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Dewdrops - Chapter 22


This chapter is dedicated to the great actor Thilakan who passed away two days back. I salute this actor; he was an amazingly talented actor who gave life to the numerous characters he essayed. When I started this story, I couldn’t resist, he was the first non-IPKKND character I added, no one else can play the role of Mr. Nair to the core than Thilakan sir. I know I haven’t revealed the talk he had with Arnav but it will come later…and you will love him more!

If PSR needed information, he would get it within minutes. Aman’s loyalities might lay with ASR but he worked for AR industries and he was considered as Raizada family member. When Pavan Bhai approached Aman earlier and casually asked about a particular girl, Aman’s sensors picked up the signal and he knew how to get the information. Dadi had happily supplied him the details of Adhiti Malhotra with a knowing secret smile, which he returned. He had witnessed some sparks flying earlier, that thought made him wonder about the other couple whom he had seen earlier leaving the hall. He scanned the crowd but couldn’t detect the presence of his serious boss and the chirpy Khushi. They were still missing.

Khushi had had enough. She broke free from Arnav’s hold on her arm.

“Naanav! What behavior is this? What did I do now for you to pull me all the way?” Khushi asked indignantly.

“ I wanted to tell you something” Arnav told and Khushi raised her eyebrows as if  “What”?

“If I want to tell something I can do it properly, I don’t need you as a interpretator. Understood? 

Khushi looked at him in confusion.

"What I came to say earlier was that you are having some dirt on your face but u interpreted as if I was complementing that you are beautiful.” Arnav finished with his signature smirk. 

Khushi was surprised, her mouth hanged open and she felt a bit embarrassed but Arnav closed her mouth by lifting her jaw with his index finger and with a smile rubbed his right thumb on her left cheek erasing nothing but a little of her blush all the while looking at Khushi’s stunned and surprised eyes and suddenly he kissed her forehead shocking her more. 

“Arnav!” the name rolled out of her automatically and they were lost in each other’s eyes.  

Anu calling out Khushi’s name brought sense back into their heads and they looked each other uncertainly and a moment later Khushi moved away from Arnav but she turned and saw he was looking at her with a beautiful smile, her heart was like participating in marathon and her brain was buzzing with various signals causing a traffic jam in her realization chamber making it slow to process the thoughts. However, she made her legs walk away from him and on the way downstairs she met Anu who lead her to Payal and they both together introduced her to Adhiti, who was their childhood friend. Khushi felt like she had seen Adhiti somewhere before but couldn’t place where. Her mind was still hanging on Arnav and she knew he didn’t come back to hall. When she turned to look for NK, she saw Lavanya laughing at NK’s some funny joke and Khushi felt guilty.

 Adhiti was quick to notice the sadness spreading on Khushi’s face. Adhiti held Khushi’s hand with a warm smile “Everything fine?”. 

Khushi immediately faked a smile that didn’t reach her eyes, Adhiti didn’t push, she just met this sweet girl who seemed to be lost in some thoughts. NK and La walked towards the three ladies and NK made sure that he stood next to Anu with a polite friendly smile and Anu felt slightly nervous but didn’t show it. 

NK’s antenna immediately tuned into Khushi’s distress, the siblings communicated silently in their own code language using their eyes; one asking whether “all is well” and the other answering “yes, all is well” but NK could clearly see that his sisso is upset hence he made an excuse and took Khushi away from the three lovely ladies and from the crowd to his room. La had noticed the interesting eye exchange between the twins and her curiosity made her follow the duo.

“NK, I want to go back, now!” Khushi blurted out in her frustration to NK as soon as they were away from the crowd. 

“What?” NK asked in confusion. “What happened? You were perfectly fine few minutes back. Wait! Does Naanav has any role in this spontaneous outcry of yours?” NK asked with a smile but he was shocked to see Khushi’s eyes welling up with tears.

 “Hey Sisso!” he hugged her to his chest. 

“I dunno what to do NK! I wish maa was here”. She lifted her head and looked in NK’s eyes.

