Saturday, August 11, 2012

Dewdrops-Chapter 8

If Aman had been surprised by the strange request he didn't show it in front of his boss. He knew ASR as a no-nonsense person and shrewd businessman, of course when it comes to Di and Jeeju, ASR was a mellow down soft person but no crazy. That's why when ASR asked Aman to decorate the poolside with fairy lights before 8pm that evening he was slightly taken aback. What shocked him more was ASR’s request to keep it as a secret as if it was a kind of surprise and if help required ASR himself with help Aman, no others should be involved for decorating his personal poolside. Of course, ASR do plan surprise parties for Di where Aman would be in charge of getting all arrangements and it was Aman’s duty to get gifts for ASR’s girlfriends or dates but the mighty man himself never went out his way to surprise anyone. Anyways, Aman kept his thoughts to himself and went to find from where he could get fairy lights.

Akash found NK sitting by the foundation bench in the front garden with two red roses in his hand and face turned up to the full moon as if he was having a conversation with the moon. Akash smiled, went and sat near NK. Akash’s pat on his shoulder brought NK back to earth and he noticed Akash giving him a weird look “kya hua NK bhai, sab theek hai?” NK immediately smiled and sighed “ Sky kithana sundar hai na, no no, I am not talking about you my Sky bro, I am talking about yeh chandini rath, what a beauty!” Akash was confused! He knew NK was slightly crack case but the way he described the full moon night like comparing to a girl made Akash wonder. However NK didn't give Akash time to think, he immediately sat near Akash and gave one rose in his hand and told “Akash mere bhai, upper deko , uss sundari moon ko deko. Can you see someone there?” Akash looked at NK like NK had completely lost it! 

NK continued his chat disregarding the fact that Akash was looking at him like he was a clown “I had read that if you truly love someone, you can see his or her face in the moon, so tell me can you see Payal bhabhi in the moon? moon ko dekho dekho” When Mahendra and Manorma came out to go for a party they saw Akash and NK by the fountain, each had a rose in their hands and was staring at the moon, both lost in their thoughts which left the old couple laughing thinking of their old romantic days.

When Khushi walked into the poolside at the appointed hour, it was dark which made her hesitate but then suddenly the fairy lights were switched on which made her gasp in surprise taking in the beauty of her surrounding.

 She heard footsteps, and turned to see Arnav coming and standing in front of her. His eyes were taking in her surprised face and her smile, which made something in his heart constrict. She always had a cute smile as a kid, but as she became a woman that smile had changed into something enchanting lighting up her face leaving an everlasting impression on the viewer’s face. 

He didn't know how to begin, he had expected her to be angry with him, shout at him but the smile was the last thing he expected. She was waiting patiently for him to begin the talk; she already had given him the opening, forgiving him for his silence, now it was his turn to do the honors. She was noticed the various emotions flitting across his face as he stood confused how to open his heart, pour out all those that he held behind the closed doors of his heart.

Finally he looked into her eyes and stated what he wanted to tell her all these years “I missed you!” (he called her the per name which he alone had the right to call) after a pause he continued when he saw the question in her eyes “Don't you dare think that it was easy for me to stay away from you all this time but I couldn't bring myself to face you”.

The pain in his voice made her move towards him. “I was not angry with you for not being able to talk Khushi, if you have ever thought that all this years I didn't come to meet you because of that then you are mistaken”.

“Then why you avoided me? Do you know how much I tried to contact you? You never felt like to hear me when I regained my voice?”Khushi asked.  Her innocent eyes pierced his heart and soul.

“I was guilty Khushi, guilty for being responsible for all the bad things that happened in your life. I think you don't know the complete details behind my parents death. It was decided to keep as a family secret to avoid the scandal and yours bhai’s have thought not to put more shock on you hence they have never disclosed it to you”. He took her hands in his and continued looking at her confused face “I was also responsible for your parents death, for your accident, for you loosing your voice. I was used Khushi, I didn't do anything knowingly. I was manipulated, manipulated and used by my own dad for his greed. I never knew he was such a low life and back-stabber. I didn't know anything of this until my mother’s murder for which I was the eye-witness”.

An unknown fear gripped Khushi and she shivered hearing him. He slowly made her sit on his poolside recliner and lowered himself at her feet still gripping her hands and continued the story. He wanted to confess everything to her, all his dark secrets; he wanted to be at peace finally.

“My mom was killed by my dad when she discovered his dirty secrets. Unfortunately or fortunately when their confrontation happened, I happened to be in the same room but hidden from their view. I saw him, heard him admit to my mom’s accusation of killing her brother and wife to attain the reigns of Raizada wealth.  I stood shocked hearing him boast to my mother how cunningly he had planned the whole accident that killed your parents. My dad wanted sole ownership over the properties hence he decided to clear off your dad who was the head of the family and in charge of every business. When my mother threatened to expose his true face to the world he killed her right in front of my eyes. But he was caught in his own web of lies during the police inquiry and my testament shocked everyone including him for he didn't know I was there when he did the crime. He knew he didn't have a way out, since I have confessed everything that I heard him talking to my mom, therefore right in front of us he committed suicide by shooting himself using the police revolver”.

Arnav stood up and walked towards her swing. He took a long breath and said “Khushi, what I told you till now is the story which all knows. But there is something that no one knows. It’s something that almost killed me when I realized it. My dad had used me as a pawn to cause the break failure that caused your car accident. Remember how much crazy was I about cars? Well, my dad used my craze for cars to manipulate me and lead to your car so that he can cut off the breaks of your car without arousing suspicion of the servants or anyone. Even I didn't notice his act of doing it, for I was thinking finally my dad has time to teach me how to drive and was happy that he was caring for me. What I didn't realize was how he was using me as an excuse to do his heinous deed. When I realized it, realized that I too was responsible for your parents’ death and for your condition, I was broken, shattered and guilty to the core.  You can hate me for it Khushi; I wont blame you. I deserve it. I was living with this guilt all my life and that's why I wasn't able to bring myself to meet you. But trust me Khushi you was always there in my heart”.  He looked at her with tears in his eyes.

Khushi was crying all the while hearing him speak. She hadn’t noticed her tears, didn't realize when she stood up from the chair, her heart had gone out to him when he confessed everything to her, she knew how much it would have taken for him to finally lay out his heart open, in front of her, all his pain which he was enduring all these years, silently suffering alone. When she saw him so broken and vulnerable with tears in his eyes, waiting to hear her verdict for him, she rushed to him and urgently hugged him as if she wont let him suffer alone and he hugged her back finally letting out the tears spill. "I missed you too!". He heard her say. That's how NK found them when he came to do his daily ritual of tucking Khushi into bed and kissing her goodnight.


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