Monday, August 6, 2012

Dewdrops-Chapter 3

She could feel her heart still racing at a higher rate, the moment she saw his eyes widening in surprise, she felt a jolt, and did he recognize her? She had been drowning in those midnight black eyes instead of the pool until JP called out his name.  She knew that she wouldn’t be able to catch any sleep tonight; a certain pair of eyes would be bothering her sleep, she thought with a smile.

Arnav couldn't believe…was it…? He took a deep breath and sat down on his favorite poolside recliner. He looked at the iPad in his hands. When he touched the slide to unlock it asked for its secret passcode. Yea!  So there was someone who was just like him, who keeps everything locked. Her eyes! It was so much like hers. He ran his right hand through his hair and looked towards the stairs through which she disappeared. He knew that the self-imposed distance from her would be soon coming to an end. He remembered Di telling him that they would be soon coming down for the wedding. But then he didn't catch when they would be arriving and now days he ran away from Di when she started on marriage details. He was soon to tell her his engagement plans and that reminded him to finalize the deal with Lavanya. She was a sweet girl and a good friend who willingly accepted to help him out of his difficult situation. He owes her one. That made him call Aman and asked him to buy a gift for Lavanya. As he got up he looked at the swing, which gently rocked itself in the breeze. It was going to be a long night; her hazel eyes brought back lot of memories.

Her melodic laughter reached his ears first and his eyes automatically went to seek her out. She was coming down the stairs with Akash, her hand linked through Akash’s arm and he was telling her about things which Payal hated in him. She was having a good laugh hearing what Akash was saying when suddenly she felt someone staring at her. Of course it has to be him- The Lion King! :-)

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