 “He is engaged to La”. Khushi stopped NK before he said anything. 

“I know what you are going to say NK; you are taking the baised view, you know only me and Naanav but I am talking from a woman’s point of view. La might be a modern girl with broad perspectives but in the end, she is a girl just like any other ordinary girl with dreams and hopes of a bright future with her man. Her family like ours would be expecting a lot from this relationship. Everyone is happy now that finally Arnav consented for marriage. He has already given his word, even though its not official, he had promised her his commitment and its not fair” the last part of the sentence khushi said recalling his early kiss and the tears rolled down.

 “Khushi!” NK was hurt to see his sister sacrificing her love. 

 Khushi composed herself and wiped her tears away and brought her smile back in face and said “I am stupid! You used to say that always and I fight with you but now I agree” she hugged her dear twin bro with a smile and continued “I know we cant leave now, the marriage is next week and …” remembering something she straightened from the hug with a wide smile “Sunny and Alexy are arriving tomorrow!” NK gave her a weak smile “I will be fine NK, you are there with me, Bhai is here, and our dear mischief masters are landing tomorrow, what more can I ask for?”

Anyways this conversation has touched two other souls who were overhearing this whole exchange.

Author's Note: I know I haven’t updated for a while and i haven't done you justice with this short update. You people would be mad at me and ready to kill me for not updating. Well! I could give you the normal excuses of being busy, plus I had been in an emotional roller coaster ride for the past two-three weeks. Even now I am not free from the emotional clutches hence I dunno what to write, I know you have been patiently waiting for the update. I thought of giving up the story but I can’t do that to you people!. And to be honest I lost touch with the story and hadn’t been following the serial. Today I restarted watching the serial again and is back to you with the update.I hope you like it! And next update your darling Sunny would be back..also I made slight changes to Adhiti's character sketch in last update. Let me know your reviews! Will be waiting!

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Dewdrops-Chapter 21

Khushi didn't notice Anjali standing behind her as her eyes were returning his admiring stare. Anjali nearly took Viren in a hug when Khushi bumped into her unexpectedly. “Oh! What’s it with you and NK today? You both are making me a funny clown here” Anjali chided Khushi mildly for making her embarrassed again in front of the crowd while Viren chuckled. “Oops! Sorry Di, I didn't see you” Khushi said sincerely while holding her both ears in a sorry gesture with her puppy eyes. She had seen Arnav immediately turning to some acquaintance the moment she hit Anjali and now she saw him trying to suppress a glee in his face while she stood taking in Di’s scolding. 

Pavan stood still; he couldn't take his eyes off from the face in front of him. Her surprised eyes were holding his eyes as prisoner. He didn't dare breathe, fearing that slight movement will awake her from her stupor. Adhiti Malhotra’s senses ditched her for the first time in her life. Her heartbeats raced, her mind buzzed with lot of signals but her brain was not deciphering anything. She stood there supported by Pavan’s strong hold on her arm looking into his eyes. 

Adhiti Malhotra

Suddenly her brain resumed work and processed a signal which made her break the stare and look down to his chest where she saw that she had sprayed her drink on his neatly pressed white kurta. She looked up in alarm into his eyes again. He had followed her eyes and now saw that she had made a stain in his clothes but when he looked back and saw the worried eyes, which made him smile. But she has began already “ I am really sorry! I had no intention to sprinkle my drink on you, it just ..” Pavan smiled widely hearing her hurried rambling and slightly shook her hand which he was still holding indicating that he too should be given a chance to talk “Hey hey! Its not your fault!, I was not watching where I was going, I am actually sorry for bumping into you” he said aloud but his mind wanted to say “But I don't feel sorry at all” also. 

Adhiti was still looking at his stain spoiled white kurta feeling guilty. He smiled the PSR smile, which his twin siblings have claimed to be the killer smile and extended his hand for a shake “Anyways nice to meet you! I am Pavan!, Pavan Singh Raizada!” She looked up at his face and down to his hand and smiled and took his hands in a firm and brief handshake “Adhiti Malhotra”.

