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Dewdrops-Chapter 15

Arnav moved forward to Khushi while she stood her ground looking at Akash who seemed to be like a deer caught in the bright headlights while a nervous NK was thinking how to diffuse the situation. “Don't you do dare make a scene Khushi! You are leaving with us tonight, that's final. You have time till 8pm today to enjoy with your friends. We will come to pick you up at 8 sharp. Be ready” He looked at NK when he told the last part of the sentence. Khushi was still looking at Akash, her face angry. When Arnav turned to leave, he heard her “We won't be ready by 8pm! Don't waste your precious time Arnav Singh Raizada!” Arnav smiled and replied back “You will come with us, have no doubt!, because as you said, I am Arnav Singh Raizada!” With a sharp look towards Sunny he left the place. Lavanaya was amazed by Khushi’s reaction; no one ever stood against the mighty ASR or challenged him. “Well, this is going to be interesting!” she thought with a smile. Akash and NK looked at each other and then at Khushi who was looking at Arnav’s retiring back fumingly. 

The fight & the reactions

Sunny understood Khushi’s anger was due to Arnav’s avoidance for the past three days. He was stunned when Khushi retorted hotly back to Arnav and Arnav’s reply and killing look towards him gave Sunny a shiver. He gulped and pulled a stubborn Khushi aside as soon as Arnav was out of sight. “Khushi what's wrong with you? Why did you defy him? You know he became more angry on me than you!” Sunny vented out in frustration and fear. He continued “Yes I did agree and I didn't forget the bet Khushi but that doesn't mean that I will be the dinner for Arnav Singh Raizada. That man didn't even give a cordial look till now; forget cordial, he looked ready to murder me”.

“You are a coward. All men are! What do they think of themselves? Only they are right? Only they can do anything they want? What do you all think?” Khushi hit Sunny on shoulder in her anger and turned away from him. She continued, “He comes here today after 3 bloody days and demands me to be ready and dance according to his tunes, what does he think? Do you know the past three days he didn't bother about me! Now suddenly he…..” Khushi trailed for the words by gritting her teeth in her anger and the sadness and disappointment that she held at bay threatened to pour out. Sunny took a long breath and turned Khushi back to him “Khushi, I am sorry, I have a confession to make!” Khushi was still looking down, trying to hold back her tears. Sunny swallowed once again and continued “Well! You know, he did call you”. Khushi’s eyes flew to meet sunny’s in surprise. 

Sunny gulped and continued “You know yesterday when you were inside for the turmeric bath rasam of bride, your mobile was with me and …” Khushi interrupted him “I didn't see any miscall or texts”.
“That's because I erased it” Sunny answered and his mischief smile was back while Khushi looked stunned.
“I didn't attend the calls, he called twice, then I send him a text with one word “Busy” Sunny’s smile was broad now and he could see Khushi’s mind processing the facts. “See that's why he was here all of the sudden and this urgency to take you back, got it? Sunny made it clear for her. Khushi was too surprised to react, yes now she can understand his sudden rudeness. And whom is she lying? She too was rude, but that happens when they both lock horns. She suddenly smiled realizing this is their first fight in years! They both are worst when they fight with each other; usually it happens when she gets hurt due to her carelessness. He will blast her for getting hurt but at the same time, he would be tending to her wounds before anyone could. She wouldn't say a word to him, be angry with him for scolding her and wont talk to him until he has to go out of his way to coax her back to be his little khushi and when she finally forgives him he will say that arrogant dialogue of his with his famous smirk “Try harder to defeat me in my attempts next time Khushi, tell you what? Still I don't think you would win over me, remember, I am Arnav Singh Raizada, I will win you back at any cost, keep that in mind always my dear little Khushi!”:-)

Sunny saw the small smile playing at her lips, her eyes looks distant as if she was journeying through her memories, that explains the smile he thought and waved his hands in front of her eyes to bring her back. Khushi was blank for a second then she recalled Sunny’s mischief and her challenge with Arnav, well she is going to loose, she thought with a defeated sigh, especially now when her anger is baseless but that doesn't mean she will surrender and will go back on her word. Khushi Singh Raizada never fails her challenge!

