Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dewdrops- Chapter 5

She felt guilty and frustrated; she shouldn’t have been that cold to him.  The pain, which she saw in his eyes, left her mind disturbed. Of course the circumstances that time played a major role in his helplessness, she wouldn't blame him for that. But there was a time when he could have reached out, checked how she was, be her old friend. But he didn't, he remained silent, true to his word, he avoided her completely. She used to wait to hear from Pavan Bhai that “Arnav had enquired about you” or “Arnav asked how are you doing” but he never ever did that. He used to be in touch with NK and even does meet NK while he comes to UK but he never ever tried to meet her or asked about her. And now all of the sudden he wants to see whether she remembers. That made her angry. But she knew at heart that she couldn't stay angry at him for long because she had missed him, her best friend for a very long time. He might be a rude, arrogant ass to all but to her he was her dearest friend, in fact the first friend she made in her life, one who would go to any length to make her happy.  That's why she felt so let down when he stayed away from her life.

She was thinking all this while coming down the stairs where she met Viren jeeju and Anjali Di talking. Viren Jeeju was on his way out to hospital due to an urgent call. Suddenly Khushi asked “Jeeju can I come along with you? I feel so bored here; NK had gone out to meet a friend and Di is busy preparing for Puja tomorrow. Please, I wont trouble you at all. I shall roam around in the hospital while you finish your work, I feel so suffocated, and need some air. Please” she finished with a plea to Di. Viren didn't have a heart to deny Khushi, the girl looked very cute and her eyes were desperately pleading him to please allow her some time alone from the house. Hence he told Anjali that he would take care of her and asked Khushi to tag along with him.  Even though his mind was on the emergency surgery which he has to perform now he saw Khushi was unusually silent during their drive to hospital. Once they reached the hospital he assigned his attender Santhosh to give Khushi a tour of the hospital and told her to wait in his room when she is done and rushed off to the emergency.

Khushi was lost in her thoughts while Santhosh explained her the different wings of hospital as he was taking her around the hospital. Khushi was thinking of the old times with Arnav. She doesn’t know whats his problem with her hair. Whenever he saw her hair tied, he always unties it and makes her angry. Once when he had messed with her beautiful ponytail, which Di had taken time to tie she was very mad at him and was crying non-stop. Finaly, he came and sat near her and stated that she doesn't look beautiful when her hair is tied and if she badly needs to tie her hair, he will tie for her and to stop her crying he had taken the comb and tied her hair. As she remembered how pathetic her hair had looked when he tied and showed her mirror she bumped into an old man. She suddenly caught hold of the man’s arms and broke his fall. She stammered a sorry and was wondering whether he was hurt, he chuckled and patted her hand saying he was absolutely fine, but she needs to tell him what she was dreaming. She was surprised to hear that. She noticed he was an aged man may be in early 70s with a twinkle in his eyes. There was warmth and kindness in that man, and she responded to his smile with a smile of hers. Santhosh explained to her that the old man was Jeeju’s patient and to the man he told that she was Dr. Viren’s sister.
 “Nair Sir, you are not allowed to roam around at this hour alone, come on I will take you to your room”. He told he will go to the room but then turned to her and told, “Are you not going to come with me and tell me about whom you was dreaming my dear. Your smile had left me very curious, come on” He smiled and beckoned her and as if hypnotized she found herself following him and Santhosh who was helping him to his room.

Meanwhile at home, Arnav was watering his plants, but his mind kept returning back to the conversation he had with her. He was much torn to see her hurt, her pain, the way she looked at him like he had let her down. Yes, he had let her down. He admitted to himself. All this time when he could have renewed their old friendship, he never ventured to seek her out, to know about her life. He kept her away from himself, restricted his emotions and feelings. The tragedies that happened in his life and the aftershocks of it destroyed his beliefs in relationships. To be honest, he was scared to love or to be close to someone because it always leads to pain.  Even in her case, that was what happened.

The first memory of her in his mind was that of their first meeting. It was the first time he came to his mother’s house for summer vacation rather than going to his own home from his residential school at Ooty. While he was greeting Nani, he saw a pair of curious brown eyes peeping at him from Nani’s behind while another 3 years old black haired cute guy had crash-landed on him with a hug calling Naanv bhai. He was suddenly taken back by this greeting and lost his balance landing on his back with NK on top of him. This scene had let the owner of the brown eyes come in front of Nani with her tiny hands closed over her mouth giggling. She was a tiny cute bundle of 3 years with those beautiful brown eyes and the twins were a cute pair together. He was amazed by those two right from the first time he meet them.

NK and Khushi

Arnav was a silent boy, neither loud like NK nor shy like Akash. He was unique in his own style. Arnav always admired Pavan Bhai in every aspect; in fact Pavan was Arnav’s role model. He used to watch how Pavan bhai handled his siblings. He used to watch the trio’s companionship and used to wish for such a love and care. Of course, there was Anjali Di, she was the best sister one could have in one’s life. But he missed having younger siblings. There was always Akash who adored him but he was jealous of Pavan Bhai and his twin siblings. What he didn't know was that the Baby brown eyes had been spying him all the time he stood watching the trio from far. One day she surprised him by walking up to him where he sat pretending to read a book while in fact he was admiring the way Pavan was feeding her and NK with sweets. He looked up as she came in front of him with a heart-melting smile and she slowly bought her hand from behind to him offering a Jalebi. She was waiting anxiously for him to accept it with a broad smile on her face while he sat there stunned by her gesture. Pavan laughed at her and told her “Khushi baby, Arnav cannot have sweets, if you make him eat that he will fall sick”.  Hearing this, her lips were like a big O and she looked at him, with her eyes full of concern as if she already made him fall sick. Her expressions made him smile at her and he took her hand, which was still holding out the Jalebi, and imitating Pavan he feed her. From then on, they were one team. She used to follow him wherever he went and he loved her company and for the first time in his life he didn't want to go back to his school. But as the vacation got over, it was time for him to go back. However, this vacation had presented him with lot of sweet memories with Baby brown eyes and the most special was when she kissed him goodbye. He was very much surprised and so touched by her this small gesture that in acknowledgement he took her in a bear hug. He couldn’t wait for the next vacation.

Arnav and Khushi

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