Saturday, August 4, 2012

Dewdrops- Chapter 2

It was at dinnertime Khushi remembered that she hasn't met him!  Earlier she had heard NK asking about him but she didn't catch Di's reply since Mamaji chose that moment to share a joke with Khushi. She hasn't seen him for years now, yes of course she has seen him in photos and his interviews etc. but in person! Their last meeting was still etched in her memory, but did he remember, she wondered. After dinner, the family gathered in the living room and was having fun time with Jeeju's good humorous stories, NK's adventures in UK and Mamaji's college days memories. Khushi was having a good time with all the fun and laughter and when she started feeling little sleepy, she snuggled little more closely to her Dadi's side. Later, when she fell asleep at Dadi's side, NK took her and tucked her in bed properly and kissed goodnite.

At sometime during the night, Khushi woke up with a start. She couldn't go back to sleep as she felt wide-awake. She looked out of her window she saw the moon smiling down at her, she smiled back and walked towards the window. She could see the pool downstairs with the moon's reflection in it. She spoke to the moon's reflection " wait till tomorrow, once I get my swing, I can touch you ". Her mobile suddenly beeped alerting a message. She saw the text from her Bhai. "So how is it my Princess? " Now she understood why she woke up, her Bhai might have been worried about her. Not a single day passes in Khushi's life without hearing her Bhai's voice. She pressed the speed dial; as soon as the call got connected she heard her bhai's voice. "How can you sleep off without wishing me goodnight?" She heard him complain which made her smile and replied "you should have called me before I went to bed. I know you love NK only that's why you didn't call me". They started their usual banter, where she will make a false accusation about bhai loving NK more. She could sense her Bhai's smile while he replied back "ah yes! Yes! That's why I trusted him wit my little one hoping that he would put her to sleep but now I see he is not capable of doing any job properly. I should stop loving him more. What you say?" She laughed, her bhai is a sweet talker, and she then filled him with all the details of the day's happenings. Pavan knew his siblings were having a good time at home, suddenly he felt longing to be with them however his busy schedule doesn't allow that luxury at the present. Hence he told her to enjoy the time with her twin and not to cause too much troubles for Dadi and Di. 

The next day went quickly, NK and Khushi had gone out with Mami and Di to Mandir then for some shopping. By the time they returned home Dadi had the swing in place. Khushi was so excited to see it and loved it very much. Evening NK had gone out with Akash, they had called her but she told them she was tired and wanted to rest. In fact she was perfectly fine but wanted some time alone to gather her thoughts and relax. Di and Jeeju had a party to attend. Dadi had retired to her room after dinner. Mami was busy in her own world of makeup experiments. Khushi took her iPad and went to her swing. She loved the garden, the gentle breeze and the feel of water under her feet made her smile. She could see the sky full of stars and Mr. Moon was proudly looking her down. She was a hopeless romantic at heart and believed in happily ever after stories.  Soon she was lost in one of favorite romantic novels hence didn't realize that someone was standing near her and watching her.

Arnav came inside Raizada Palace in his usual style which is similar to that of a storm. Since the deal had gone through smoothly he returned home one day early from his trip leaving Aman to wind up the rest at Australia. JP had informed him about the Di and Jeeju had gone for the party and Dadi had gone to sleep. He was about to inform about Khushi but Arnav cut him off by telling to bring coffee. Arnav was removing his coat jacket when he heard the creaking sound coming from the poolside. Wondering what was the sound about he walked to pool and was stunned by the sight in front of him. There she sat on the swing in her white robe, lost in something that she was reading in her iPad, the soothing nightly breeze lifting strands of her hair which was let open, one of her payal clad feet was touching the surface of water while the other feet was giving the pressure which was required for the swing movement. He couldn't see her complete face as he was facing her from one side. But there was something hypnotizing about the fascinating scene in front of him, may be the cosy poolside environment and star and moon studded night sky was playing a role. Suddenly he saw her closing her iPad with a satisfication smile on her face and looked up to the moon and he could swear she winked at the moon! It was then she got up and turned; their eyes collided. She was scared out of her wits by seeing him standing there and watching her. It was totally unexpected and she lost her balance. He was quick, he had seen the stunted expression on her face and the next second she lost her balance and was going to crash into the pool. His left hand went around her waist and pulled her up against his chest and his right hand in time got hold of the iPad, which slipped out of her hand. She was a beauty he decided as his eyes assessed her face. When his eyes clashed with hers again at this close proximity he paused, his brain buzzed, I know them. Its her eyes! 

That was the moment JP chose to enter with Arnav's coffee.  JP calling out Arnav's name transported Khushi back to the present. She then suddenly got herself untangled from Aranv's arms and stepped back. Without looking up at him again she made a dash towards the stairs, which lead to her room, upstairs. Arnav stood there watching her till she disappeared from his view. He looked at the iPad which he was holding in his hand, it was a beautifully hand engraved iPad 2


Photo courtesy: Flicker: Hand Engraved iPad 2 (#7 of 12) Paisley Design by artist: Shawn Lisjack (Exotic Engravings)

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