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Dewdrops-Chapter 17

Author's note: This update is dedicated to all my story lovers-silent and active and specially dedicated to Sitara, Dhaks, Daljeet, Suraiya, Cresline and Tiara whose comments made me write this update late this night! Its emotional! Warned you!

Khushi was with dadi and Di making the list of things they got to do for the engagement function when an injured NK entered with Arnav and Viren supporting him. Khushi panicked seeing NK like this and rushed towards him with fear. 

She started questioning about what happened and how NK is in a nearly hysteric tone.  Viren and Arnav made NK comfortable on the sofa and turned to the family who were worried seeing NK. But first Viren caught hold of Khushi and made her sit and told her “Khushi, there is nothing to worry, NK is perfectly fine. He had been in an accident but there is nothing to worry, just few scratches, cuts and his left leg got sprained, now calm down, and stop looking at him like he is in ICU”. If there is something that can scare Khushi easily, its accidents, her nightmares of being in the car accident that took her parents life never left her completely. 

NK gave a weak smile and waved her to come closer seeing her eyes full of tears. “Hey! I am fine” he started to say but next second Khushi rushed to his side and took him in a bear hug while tears flowed out, “ Ouch! That does mean you can put all your weight on me! Give me some space to breathe!”. Nk complained in his easy manner to put her at ease! “You scared me you know!” Khushi spoke in soft tone while tears continued their journey down her cheeks. 

“I know!  You need to be scared sometimes you know! Else others will think I am a coward and you are the brave! Because they always get to see me getting scared of you, now its my turn” he smiled at her. She took the sofa pillow and hit him slightly “is this the way to scare?” her temper and sadness and fear got hold of her. She couldn't imagine anything happening to anyone dear to her especially to NK, her bhai and ….Arnav! She looked up and saw him standing next to NK’s sofa and saw blood on his dress. “Are you injured too?” she asked him fearfully getting up and going to him. “No” he said and they looked at each other. He could see how much she was affected by seeing NK, he told he will go and change, he didn't want to scare her more and he needed time to think.

Later, Arnav saw Di, Nani, Khushi making NK drink milk and other nutritious foods. Khushi was threatening NK actually to eat. Akash had called him a few minutes before, telling him necessary actions had been taken against the person and vehicle that had hit NK. 

Actually this accident was meant for him. He knew it, the success of Bangalore show and the deals he picked up there had got him few enemies but how NK had come in between and got the hit which was meant for him he didn't understand. NK had come earlier to his office and he had been with Akash. Evening when they started back home, NK was planning to go with Akash to meet Payal at campus and they had said bye and parted ways but then as he was going to his car he felt someone suddenly push him to a side and as he went rolling to the side he heard tires screeching and someone howling in pain. He turned to see someone in that vehicle had hit NK’s head with an iron rod as the vehicle speed away. He got up and ran to NK, his heart beating wildly. NK’s head’s right side was bathed in blood but he was consciously. “I am fine Naanav, you ok?” Nk had managed to ask. Arnav was tongue-tied. Akash also had rushed to NK, he hadn’t seen NK getting out of his car and diving at Arnav pushing him out of the vehicle’s way but had seen the man attacking NK with the rod on head and he had noted the number of the vehicle and he could identify the man. They had taken NK to Viren first, had seen to the injuries and tests. They had been apprehensive about the reaction at home when all see NK injured. Viren had told them not to mention about the accident at home. NK had the same opinion of Viren and told that he would about falling down in drainage or something. Anyways he had informed Pavan about the whole happening truthfully.

This was the first time Khushi tucking NK into bed, always it had been NK tucking her into bed. NK held her hand as she was leaving and said “I am perfectly ok now khushi, there is no need to worry, I cant see you like this, like a art movie actress, so silent and weeping, it doesn't suit you! You wont get the national award you know!” he said to light up her mood but she hugged him and snuggled into his chest crying “I cant see you hurt! She said in a soft voice. “I know pagali”. 

