Friday, August 10, 2012

Dewdrops-Chapter 7

Author's note:

I would love to clear a doubt which you all might be having- "doesn't khushi and arnav have feelings for each other?" of course this is a love story of Arnav and Khushi but initial track of my story is reviving the beautiful bond of friendship-companionship they shared. they were kids then and now as adults, they will feel the attraction but first they had to make peace with the past. later u will get the love story as i promised! There are new characters coming in...enjoy! I hope u all will be there with me patiently as the story flows.waiting for your feedbacks!

At the breakfast table, Arnav noticed that Khushi, NK and Jeeju were absent. When he asked Di where NK was, she told him that NK and Khushi had gone to meet Khushi’s new friend who was Jeeju’s patient. He was disappointed to hear that she was out; he wanted to talk to her, he wanted her back, his old friend. Her inability to speak wasn't the reason for his silence. He knew she had taken his words spoken in rage to her heart. But that was not the reason. There were things that she didn't know. Only she can calm his roaring and bleeding heart for it was only with her he had felt the calmness, secureness and peace. He needed to win her back, he wanted her back in his life.

Mr. Nair was having a gala time with the twins. He hadn’t felt this alive for a long while. NK had hit off with him the moment they met. Viren had stayed with them for breakfast. Anjali had packed breakfast for all of them. Nair felt so overwhelmed during the breakfast with the twins and Viren and was lost in his memories. Khushi saw the lost look in Mr. Nair’s eyes and waved her hand in front of his face.
He gave her a kind smile and told her “I was thinking of my Lakshmi”. He answered “Yes” to the Khushi’s raised eyebrows and continued “ The light of my loneliness, my first love and my lifemate”.
“ Wow, come on tell me tell me, a love story! There is nothing more interesting than an old love story ” NK said and moved his chair near to Nair’s bed and waited to hear the story. Khushi laughed and told Nair about NK’s playboy character and the troubles he used to land when mix up happens in his dates. Later they left the hospital after promising Nair that they will drop in again to chat with him. They met Payal for lunch at her campus and fixed the plans for the weekend. They were planning for a one-day trip to the Raizada farmhouse at the outskirts of Delhi. Di was the master brain behind this trip. Suddenly Khushi’s mobile buzzed alerting a text:  “Got the treat, Thanks! Need to talk. Wait at the poolside at 8. -A”. NK noticed Khushi’s eyes widening in surprise and a small smile playing at her lips. “ Ah! There are some people Payal who give non-stop lectures about falling in love with the right person and they skip all the opportunities to flirt but do they realize and recognize the true love and their soulmate when it happens in their life?” Payal didn't understand the context of NK’s statement, which made her ask “What?” However, Khushi understood what NK meant, She immediately typed a “Ok” to the text, pressed the Send option and turned her full attention to NK and Payal and said “Yes they do realize NK, if it is meant to happen they will recognize their soulmates and their true love as destined”.

As soon as Khushi finished this statement, along with a gust of wind there came a beautiful girl in white salwar, one who took away NK’s breath. She came towards them and NK sat there in a daze as Payal introduced the girl to him and Khushi as her best friend “Anuradha”. Khushi gave NK a kick under the table to bring him back to reality for NK seemed to be lost looking at Anuradha’s face. NK got up and extended his hand to Anu saying “Hi, Nandakishore here!” To say Khushi was surprised was an understatement. Of all the years of experience with NK, never even once had khushi heard him introducing himself as Nandakishore, that too to a girl! When he saw Khushi giving him a weird look his expression was like “what?”. Khushi noted that NK was pretty decent during their whole chat with Payal’s friend, not that her brother is indecent when it comes to girls, but NK is an outrageous flirt! Usually at university or school, Khushi’s close friends had been NK’s male friends while NK was the center of attraction of all her girlfriends.

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