Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dewdrops-Chapter 13

Sunny was biting his nails, thinking hard as to how to get the information that he required to connect the dots. He was smart, he had sensed some undercurrents but he needed background data to confirm his suspicion. Khushi was equally smart and won’t let her feelings in the open immediately. Even though she puts up a strong front, Sunny knew she was the owner of a very soft and tender heart that had been badly scared due to the tragedies in her life. He saw NK getting ready for the outing, while initiating a casual talk, Sunny asked NK about Arnav. NK being a strong supporter and admirer of Arnav had been generous in giving Sunny all the details required for confirming Sunny’s theory. Sunny knew he had all the weapons to face Ms. Khushi Singh Raizada to make her admit her feelings. He expected nothing less than a fierce battle of words and vehement denial from her. With a mission in hand, he got up from the bed to get ready for the full day shopping and for confrontation.

Vinay had introduced Keerthana (Keerthi) to Khushi as soon as possible and they had become good friends within a short time. Hence Keerthi had promised to help Khushi with choosing a traditional dress for the wedding function the next day. True to her word, she was there with Khushi ready to go for shopping. Since Khushi was with Keerthi all the time during shopping, Sunny didn't much chance to talk to Khushi. He needed to talk to her alone, if his theory is wrong, he didn't want to embarrass her in front of NK or to be honest, Khushi would skin him alive for thinking wrongly about her feelings after all these years of friendship. Hence he hadn’t discussed his theory with NK. But he was sure of what he felt; he had known her enough to sense her feelings. Finally in the evening, he got a chance to talk to her alone; she was at the terrace, looking at the city bathed in lights at night.

She smiled at him, when she saw him but continued to gaze the view with a wistful look on her face. Sunny looked at her side-ways and asked “Thinking about him?” She has not registered his question. When she did, she turned to face with a question in her eyes and raised her one eyebrow as to ask whom with a smile. Sunny smiled at her and told “Your cousin, the great Arnav Singh Raizada”. Her smile vanished and her eyes widened in surprise. Suddenly she hid her surprise and brought back a forced smile and asked “ Why would I be thinking of him now?” Sunny knew he better he straight and honest than going round and round, hence he told her “ Khushi, we had been close friends for years now, don't you think that I can tell very easily when you are lying. Its fine, if you don't want to share something, I understand” he raised his hands up in surrender “but don’t get into the trouble of finding lies, you as well as I know how bad you are at telling lies”. 

Khushi felt her eyes welling up with tears; she didn't know how NK and Sunny could easily understand her. Earlier that evening, NK had dropped into her room and they chatted with their brother in US through Skype with their usual banters and tantrums at each other. But while leaving, NK had come suddenly to her side and hugged her and looking in her eyes said, “you know him, he is like that, don't take it seriously” and left immediately before she could utter anything. Of course, he knew she would deny being hurt by Arnav’s actions as she had been doing all these years. But Sunny’s words had completely thrown her off and had re-launched all those sadness, which she had locked away from yesterday evening.
“Yes! I had been thinking of him”. She turned to look those lights far away. Yes she had been thinking of him, of why he went away without a word to her, of why he didn't even bother to call her up or even send her a text like he was doing for the past two weeks after they had renewed their old friendship. Why all of the sudden he started to avoid her again? That thought caused a pain, which pierced her heart.

“Do you love him?” she heard Sunny ask. She turned to Sunny and told him “Our story goes back to the days when we were kids”, she smiled at the memories and continued “I was very much attached to him, more than I was to NK or my Bhai. He always made me feel special, no offense to my brothers, I was a princess to them. But in the case of Arnav, I had always felt I was much more to him than a princess, he listened to all my demands and wishes even if its crazy”. She laughed and told Sunny “ You see, I was a crazy kid even then, but what was special about those was that Arnav was a bit different kind of kind, he usually doesn't listen to others, I mean he was not disobedient but was a bit of arrogant nature, was very particular about his rights and wrongs, doesn't bend to others wishes but when such person approved all of my stupid and crazy demands” She smiled again and continued ”even if I was at fault and to be blamed, he took up those charges on him and spared me of the scoldings. I adored him, loved him, missed him when he went to boarding school, longed to see him”. She took a long breath and continued the story “Then as you know about my past, I had to encounter my losses in my life, one of those was his presence in my life. He had disappeared from my life completely; even when I tried to reach out to him he remained elusive. After many years, we met few weeks back, initially there was awkwardness but then he confessed and I understood his reasons for staying away from me. We had been trying to revive our old friendship for the past two weeks, all was going well but from yesterday onwards I am not sure what happened Sunny, its all going wrong again”.  He could see the distress on her face, her confusion and pain and even fear.

Sunny made her sit on the terrace bench and squatted in front of her holding her hands in his hands he tried to put her at ease by clearing her confusion. Its clear to him now that she hasn't realized her feelings and he decided to make it crystal clear for her. “Do you want to know what went wrong?” he asked her. She looked at him questioningly. “He got angry yesterday when he saw you hug me” he told her but she was not ready to accept it but before she spoke he continued “he doesn't know the bond we share. For him it was like a blow to see you hug a guy with lot of affection. He doesn't realize the close friendship we share. And even if he realized, I guess he would be angry because he is possessive about you”. Sunny laughed suddenly remembering his handshake “you know, the guy nearly squeezed my hand yesterday, I thought blood would be oozing out by the time he finally let go of my hand”. Khushi sat there stunned. She knew Arnav was possessive about her but that was when she was a kid; he didn't allow anyone to hurt her or love her more than him. He loved her in his own unique way that could not have been matched by anyone till date. Khushi thoughts went into overdrive and clashed; she couldn't make a head or tail. Sunny helped her with words “I think he loves you deeply, if I am right, he had been loving you all these years”.
“He is engaged and he doesn't love me like you mean” Khushi replied after getting a grip on reality. Sunny got up and sat beside her on th bench and replied in his usual playful manner “Well! What disturbs you more? Whether he is engaged? Or your thought that he doesn't love you in a romantic way?” he asked her with a smile. Khushi glared at him. “Ok, ok. I got it, stop glaring at me! I will prove to you that my thoughts about him are right. Wanna bet? Sunny knows Khushi cant resist challenges. As Sunny’s expected, Khushi, took the bait. Khushi wanted to prove Sunny wrong, his stupid predictions wrong. Sunny didn't know Arnav, she wanted to tell him that Arnav will never back off from his word to Di, hence he will certainly marry Lavanaya. “Yes, Bet!” she declared. “Ok so what you will give me if I make you realize that Arnav loves you in a romantic way?” Sunny asked her. “Hmm…” she was going to give him an offer of world tour but he cut her off “I know! I know what I want and you got to give to me, agreed? Sunny asked her. “What you got to tell me what you want, then only I will agree”. She told him flatly. “OK, here you go, once I prove my point, you got to confess your feelings to Arnav directly” Sunny replied. Khushi stared at him like he was mental while Sunny continued, “All those thoughts which you keep hidden and avoided to analyze fearing the answers it will give. Never fear your feelings Khushi. You have to express and see the magic it does when it’s out in the open,” he told to Khushi who sat there stunned.


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