when he saw another guy hugging her? Why did he feel that she belonged to only him! He has to get a grip on his feelings. As soon as they reach Delhi, along with Akash’s engagement he has to announce his with Lavanya. He knew he wont be able to get sleep, hence he started working on his laptop.

Lavanya on the other hand, was thinking how to approach ASR with the matter. Her talk with Akash had confirmed what she wanted to know. When ASR had asked her a favor 2 months back, she was surprised. ASR was a great friend; she met him during a mutual friend’s party 2 years go. From then on, they had been friends who supported each other professionally. She had modeled for his group and he was the one who encouraged for and supported her during her Miss. India contest. His group had even sponsored the event. But his sudden request to be his fiancée in front of his family had baffled her. Yes, they had been seen together for many functions but their relationship has been a platonic one, and never personal, mainly because ASR never shared any personal information. Apart from Akash being ASR’s brother and Aman being his protégée, Lavanya knew ASR had a Di and Jeejaji whom he worshiped and a Nani and Akash’s parents whom he adored. She had wondered why ASR wanted her to pretend to be his fiancée in front of these people. There was something more than he claimed; that he was doing this for his Di’s happiness but what she couldn't place it. But today when she met Khushi, her sixth sense started giving weak signals, which got stronger after ASR cutting her off when she mentioned Khushi being his cousin “sister”. Then the expression on ASR’s face when he saw Khushi’s friend hug at airport and ASR’s steel handshake with the guy had confirmed her intuition. But she was confused, if ASR liked Khushi what was stopping him? Why did he want her to pretend as a fake fiancée? Akash had told her, Khushi, NK, ASR, PSR, Di and him had been together when they were kids, and they all grew up together. While recalling their childhood memories, Akash had mentioned to La that Khushi had been everyone’s favorite and that Khushi possessed special powers like making Bhai laugh, which surprised La for she have never seen ASR laugh. A smile may be, but laugh? ASR? No way! La rolled her eyes! “Sometimes ASR might not have realized that he loves Khushi” Lavanya mussed. That could only be the reason she thought. After all men are bit late in realizations and growing up, she thought with a chuckle.



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