Friday, August 3, 2012

DewDrops- Prologue

A bright sunny morning, the Raizada Palace and its members were getting ready to welcome their darlings- NandaKishore Raizada and Nandini Raizada, commonly known as NK and Khushi. Devayani Raizada is waiting excitedly to welcome her most favorite grandchildren. She hadn't seen them for a long time, since NK and Khushi stays in UK where they are doing their Masters. This duo is her favorite among her other grandchildren, since NK and Khushi reminds her a lot about her own childhood times with her brothers. NK and Khushi are fraternal twins and they will be arriving at Raizada Palace today, to take part in the upcoming dual wedding of their cousins, the Raizada brothers, Arnav and Akash.

After their parents' death, NK and Khushi hasn't been to Delhi. Usually Devayani Raizada fly out to New York to meet her elder son's children. NK and Khushi have a big brother, the great business tycoon Pavan Raizada. It had been the bad memories of losing their parents which prevented them to come over to Delhi. NK and Khushi had been 6 years when that terrible tragedy took place. Their parents died at the accident spot but Khushi who had been with them was unscratched but she had been terrified and wasn't able to talk after the accident due to the shock.slowly she recovered her speaking ability but it took 4 years of treatments and counseling, it was then Pavan had taken them out to New York where he was dealing the business of his dad. He had been taking care of the duo like his own children and slowly Khushi recovered completely. NK is her constant companion, her best friend, her partner in crime and her elder brother is her god, her father, her mother. She is the most loved and cherished sister in the world. She was her brother's Baby Princess!

NK had slept all the while from UK to India when he didn't find any chic in the flight. He decided to sleep off his disappointment. Khushi had been reading her favorite novel Harry potter the 4th series to keep her fear away. She didn't want to come over to Delhi but since its her cousin's wedding she couldn't opt out. Akash bhai is her favorite like NK and Pavan, he always had that warmth that made her feel secure and whenever he visited UK for business he had given her very sweet memories and she was the first one to whom he confessed about his ladylove. Hence she was excited to finally meet her Bhabi and there was of course there was Viren Jeeju and Anjali Di, the most romantic couple in the world. And then her darling Nani! NK and Khushi loved their Nani since Nani was just like them, in for all masti! She couldn't wait to meet them all  but still she had this fear of facing Delhi because it bought her memories of her Dad and Mom.


  1. usually cousin's falling in lov is frowned upon in india but i have heard of some places where, if its the bua-mama's children its that wht the circumstances are here? Im sorry im not really familiar with customs out-side the general area of where my parents r from(punjab).

  2. Nice start.... off to reading more...

    valeyrie- IF