Pavan had dealt with numerous women business associates and models but never in his lifetime he had felt curious to know more about anyone of them but the beautiful lady standing before him was making him more and more curious to know more about her. He began like “ I have been away from my family for a long time, hence other than the immediate family, I am not familiar with any other family members, hence please don't mind if I ask you whether you belong to Raizada clan?” Adhiti smiled in understanding. “Oh man! Her smiles are killer ones” Pavan thought while his heart was taking some acro dance steps. “No, I don't mind since I am not your family member. I am from the bride’s side”.  Adhiti replied clearing his query but didn't venture much information on her. Pavan smiled, he knew she was not flirty type but well brought up when she withheld her information. “Excuse me” She said with a polite smile and left his side. He smiled chuckling knowing that she cleverly made her exit while he was framing his next question to which she needed to reveal her details. He was a shrewd businessman who never lost a deal. But here he let her walk away from him but he still looked in the direction she left wreathed in smiles.

 What Pavan didn't know was that a pair of curious eyes was observing this whole exchange; the owner of that set of eyes was none other than Devayani Singh Raizada.

Adhiti breathed in relief when she reached the other end of the hall. She could still feel his eyes on her. She couldn't place what happened few seconds back. Even though she stood answering him with a straight face, her heart had been doing a wild classical dance. She didn't dare look back at him; his eyes had held a charm and power, which held her like a prisoner.  No, she was not used to this kind of feelings, of course being a beauty, she had always admirers. But she had never felt her heart responding to any admiring stares like this. “Damn you Pavan!” She muttered when she failed to reign in her heart. Adhiti didn't like being confused or not being in control of her feelings, she is always focused and in control of her heart.  Adhiti Malhotra is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Malhotra, both professors at JNU like Payal’s parents and close family friends of Payal’s family. 

Anu didn't want to look up and see those brown eyes that were keeping her company all through the evening. She knew if she look up, she would smile and that would give away the entire pose she was putting up throughout the evening. She denied the pleasure but her heart could see his smile and gaze and she allowed her heart to smile while she chatted with Payal’s mom. 

NK finally sat down smiled widely, he knew she was not easy and she got a strong will. Most of the women would have melted under his charms but not this feisty one.  He didn't notice he was sitting next to an amused Dadi. He was still lost in his world of Anu and her stubbornness, not to give me a glance. He admired her for that, he wanted someone like that in his life, not easy, one who was always a challenge to him so that he would have a lifelong task of staying focused. Dadi’s experienced eyes needed only one look at her grandson to know he was besotted. 

Dadi’s eyes followed NK’s eyes and found the target of his admiration. Dadi looked back at NK with amazement! “Yeh! Bahuth Badiya hai! “She thought with a smile. She caressed NK’s head in fondness bringing him back his senses back to earth. “Oh Dadi! Wow! You are looking gorgeous!” NK tried to charm his Dadi. But Dadi being Dadi replied “Well! I guess am not gorgeous anymore as I used to be” she said with a mock sadness and continued with a teasing smile “if I had been so, then my grandson would be admiring me and not that smart lady standing over there” she pointed towards Anu with her eyes while NK blushed slightly and rolled his eyes but was amazed by his Dadi’s sharpness “Dadi! You are impossible!”

Dadi got up with a smile and started walking towards Anjali to ask her something but her steps came to a halt when she saw her another grandson who smiled very rarely, now smiling with all his charm and love and walking towards her most favorite granddaughter. Khushi on the other hand had seen Arnav walking towards her but she refused to see it, turned and talked animatedly about mehandi designs to Payal. 

He came near her, gave a polite smile to Payal leaving her stunned and asked her to excuse Khushi for a second, took Khushi’s hand tightly in his hand and pulled her towards the stairs which lead to the pool. Devanayi Singh Raizada’s surprise turned into a knowing smile. Indeed, the air tonight at Raizada Palace was highly charged with romance.

