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Dewdrops-Chapter 16

During the flight back home, everyone was immersed in his or her own thoughts. Arnav was partly happy that Khushi agreed to return with them but he was not someone who liked to be defeated, anyways this time he didn't take his defeat seriously it was to Khushi he lost.. Hence its fine else the winner would be wishing now why they have crossed their path with Arnav Singh Raizada. Arnav had been secretly happy when he saw Khushi giving a cold look to Sunny during their departure at airport. Obviously some fight had happened between Khushi and Sunny else there would have been a very tearful bye bye scene he thought. Whatever! Now Khushi is back with him and he is happy that's what matters!, Well if she is still angry with him,  don't he know how to pacify his little tigress? 

NK had been thinking, well thinking is not his forte, but currently he had lots of things going around him and its high time he have to give a serious thought to each matter. NK started make a list of his problems in his mind while opening the Lays packet and having those.
Problem No.1 Naanav! NK looked at Arnav’s direction and saw the businessman had his iPad with him but something told NK that Arnav is also lost in thoughts like him and his concentration is not in the iPad in hand. Arnav’s behavior was confusing NK. Well then Naanav has always been an enigma to NK, even though Naanav is not expressive, NK knew the man had a heart of gold and whenever it comes to Khushi matters, Arnav always have outdone NK and Pavan. Now that is the problem here too. NK was getting worried, the male instinct in him told that there is something more beyond what eyes could perceive between Naanav and Khushi. He isn’t sure whether the concerned persons are aware about it but was it right? He turned to look at Lavanaya who was listening to some tracks in her iPod, a happy smile on her face, when she saw NK looking at her, she smiled and waved. NK returned the smile and when back to his thoughts. He didn't know where all this is going! There is nothing to panic, may be its all your thoughts, NK tried to tell his heart but he looked at Khushi who was looking at the clouds through the window.
Problem No.2 Khushi! She is equally a puzzle like Naanav but unlike Naanav, here NK had the advantage, he knew what all went through his sister’s mind. He could see she had been confused and sad past few days even though she was the life of each party they had been. His sister was a master of hiding her sorrows but not from NK. He knew her too well, may be since they were together right from their mother’s womb. Without telling itself NK knew Naanav was the reason of his sister’s distress, but she will never admit it. There was something seriously going on between them but both are trying hard to deny it and quench it out. That much NK knew, he had been silently observing both of them for sometime now. Sunny enquiry about Naanav and Khushi-Sunny fight had not gone unnoticed by NK. If Khushi had fought with Sunny and not talking to him there will be some serious reason otherwise water is thicker than blood when it comes to Sunny and Khushi. And if Khushi is mad at Sunny then he knew Sunny must be right about something and Khushi would be angry because she knows Sunny is right but doesn't want to admit to it. This is all turning into a mess. How do I sort all this? He looked up and saw Akash sitting in his seat with a smile on his face and his hand, wait! What is in his hands? NK looked closely and the mischief devil in him awoke, he waved silently to his partner in crime and got her attention and pointed to the dreamy akash.

It was a small gift- Swarovski Pink Rosaline Pearl Bracelet and Anklet Set with Sparkling Crystal Heart Charms. Akash looked at his small gift package that he had taken out from his coat’s pocket very fondly. He wanted to get something for her but there was no time at all with Arnav keeping him on his toes but then he managed it from the Bangalore duty free shop. He had used the excuse of an upset stomach to go to restroom but instead he rushed to the jewelry duty free shop which he had crossed earlier and bought the showpiece, which had caught his eye, the first second itself. 

It would look great on her, he thought with a smile but then suddenly someone snatched it out from his hand. He had been so much dreaming about Payal that he didn't see the twins crouching near by him hence he looked up in a stunned surprise to see the twins standing now near to his seat on either side with their wicked smile on and Khushi had his gift, fanning it with a teasing smile. “Wow wow! That's a lovely gift Sky, Payal Bhabi ko bahuth pasand ayega” NK teased him. “Lekin tum ye kaha se buy kardiya? Lavanaya joined them. “Wo, hum..” Akash stammered and looked down. Khushi rescued him by saying “It doesn't matter from where he bought it La, what matters is he took an effort to buy something for my dear Bhabi jaan inspite of his busy schedules, that's shows how much my bhai loves my bhabi and missed her right na?” she hugged Akash sideways with a hearty smile and gave him back his gift. “Yea right! Thanks!” Akash gave her a grateful peck on her cheeks but held her hand when she was leaving back to her seat. Khushi looked back in surprise.

