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Dewdrops- Chapter 6

Mr. Nair was an interesting character. Within minutes of meeting Khushi he had made her smile and as they continue their chat in his room, he made Khushi realize the importance of time in relationships. Even though her brothers have warned her about speaking to strangers, khushi felt a strange connection with Mr. Nair and that she could trust him. That confidences made her admit to him that she was thinking about her cousin with whom she was cross at the moment. He listened with full concentration to her story of childhood days where she was so close to Arnav and about the distance that came between them and finally complete silence for years. She even confided to him about the sudden and unexpected behavior of Arnav that evening which confused her and made her angry. Once she finished she felt so light and happy and somehow telling all this to Mr. Nair who was completely a stranger to her life was relieving, for she didn't find difficulty with words to express all those confusions and uncertainties which had plagued her mind for long. She never had the courage to talk about Arnav to NK or Pavan. And Mr. Nair was someone who didn't know Arnav nor her hence his opinion was unbiased and he was not going to judge her and her feelings.

But she was surprised to see Mr. Nair laughing when she finished her account. Seeing her expression, knitted eyebrows as if at cross with him and pout for laughing at her story he smiled kindly at her and told, “ You know something? You as well as your cousin are No.1 idiots. You both lost a lost of time, in fact years which could have gifted you both lot of memories to cherish”.  He lifted her chin and continued, “Dear, life is a very short play, the crazy concept of this play is that you never know what had been your role or how well you enacted your role or when you role ends. Hence the best thing we can do is when you are on stage of life, play out your role with full vigor, never hold back, give your 100%, your breath, blood, life, live your life to the fullest”. He could she needed clear instructions, not lecture on life from an old man who has reached almost the sunset of his life. Khushi’s mind was hanging on to each word he was saying trying to grasp the meaning of it. “Forgive him, make peace with him, he is as miserable and confused as you are” She heard him say and at that point her eyes met his in understanding. Viren found Khushi in Mr. Nair’s room having a good laugh at something the old man said and she looked much better than earlier, in fact she was her cheerful self again. Viren made a small talk with Nair and did a quick on the old man’s health and promised to be back tomorrow. As they left, Viren saw Khushi kissing the old man goodnight and heard her promise to come and visit him tomorrow. While in the car, Khushi asked Viren about Mr. Nair’s illness and he admitted to her about the severe heart problem and when she asked him will he make it after the surgery he couldn't lie to her. Khushi was silent during the rest of the drive. When they reached home, she told Viren that Mr. Nair reminded her of someone whom she never had in life and she hoped that Viren could save him. Viren understood her feelings too well, even two dotting brothers can never replace the place of a father. Who else knows this better than him?

She was not in her room; he placed her iPad on the headrest of the bed near to her bedside lamp. He wanted to tell her that he didn't mean to avoid her. He had been foolish and stupid.  After his first vacation with her, he always waited for holidays to come so that he could see her and NK. The duo worshipped him and used to make him laugh and feel loved, he cherished those moments with them. Khushi was his heartbeat; she made him feel worthy, confident and loved. There was something very special about her, she bought colors to his life, she made him breath life, enjoy life. Her expressive eyes, laugher, chirpiness, the endless banter about variety of things he loved everything about her. Since Pavan bhai had started college he had the twins complete attention. His heart had stopped beating when Ramu Kaka delivered the news of accident. That day was still vivid in his mind, the hospital corridors where he ran along with Mamaji praying for her safety. Finally when he saw her sitting on doctor’s lap unscratched he let his breath out. He remembered too well how she clung on to him all the way from hospital. 

She didn't let go of him and NK that night even when Nani, mami and Di tried to pacify her. He and NK had stayed awake throughout the night with her and calmed her down when nightmares occurred. But he felt something amiss, then he realized she hadn’t uttered a word from the time he saw her at hospital. He noticed NK was now crying silently looking at his sister, he had nearly lost her today, but he stood strong for her and hadn’t cried till he saw Pavan.Arnav felt Pavan looked older all of the sudden; Arnav’s heart went out to Pavan when he saw Pavan hugging Khushi to his chest and crying. He saw NK climb upto Pavan and the trio hug together. 

Arnav couldn't even imagine something happening to Khushi. His fears were growing when she was not talking the next day too. All were really worried due to her silence, their attempts to make her talk was failing. Finally when the doctor announced that she lost her ability to talk due to the shock he felt shattered.  Doctor had explained to them it is normal under the shock, she will be able to talk, there is nothing wrong in her body, its just the fear gripping her and the terror of the accident due to which she isn’t able to talk. NK and Arnav was the worst affected by this news.  They kept on trying to make her talk, make her laugh but she remained unresponsive. Pavan was consulting with the best doctors for her but nobody could bring back the old Khushi. Arnav used to come home every now and then to be with her and renewed his efforts to make her say something. One day he lost his temper and shouted at her for being silent. She got terrified of his shouting and ran and hid herself behind Nani. He recalled her face peering at him with eyes full of tears from Nani’s behind. He got frustrated and left for his college. One day Di informed him that Pavan was taking NK and Khushi to US since a doctor had prescribed a change of environment would do Khushi good, take her away from memories of her dad and mom so that she can slowly get over the shock and might be able to recover her voice.  This news terrified Arnav and he came running home to her, he couldn't allow her away from him. He rushed to her side; she was still cross with him and scared of him for shouting. He felt guilty seeing the fear in her eyes. He tried to coax her and told her not to go. He promised her he would be there for her always. He even begged her to speak so that she wont be taken away from him. He was sure Pavan would listen to her, if she tells Pavan that she doesn't want to go, he wouldn't take her. Only if she speaks! He can’t bear to see her going. Out of frustration, he threatened her to talk else he wont speak to her ever again. Finally he gave up, before leaving her room, he gave her his chain, which she was very fond of. When he reached the threshold of the door, he turned towards her once again and begged with his eyes to speak, to call out to him, to tell him that she wont go. But she was sitting where he left her, looking at him with tears flowing down her cheeks and her hands clutching his chain.  

She saw her iPad near her bedside lamp.  Mr. Nair’s words echoed in her mind, Well, its decided then, it is she who has to make the move; Arnav being Arnav Singh Raizada, the stubborn hypocrite will never make a try to resolve this issue between them. He had years to do that but never even tried once, but if truth were to be told Khushi knew Arnav doesn't know how to handle such situations. She realized that after talking with Mr. Nair, in fact the journey through their childhood memories made her realize how closed Arnav was then before he became her best friend. Even when they were kids, it was she who had to pull him out of his self-imposed shell life. He doesn't know how to express his heart. That's the biggest shortcoming in Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada. So it’s high time for Ms. Khushi Singh Raizada to step into the shoes of his teacher who would teach him how to express feelings through words and gestures.

So the next morning when JP delivered his coffee in his room, there was a box of Jalebis with a sticky note on it

“My treat for you”, PS: Its sugarless”

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  1. I loved wat Mr. Nair said about life... it is soo true!
    "Dear, life is a very short play, the crazy concept of this play is that you never know what had been your role or how well you enacted your role or when you role ends. Hence the best thing we can do is when you are on stage of life, play out your role with full vigor, never hold back, give your 100%, your breath, blood, life, live your life to the fullest"