Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dewdrops-Chapter 19

Arnav left the hospital after 2 hours. This was the first time in his life he was not talking business to a business magnet like him. Instead he listened; he listened to the old man’s real life story.  He hadn’t asked to know nor he was curious about the great GK. But Mr. Nair had let him Arnav in to his personal life. Arnav was sure he would never be able to voice out about his life Mr. Nair did. However, while leaving he promised GK that he will be back to visit him again and the old man just smiled at him warmly. Arnav was deep in thought while exiting the hospital, his mobile beeped alerting a message. It was from Lavanaya asking him whether he was free, she need to talk to him, personally!

Meanwhile at Raizada Palace, Pavan stood at the big doorway enjoying the scene unfolding in front of him. His Dadi and mami were competing each other to see who is best in dancing while his mischievous darling sister was egging them into competing and bringing out the best from the competitors. While Jeeju, Mama and Akash was laughing out seeing Mami’s desperation to win over her Saas. And his Di and the mischief master brother was siting and enjoying the scene as he was. Pavan’s eyes flitted over NK’s injuries; his heart gave a squeeze of pain. When Arnav had informed him about the accident, he got worried. Even though Arnav had assured him everything was fine, it didn't stop his worrying. He couldn't stay back; he took the next flight as soon as he could.

Akash was twirling Khushi when she noted a figure at the door smiling at everyone inside. First she thought her eyes were playing tricks but the image remained there and she screamed out loudly in happiness “Bhaiya!” and ran to him. Pavan saw Khushi running into him like typhoon coming. He waited for her to crash into his arms. He had missed his baby.

 All were surprised to see Pavan and the greetings started. Pavan took his Dadi’s, Mama’s and Mami’s blessings first then went to NK, he hugged him closely, smiling and said “You look better than I expected”. Nk replied “Yes Bhai, I am feeling better, I told you there was no need to be worried, but since you came, I can claim that …” NK looked at Khushi and continued in a teasing manner “that my Bhai loves me more”. Khushi was about to retort for it when Pavan pleaded to his siblings “oh! Now you two don't start! I just landed only, give me some time to relax, then I will start to hear your tantrums” while others laughed.

Arnav and Lavanaya had a long discussion about their future and after their talk both agreed to put their fake engagement on hold. Arnav understood her reasoning and in between the talk she had questioned him “ASR, is it only for Di’s happiness you are getting engaged or is there any thing else”. 

He hadn’t answered her since he too needed some time to gather his thoughts. After talking to GK, he was confused. Arnav had been confident before that he could manage his feelings but recently his treacherous heart seems to giving away his resolve. He cant let go of her but then will he be able to keep her happy? 

Author's Note: Hey dears, it's a short update. When I saw your comments and requests, eagerly waiting for updates, I couldn't help it. I know I haven’t done justice here by keeping so many conversations incomplete. Those conversations will be updated in upcoming chapters as flashbacks. This chapter is dedicated to Bhakti and Jasmine Shabir whose sweet requests made me write this update in spite of my busy schedule. And specially to Daljeet for reasons you know!


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  10. Hey .. Ur a superb writer .. I don know how u managed to introduce so many charecters in this story .. And managed to keep dem all interesting ... I wud like to read ur future updates

  11. Hey .. Ur a superb writer .. I don know how u managed to introduce so many charecters in this story .. And managed to keep dem all interesting ... I wud like to read ur future updates

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