He smiled and replied “only you can hurt me, no one else can, right?” It's the universal siblings code they follow, they hurt each other, insult each other but if anyone else dared to hurt either of the sibling, then they get to see the worst face of the twins! NK smiled and patted her hair in an affectionate manner and continued, “you know something? Its better that I got hurt, hence you could cry openly and fuss over me, be with me all the time without anyone raising eyebrows, what if it was Naanav?” Khushi got up from his chest and looked at him in surprise while he smiled and continued, “Would you have been able to express your concern openly? Are you ready to accept your feelings for him?”.

Khushi sat in stunned silence; she hadn’t even allowed her own heart to search answers for these questions. But Sunny had got through her and now NK. Was she so transparent? Then why Arnav hadn’t …but he was always strange..had always been strange but that “strange love” had been something which fascinated her. All these when he had stayed away from her, his memories had never been diminished in her mind. It was crazy, they were kids then, now they are adults and he is on his way to get committed. Her feelings for him were her own and does he feel the same for her? He had been good to her, they had renewed their old friendship, enjoyed each others company but then last week at Coimbatore he had suddenly started avoiding her again. If it was as Sunny reasoned, then he too had some special feelings for her but can that be true?. Sunny doesn't know Arnav’s strange nature, he could have misunderstood Naanav. But was Sunny’s judgment wrong? She cant say a clear No there because there had been some strange moments like the incident at bridge, like Arnav’s anger when she danced with Sunny, like that kiss after the cake fiasco. But that could easily pass as friendly gestures too in this modern world. Arnav had been educated abroad like she, kissing someone on cheek doesn't need to taken in account as something romantic love, it could be seen as a close friendship too. She was an expert love guru like NK and Sunny at their college but how is it that one realizes their own love? What are the signals or indications to confirm its love itself not infatuation or crush?  But then, even if she admits that she is in love, what good would it do? Arnav should also feel same and does he feel so? She looked at NK with her confused eyes, which was brimming with tears. He smiled kindly at her and told “Its ok. When its time you will get the answers to all your questions. Trust me! Now, why don't you sleep with me here today, so that I can disturb you at night to take care of me, I needed to be treated like a king today” he pouted and Khushi smiled for his sake.

Even though NK had felt someone was playing drums inside his head, he didn't show it, instead he had made Khushi put her favorite movie, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai nad they both watched it. He couldn't sleep, the painkiller weren’t working, his mind was thinking of the day’s event. 

He was hoping to meet Payal’s friend Anu but since he hadn’t seen her with Payal the other day when Payal came to visited them, he decided he go and meet. With that intention he had gone to the office to meet Akash since he knew Akash was going to meet Payal in the evening at her campus. But then things took a U turn, he don't know what made him to turn around as he was going to climb into Akash’s car. Since he did that, he was able to push Arnav out of danger else he didn't dare think. He turned to look at Khushi who was asleep aside him, she was a cute sight. He knew her mind was in turmoil and he wished to speak Arnav about it. Only he could provide answers but how to approach Arnav without getting blasted. NK closed his eyes and leaned back on the headrest of the bed. Someone touched his shoulder and he opened his eyes to see Arnav. “Think of the devil and here he is” NK thought with a smile. “Hi Naanav” he said in a whisper not wanting to disturb Khushi, she slept after lot of tossing and turning. Arnav sat beside him after looking at Khushi. NK noticed a small smile at Arnav’s face while he looked at Khushi. “How do you feel now?” Arnav asked him. “I wish to say I feel great but to be honest I feel terrible, whoever hit me, didn't have any kindness. Was this meant for you?” NK asked him. “I guess so” Arnav replied. “Business is getting rough? Or is it because they specifically love your temper and dealings hence they decided to gift you like this?” NK asked and Arnav smiled. “How is she taking it?” he asked NK. NK looked at his sister and back at Arnav “You know her, she got scared; her nightmares still trouble her at times when something like this happens”. NK took a long breath and took the risk “Its good that it was me today and not you” NK looked straight into Arnav’s eyes and continued, “she would have taken it very badly then, she loves you a lot! I guess you know that already”. Arnav gave a tight smile and told “try to catch some sleep, you got to go to hospital tomorrow”. He got up and before leaving the door, he turned “Thanks NK!” Arnav said with a grateful smile to which NK smiled.

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  9. I love the bond that khushi n NK share... they r so cute together