“I am sorry that you had to cut your trip short” Akash expressed his sorry. Arnav’s ears became alert hearing this but he didn't look at them, he continued typing furiously into his iPad. He even hadn’t joined them to tease Akash. Khushi smiled and replied to her dear brother “Its ok Sky, I had a good time with them when I was there and you know I loved the south Indian Wedding, you liked my sari na? I will be wearing one for your wedding too”. Akash smiled at his little sister, she was his dearest and he had felt bad when Arnav demanded them to return briskly giving not much time with her friends but then Bhai is like that. Hence he had done some damage control from his side which he revealed to her now “Yes, I loved you in sari, even I had send a photo of you in sari to Di, she must have already bought you a dozen sarees now and Khushi don't worry your friends would be joining us soon”. Khushi looked at him surprise while Arnav turned in his seat and before Khushi could ask he asked for her “What the?” NK, Akash and Lavanya looked at ASR now while Khushi still looked at Akash but she could see Arnav’s reaction in her mind. 

Akash became nervous now, he didn't expect Bhai to listen to his conversation with Khushi and seriously he hadn’t planned it but it just happened. “Wo bhai, Sunny ne…” he began. NK and Khushi closed their eyes at the same time and thought “wrong move, Sky”. Actually what happened was while they were waiting for their departure, Akash had congratulated Sunny for his dance with Khushi. Akash liked the twins friends since they reminded him of his college days and obviously they were a good group to hang out with. Hence when he commented about his upcoming wedding, sunny himself had put forward the suggestion- that they would give Akash a beautiful sangeet function to remember and doing so Sunny had self invited him to Akash’s wedding. Akash being a simple and good guy with a too polite and well mannered behavior immediately agreed to the suggestion and invited Sunny and Alexy for his wedding, in fact he told them to arrive few days before the wedding thinking that this way he could make up to Khushi and NK for cutting short their trip. Even in his dreams, he hadn’t expected Bhai would react this badly to this news. “You did what?” Arnav asked Akash when he told him that he had invited the twins friends for wedding. “Bhai actually, I know you don't like too much people and noise but Bhai its wedding and I thought it would be nice if they too would be there for sangeet and…” Arnav cut off Akash by asking “You invited them to sangeet too?”. NK who had witnessed the earlier invitation by Akash to Sunny injected into the conversation since he saw Naanav was not taking the news nicely and he could see his sister being silent which means the lava is boiling and volcano will erupt soon which would lead to another fight between his sister and Naanav. Hence he said “Actually wo kya hai na Naanav mere bhai, I too thought it would be nice if we give a dhamaka for Akash’s sangeet and since you don't dance, I thought it would be nice if we had some help”. NK defended Akash. 

Arnav was very angry, all the anger, which had subsided, now resurfaced. He thought he had got rid of that Sunny and now his stupid brother had gone and invited personally that idiot to the wedding function. Lavanya placed a hand on Arnav’s shoulder “its ok ASR, it would be fun, relax! They are cool people and I am sure Akash did the right thing, after all its his wedding” Lavanaya put Akash at ease while diluting the situation. Khushi also smiled at Akash and squeezed his hand telling him silently that he did no wrong and she was grateful to him for doing this for her even though it had earned him disapproval from his his walking god- his bhai. Rest of the journey was uneventful. Khushi had noted La’s charm how easily she handled the situation and her love and admiration for La increased and her anger for Arnav also increased proportionally.

It was past midnight when they all reached home and all had directly hit bed after their tiring day and journey. Khushi’s sleep was very much disturbed, she didn't sleep well, there were so many confusing dreams and she got up early. When she came down, she saw Di going to temple and joined her to temple. She felt nice during the bhajans and aarati. While dropping them at temple, Viren at told her that Mr. Nair’s operation was fixed for next week. Khushi thought of the old man, his talks, she had to pay him a visit, she thought with a smile. She had got a small gift for him from Coimbatore. Di came and sat next to her, they had finished their prayers and was waiting at the temple for the driver to come back after dropping Viren at hospital. “So Khushi how was your trip? Did you have a good time?” Di started the conversation “Of course Di! I never thought south part of India was this beautiful. Nair uncle had told me about his place kerala, god’s own country and its beauty but I thought he was exaggerating but no, when I saw Coimbatore, I changed my opinion. The city has a simple charm, Di you would love the place, I am sure of it. You know what we should plan a trip down south Di!” Di looked at the girl in front of her full of bubbling energy, smiling she replied “Yea, sure we will, may b we can plan a honey moon trip for Akash to Kerala and we too could accompany them but no, we will leave the couple for their privacy but we can tour around, what say?” “Wow! Di that's amazing but you know our vacation will soon be over and we will have to return” Khushi replied realizing the facts. She didn't know why the thought of going back doesn't look so great. Anjali saw Khushi’s face clouding with sadness, she took her chin and made khushi look at her “you know if you want you and NK could study here too, I hope Pavan wouldn't mind, being close to family”. Khushi smiled sadly and hugged Anjali feeling her warmth. It was at times like this Khushi wanted her mother badly.

