Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dewdrops- Chapter 4

Khushi was looking very beautiful even in her simple blue jeans and white shirt. Her hair was tied in a ponytail; ears were adorned with simple silver loops while a sun pendent on a long chain rested beneath her breasts.  Khushi however ignored Arnav completely and was almost on her way out when NK called out “ Nannav mere Bhai” and she saw NK coming and hugging Arnav, while Arnav’s eyes rested on her. NK noticed this and said “You remember her na, your choti saheli! aab badi hogayi na…oh listen Nannav, we got to go now, otherwise poor Payal Bhabhi will be starved. We promised to meet her for breakfast today and yea mere bhai you got to introduce us to your sweetheart; Di told me she is a Miss. India contestant. Khushi was listening to NK blabbering to Arnav while the latter didn't utter a word but kept on gazing at her. He held her eyes captive in his, and she noticed when NK said choti saheli something flash through his eyes. She broke the eye-lock and turned away when NK mentioned about Miss. India as if it was something she couldn't tolerate.

NK and Khushi loved Payal very much from their first meeting itself. After breakfast, they hanged out together for sometime in the city then went for a movie. NK and Khushi raised their eyebrows when Akash met them at the multiplex. Akash with his usual shy smile told his client meeting got postponed for the evening hence he had some free time which he thought he could spend with them and yes he hadn’t watched a movie for sometime. They had a good time teasing Akash and Payal. Over all it was a good day, which left Khushi in a good mood. She was in the living room, chatting about the day with one of her close friends on phone when Arnav came in. He saw her lying comfortably on the sofa with her feet stretched in front of her and head resting on the armrest. Her hair was put up on top off her head with a red Japanese Kimono Chirimen Hair Clip.

 He was suddenly tempted to pull out the damn clip from her hair. He recalled their childhood days where he loved pulling out her neatly tied foundain pony, which his Di might have painstakingly tied on her head and when he does that Khushi gets so annoyed with him and calls him “you monkey” and then starts her famous wailing. He wanted to know whether she remembers it and deciding to check that with a smile he walked towards her. She was sitting with her back towards him and was so engrossed in her conversation that she didn't notice him coming until he pulled out her clip. She instantly knew it had to be him no one other would dare to do that and before she could control her tongue words flew out “ You monkey” as she stood up and turned to face him. But the sight she saw left her completely surprised. There he stood with her clip in one hand and his laptop bag in his other and he was giving her his famous teasing smirk. His eyes softened when he heard her and took in her stunned expression “You still remember…” he said and walked towards his room with her clip in hand.

What did he mean by that? Yes she did remember. How can she forget? Did he expect her to forget? If then he is wrong about her. She knew it was high time to confront him and with that decision she walked towards his room. She knocked and after few seconds he came the reply to come in. She opened but still stood near to the door. He was not surprised by her appearance; he stood cool, with his hands in his pockets and waited for her to speak. “ I want my iPad back”.
“ Oh yes. Sure, but you got to pay a fine since I found it in my territory” He told her non-committedly.
“What you mean by that? Your territory? You caught hold of it when you scared me to death. I won’t pay you a fine since it’s not a lost and found property” she told him. 
“ Ok fine forget it then”. He told her with his usual arrogance. 
 Khushi didn't know how to reply to him and his arrogance was annoying her very much. She was not going to entertain him; he can play their childhood tricks alone, she was not in for it now and then all the pent up anger in her towards him took hold of her. 
“Ok fine. Keep it then” She said that and turned to leave. 
He smiled and said confidently “ Ok. We will see how long you can live without your favorite toy”. Hearing this she slowly turned back and looked him in his eyes and said “Mr. Raizada, my life is no more dependent on my toys rather it dependent on the people who loves me and who stays with me when I need them”. He saw the pain and betrayal in her eyes while she spoke and her words were quite a blow to him. She saw the guilt and pain flash through his eyes before she turned away from him and left the room.


  1. OK I have a feeling Arnav did something stupid! But anyone can tell they are very much attracted to each other!! I already love this FF!!!

  2. awww the was cute update... but i have never read or heard anything like this... i mean cousins being attracted to each other... its different but im enjoying it :)

  3. aww tht was a cute update... i have never read anythng like this.. cousins attracted to each other... its weird..different but im enjoying it :)