Author’s Note:

My dear readers, am so sorry for not being able to give you the full entertainment but please bear me for this month. Next week, I will be conferred my doctorate degree in nanotechnology and will be leaving back to India. Hence I am not sure when I can update next. I am really very sorry for making you wait, I know many of you love this story hence I haven’t limited the visibility till now. Once I settle back in India, will try to update regularly. Btw, I had updated pictures in the last update and also I wanted to applaud those who have corrected guessed Pavan in chapter 18, and who patiently waited for the arrival of Adhiti. This goes for you all!

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Dewdrops- Chapter 20

The engagement function was grand. Arnav had insisted Aman that everything should be perfect for his Bhai and it had been. Payal's parents were happy and proud of their daughter. Even though initially they were worried about the difference in social status, soon they understood Raizada family gave much more importance than social outlook to their son's happiness. Akash is a gentleman and a loving human being; they could see how much he was in love with their daughter. The whole Raizada family was in for celebration. The ring exchange function was a lovely ceremony where the love birds both shy, looked at each other with a shy smile exchanged the rings with a promised to be married soon.

There was a party following the ceremony, it was during that time Nk finally got Anu alone. He had seen her earlier arriving with Payal. They both had exchanged a look, hers a concern filled one searching him and she gave a small smile of relief while Nk was delighted to see her. He hadn't seen her after their farm house trip. He had wished to see her many times in the past days and in fact had almost dialed her number but then stopped himself. He didnt know what she thought about him, what is her opinion about him or whether she feels something special for him.  For the first time in his life Nanda Kishore Singh Raizada didn't want a girl to think that he was a flirt and was trying to get her attention. He wanted her to be the special girl in his life, the one whose face he could see in the moon.

 On the other hand, Anu had been greatly relieved to see Nk. When Payal  had mentioned to her about NK's accident, Anu had insisted that they go to hospital to meet him then. Payal had informed a terrified Anu that NK is fine and is at home, not hospital and that Payal can't visit Raizada Palace now since her engagement is near, it won't look nice if she visited them now. However, Payal had assured Anu that NK is perfectly fine and not in danger but she was quite surprised by Anu's strange behavior but she didn't comment on it. Payal knew past few days Anu had been itching to ask about NK. She didn't know what was brewing between them and what shocked her more was Anu never cared for any guy in her life but then why was she so much concerned about NK's welfare. Yes, it was true! Anu had never cared for a guy in her life, after her father had deserted her mom, she had no high opinion about men. In her teens she had seen how much her mom suffered the society whims about being a single mother, a divorcee and her hatred towards men sky rocketed. She had been a tough nut for guys. However, she didn't know why NK mattered to her, she was distraught with worry thinking about him. It's true they met only few times but those times he had been able to get through her, able to revive the young girl full of dreams within her, he had been able to make her smile and laugh. She had seen his genuine care for his sister, his easy manners and charming smile had made her heartbeats go a little bit faster than their normal rate. But she was on her guard, her resolution- "never fall for a guy" was still on but she cared for NK. 

"I thought you would call on me, to check whether I am fine" NK told her as he came to her side.

" I heard you were in no danger, but was asked to rest properly. Hence thought not to disturb you. Though I had texted you" she replied with a friendly smile.

" yup! I did receive a "get well soon" but we being friends I expected...." he didn't complete the sentence. He hid his disappointment behind his smile and continued " yes as you see, I am fine and doing great, I should add that it's only once in a while I get Khushi to do my biddings. Hence I enjoyed the royal treatment and pampering". He finished with a smile but Anu understood the words unsaid and her heart accused her. 
Arnav called out to NK and as he turned to leave, Anu on a impulse caught his right hand. NK was surprised, he looked at his hand which was held by Anu and looked up at her face, she looked like struggling to form words. 
NK let out a small laugh and said "you look like having a constipation problem with words like my dear Naanav! Is it so hard to say a sorry?"
 Anu was shocked and embarrassed " how did this guy read her mind?" she wondered but she quickly let go of his hand and rearranged her face to a haughty expression and said "sorry? Why should I be sorry? And I got no problem of forming a sentence. I can do that perfectly".