Khushi was in kitchen, baking a cake. She was getting more and more angrier as minutes pass by. Arnav was back to his cool behavior, ignoring her and busy with his work. She wanted to strangle him, he hadn’t talked to her, apologized to her for being rude, and now he started his mission of avoiding her, which pissed her off. She wanted to do something or her mind will go crazy hence she decided to make her favorite cake. Payal was visiting them and Akash had given her the gift and they were having their private talk. NK was nowhere to be seen. She had been busy mixing the cake mix and diverted her concentration in to cake baking, forgetting all her worries. Meanwhile, NK had taken the initiative to make things fine between Arnav and Khushi, “if left to them they would take years again to patch up” he thought. NK had been trying to get Arnav’s attention to what he was saying for two hours now, but Naanav had been stubborn denying NK. Finally NK got the break he wanted by using a simple 6-letter word “KHUSHI”. Yes now he had Naanav’s full attention, “well its fair in love and war to say some white lies” NK thought. “Naanav mere bhai, you know how Khushi is, she was so much upset from yesterday, a change in your tone would hurt her badly.” well that's true only NK admitted and continued “we did come with you as you wanted na and we didn't get into trouble, we behaved! Please Naanav, one sorry from you would do the trick, Yea yea, I know, you did nothing wrong, but women are very difficult Naanav! They have these hormones which makes them cry for the silliest reasons but one sorry from you would put those hormones to rest” Finally NK’s hardwork paid off, Arnav agreed mainly because he felt guilty for spoiling Khushi’s mood and wanted to see her smile. He had avoided her after coming back, but it was not intentional, he had been busy with the upcoming deal and had to fix the loopholes. So now he decided to make peace with her, Khushi’s silence didn't suit the house and his heart!

NK entered the kitchen and saw Khushi busy with her cake baking. Payal joined him at the kitchen table and gave him a questioning look while pointing her eyes to Khushi. NK mouthed “Angry”. Payal asked back in soft whisper “Why”. NK answered “Naanav”.

 Payal knew very well of her brother-in-law-to be’s temperament but was very much surprised by the change she saw in him after the twins arrival. She saw Arnav coming the kitchen and exchange a look with NK while NK gave him a thumbs up. 

Arnav didn't expect Payal in kitchen and was slightly uncomfortable. Whenever the great Arnav Singh Raizada apologized (it happened only with Khushi) NK was the only witness to this world wonder phenomenon. Khushi had seen NK and Payal at the kitchen table but hadn’t noticed Arnav’s arrival since she had her back at him. Arnav cleared his throat, Khushi’s hands which were doing the icing on the cake, stilled. Unfortunately, when it comes to express emotions, Arnav was pathetic and it became worse when he had an audience hence instead of saying a simple word sorry he blurted out a stupid wrong sentence “There is no need to make a celebration cake, you won the challenge because I let you win else you would not stand a chance against Arnav Singh Raizada”. NK put his hands on forehead hearing Arnav's wrong dialogue which spoiled all his hard work and now sure this statement is going to cause another fight while Khushi squeezed the icing cone in her hand hardly “here comes he when I am trying to calm my mind with a taunt of her winning the challenge instead of saying a sorry”.

Arnav and NK ducked right in time, it was an act born out of their experience with a foul mood Khushi during their childhood days. NK had pulled down a surprised Payal with him under the kitchen table as he ducked. The cake hit Akash on his face, who made a untimely entry to be with Payal. NK and Arnav rolled out in laughter seeing Akash’s face dripping chocolate cake and a shocked Khushi and a stunned Payal. Khushi threw them a nasty look and went to Akash apologizing to him. What shocked payal was not the cake hitting her fiancée’s face but to see her brother-in-law-to-be having a laugh of lifetime. She had never seen Arnav having a heartfelt laugh lest smile kindly at someone except Anjali and Jeeju. But even that was rare. But these twins had transformed Arnav totally into someone else who lived his life to the fullest. She saw Khushi leading Akash to the sink to wash off the cake from his face and she joined in the laugher finally seeing her fiancee’s chocolate dripping face and when he looked at her, she smiled at him and went to help him. Akash was happy to see Arnav like this, his brother’s laugh reminded him of their childhood days and his heart soared when Arnav came and patted his shoulder smiling and mouthed a sorry with a wink. Arnav then went to Khushi’s side smilingly and gave a peck on her cheeks and said a soft whisper of sorry in her ears and walked out of the kitchen leaving a stunned Khushi whose anger evaporated the second Arnav’s lips touched her cheeks.

Author's Note: There you go, I presented this lengthy to all who reads my story, I see there are more than 100 readers for this story, I am on cloud nine! :-)  I have taken so many hours to compose this chapter hence B lavish on your comments and feedbacks, I dedicate this chapter to all of you who is following this story. Am not sure of my next update, caught up with my works and personal stuff! Do not forget, your responses to the story is my stimulating factor!

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