Arnav arrived with others at the reception party at 7.30pm. Vinay’s dad; a famous businessman in South had recognized the Raizada business tycoon on the spot and had invited him for his daughter’s wedding reception. Arnav was looking out for Khushi but couldn't find her anywhere. Akash had been nervous about Arnav’s and Khushi’s face off earlier hence he had intimated Di about the happenings and about their arrival at late midnight. Lavanaya looked stunning and was excited about the evening. She too followed Arnav’s eyes but couldn't stop Khushi nor NK. It was 7.50pm still no sign of the twins or their friends. Vinay had been busy with the guests but he had assured Akash the twins were at the party earlier in the evening, must be around. Arnav was getting more and more irritated as seconds tick by.  He found the twins mobile switched off and it pissed him off. Suddenly he saw Alexy and Vinay at the podium where the newly weds stood with a mic in his hand. “Ladies & gentlemen! May I have your attention please! Vinay said into the mic and he was immediately rewarded with complete attention with pin drop silence. “Today one of the happiest days in my life” he looked at his sister and continued speaking into the mic while walking towards his sister and hugging her sideways “My little sister is no longer a little girl who holds on to my hand and cry while I go away from her, 
She's her own woman now, wearing her own wedding band”. He smiled and looked at his sister with lot of love and affection and continued “I am so happy for you, and I love you a lot! And this is something for you”- suddenly the lights went off- The spotlight came on NK, Khushi. They started a drama-dance recreating the childhood of Vinay and his sister. Everyone was very happy to see the brother-sister bond developing over years and then Sunny enters as Vinay’s sister’s husband”. 

Arnav was enjoying the act till sunny’s entry. He saw the drama ending with a perfect ending of a happy marriage and happily ever after theme while anger boiled inside him. Khushi had been watching Arnav’s reactions from the corner of her eyes all the time, Sunny had told her too, it was a part of his stupid bet to prove Arnav’s feelings for her. She saw the rage when Sunny held her hand as pretending to be the married couple and she smiled inwardly. If she accepted that she noticed the changes in Arnav that means she will have to confess as Sunny wanted her to. But she wasn't ready to risk, plus she was hell lot confused when it comes to Arnav. She needs time to think and sort her feelings. There were too many wrongs than rights hence she decided not to let the men win.

In Sunny’s case, she was angry with him for his earlier mischief. They had already planned this dance-drama earlier and didn't want to cancel for Vinay’s sake. Even though she was angry she did her part well, but she wasn't talking to Sunny. In Arnav’s case, she was angry with him too, even though he did call her, he called her after two days and how dare he come here today and challenge her, all the past week sweetness gone, that ruthless and arrogance back, she didn't like his ego. And he demanded her, wanted to take her back from her friends. Well, she wasn't pleased about it. She saw Akash praising NK for the dance, she smiled and thought, “how sweet is their Sky Bhai! Always he has that calm and sweetness in him, shy and easily going red when they catch his lies, matured and peace lover, should add romantic too in that list, but on the other side there was their Nannav, one who is always grumpy but in a handsome way, sweet when he wants, loving but never shows, what he shows is too much anger which sits on his nose”. She sighed and went to them. Akash and Lavanya were full praises for her while Arnav looked at her cool, his eyes not revealing anything, “his mask on”, she thought. “Hey Pretty! You were awesome as my wife” Sunny came near and said while introducing himself to Lavanaya “Hey, you look gorgeous! I am Sunny James, Khushi’s best friend!” Khushi immediately shifted her eyes to Arnav’s face and she could see the volcano going to erupt taking Sunny with its molten lava hence she injected urgently into the conversation with La “Yes, he is one of my best friends but now an enemy” She glared at Sunny telling “Don't dare you forget I am not talking with you!” Arnav had enough melodrama he gritted out “We are leaving now!” The  “now” was very much stressed and everyone looked at Khushi. She stood cool and replied back “Ok!” Even Arnav did a double take, he expected her to fight! “This girl always amazes me by her unpredictability” he thought. Khushi saw all were staring at her, she asked “What?” to a bewildered NK. “You are ready to leave? But you said…” Khushi cut him off by saying “Yes, I know what I said” she looked straight into Arnav’s eyes and continued with a victory smile “I said we wont be ready by 8pm and we weren’t ready but now time is 8.15pm”. She walked towards Arnav “Try harder to defeat me in my challenge next time Arnav, tell you what? Still I don't think you will win over me, remember, I am Khushi Singh Raizada! I will never fail in my challenges, keep that in mind always my dear Nannav!“ She said with a smirk, while her insides screamed how much she missed him and her eyes noticed Arnav’s eyes twinkle at their old memory!

Author’s Note: Dear readers, I am very happy to see your responses to the story and your liking for the characters! The inspiration to write Sunny is one of my real  friend who was exactly like Sunny. Glad to know many are in love with Sunny’s character, some of you have such a friend, if not believe me there are true good friends out there in life who understands you more than you do. 

One major issue I would like to address is- I see there are many silent readers for this story, I appreciate your interest but I would be very much happy if you put a response to the story either in blog or IF since it motivates and inspires me a lot. Else I will be forced to limit the visibility to the blog and filter the PMs. Seriously I don't wish to do that but the my time limitation will force me to undertake such actions. To my regular readers and commentators, who love the story like me, what can I say? I love you all! Some of your responses makes me smile and gives me a great feeling which makes my day bright! Thank you so much for your support!

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