NK smiled and while walking towards Arnav's side he turned back and said " yes I can see that, you can lie perfectly" and he winked at her with a heart melting handsome smile. As he was walking backward facing Anu he didn't see that he was crashing into Viren who in turn stumbled into his wife Anjali upon the unexpected collision with NK. 

Anjali lost her balance when her husband suddenly and unexpectedly tumbled over her and they both fell but Viren turned her suddenly so that she was saved from hitting the floor. Since they fell over the plush Arabian carpet, viren's back was saved, he could see Anjali was still in her shocked surprise and hadnt realized they were the object every eyes in the room was watching. He teased her " Anju, I wouldn't mind getting lost in those beautiful black eyes of yours, but I prefer the privacy of our room". His words brought Anjali's face looking around and she suddenly realized their awkward position.

NK helped her and Viren back to feet while mumbling " Di, Jeeju I am terribly sorry I didn't see you." but then he smiled and continued little loudly "But you guys got to thank me! Because of me you got a romantic moment in public". Anjali to get over her embarrassment caught Nk's right ear "behave!" she was flushed but then smiled fondly at her cousin when all began laughing including her husband at the funny accident.

Khushi was laughing at her twin's comment which made her Di blush. She hadn't noticed Arnav coming close to her. He stood next to her and was trying hard to find the exact word and voice it to her. She turned suddenly and saw Arnav standing next to her, having a battle with his mind which caused her eyes widen in surprise.

" hey!" she called out to get his attention and waved her heavily bangle cladded hand in front of him. "hi!" he replied and smiled at her. After Pavan arrived, khushi was really happy and had even forgotten that she was at cross with Arnav. "Di and Jeeju stole the show tonight from Akash and Payal by their accidental falling on each other. Di is still blushing" khushi was chatting away to him looking in Di's direction". When he didn't reply she turned to look at him and caught him staring at her.

When he saw she was looking at him he said " you..u ..are.." he throat went dry. Arnav Singh Raizada never complimented on his models looks or beauty. A curt nod from him is the highest compliment they can ever get. Hence when such a man is trying to voice out a sincere remark to a lady he always cherished, he didn't know how to do it plus he was at loss of words. " I am what Naanav?" her question with that curious eyes made his confusion worse. She was so many things to him, most importantly his oxygen, his life but what he intended to say to her now was that she was radiant as sun and that he couldn't keep his eyes off her. But the words which jumbled out of his mouth didn't made any sense, though khushi caught a malformed word which almost sounded like "beautiful". Arnav was furious with himself for not being able to stay a word straight and Khushi's amused staring at him was making him slightly nervous. He turned around to stalk of to his room and regain his confidence to pronounce loudly what he wanted to convey to her. But her soft voice stopped him and made him turn out " are you trying to tell me that I look beautiful? " she asked him with her twinkling eyes. He was relieved as well as surprised, she understood what he wanted to tell her but he wished he spoke that neatly and clearly to her than blurting it out incoherently and she trying to clarify it. When he didn't reply but stood there deciding whether to agree or not, khushi smiled widely and crossed the distance between them on a impulse and on tip-toe placed a quick kiss on his right cheek leaving him stunned as if lightening striked him. she moved away still looking at him with her mischievous as well as lovely smile while he stood looking at her, a handsome smirk forming on his face.

On the other side of the hall, Pavan just finished talking to a business associate and turned abruptly bumping into someone who crossed his path. He reached out and caught the arm of the person to prevent the fall.

He looked up to see the face and he felt stunned. A pair of sparkling black eyes with thick lashes surrounding them peered at him equally surprised. Who is this new entry? Wait and watch...

Author note : Sorry guys...I will update the pictures later..I wrote this during a 4 hour journey, have not proof read..kindly bear with the mistakes..last two paragraphs were written in hurry hence the full impact of arnav-khushi, pavan- ....?? :-) will be continued in the next chapter..with idea about the next update when it will..kindly excuse...put forward your suggestions and opinions..