Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dewdrops - Chapter 22


This chapter is dedicated to the great actor Thilakan who passed away two days back. I salute this actor; he was an amazingly talented actor who gave life to the numerous characters he essayed. When I started this story, I couldn’t resist, he was the first non-IPKKND character I added, no one else can play the role of Mr. Nair to the core than Thilakan sir. I know I haven’t revealed the talk he had with Arnav but it will come later…and you will love him more!

If PSR needed information, he would get it within minutes. Aman’s loyalities might lay with ASR but he worked for AR industries and he was considered as Raizada family member. When Pavan Bhai approached Aman earlier and casually asked about a particular girl, Aman’s sensors picked up the signal and he knew how to get the information. Dadi had happily supplied him the details of Adhiti Malhotra with a knowing secret smile, which he returned. He had witnessed some sparks flying earlier, that thought made him wonder about the other couple whom he had seen earlier leaving the hall. He scanned the crowd but couldn’t detect the presence of his serious boss and the chirpy Khushi. They were still missing.

Khushi had had enough. She broke free from Arnav’s hold on her arm.

“Naanav! What behavior is this? What did I do now for you to pull me all the way?” Khushi asked indignantly.

“ I wanted to tell you something” Arnav told and Khushi raised her eyebrows as if  “What”?

“If I want to tell something I can do it properly, I don’t need you as a interpretator. Understood? 

Khushi looked at him in confusion.

"What I came to say earlier was that you are having some dirt on your face but u interpreted as if I was complementing that you are beautiful.” Arnav finished with his signature smirk. 

Khushi was surprised, her mouth hanged open and she felt a bit embarrassed but Arnav closed her mouth by lifting her jaw with his index finger and with a smile rubbed his right thumb on her left cheek erasing nothing but a little of her blush all the while looking at Khushi’s stunned and surprised eyes and suddenly he kissed her forehead shocking her more. 

“Arnav!” the name rolled out of her automatically and they were lost in each other’s eyes.  

Anu calling out Khushi’s name brought sense back into their heads and they looked each other uncertainly and a moment later Khushi moved away from Arnav but she turned and saw he was looking at her with a beautiful smile, her heart was like participating in marathon and her brain was buzzing with various signals causing a traffic jam in her realization chamber making it slow to process the thoughts. However, she made her legs walk away from him and on the way downstairs she met Anu who lead her to Payal and they both together introduced her to Adhiti, who was their childhood friend. Khushi felt like she had seen Adhiti somewhere before but couldn’t place where. Her mind was still hanging on Arnav and she knew he didn’t come back to hall. When she turned to look for NK, she saw Lavanya laughing at NK’s some funny joke and Khushi felt guilty.

 Adhiti was quick to notice the sadness spreading on Khushi’s face. Adhiti held Khushi’s hand with a warm smile “Everything fine?”. 

Khushi immediately faked a smile that didn’t reach her eyes, Adhiti didn’t push, she just met this sweet girl who seemed to be lost in some thoughts. NK and La walked towards the three ladies and NK made sure that he stood next to Anu with a polite friendly smile and Anu felt slightly nervous but didn’t show it. 

NK’s antenna immediately tuned into Khushi’s distress, the siblings communicated silently in their own code language using their eyes; one asking whether “all is well” and the other answering “yes, all is well” but NK could clearly see that his sisso is upset hence he made an excuse and took Khushi away from the three lovely ladies and from the crowd to his room. La had noticed the interesting eye exchange between the twins and her curiosity made her follow the duo.

“NK, I want to go back, now!” Khushi blurted out in her frustration to NK as soon as they were away from the crowd. 

“What?” NK asked in confusion. “What happened? You were perfectly fine few minutes back. Wait! Does Naanav has any role in this spontaneous outcry of yours?” NK asked with a smile but he was shocked to see Khushi’s eyes welling up with tears.

 “Hey Sisso!” he hugged her to his chest. 

“I dunno what to do NK! I wish maa was here”. She lifted her head and looked in NK’s eyes.

 “He is engaged to La”. Khushi stopped NK before he said anything. 

“I know what you are going to say NK; you are taking the baised view, you know only me and Naanav but I am talking from a woman’s point of view. La might be a modern girl with broad perspectives but in the end, she is a girl just like any other ordinary girl with dreams and hopes of a bright future with her man. Her family like ours would be expecting a lot from this relationship. Everyone is happy now that finally Arnav consented for marriage. He has already given his word, even though its not official, he had promised her his commitment and its not fair” the last part of the sentence khushi said recalling his early kiss and the tears rolled down.

 “Khushi!” NK was hurt to see his sister sacrificing her love. 

 Khushi composed herself and wiped her tears away and brought her smile back in face and said “I am stupid! You used to say that always and I fight with you but now I agree” she hugged her dear twin bro with a smile and continued “I know we cant leave now, the marriage is next week and …” remembering something she straightened from the hug with a wide smile “Sunny and Alexy are arriving tomorrow!” NK gave her a weak smile “I will be fine NK, you are there with me, Bhai is here, and our dear mischief masters are landing tomorrow, what more can I ask for?”

Anyways this conversation has touched two other souls who were overhearing this whole exchange.

Author's Note: I know I haven’t updated for a while and i haven't done you justice with this short update. You people would be mad at me and ready to kill me for not updating. Well! I could give you the normal excuses of being busy, plus I had been in an emotional roller coaster ride for the past two-three weeks. Even now I am not free from the emotional clutches hence I dunno what to write, I know you have been patiently waiting for the update. I thought of giving up the story but I can’t do that to you people!. And to be honest I lost touch with the story and hadn’t been following the serial. Today I restarted watching the serial again and is back to you with the update.I hope you like it! And next update your darling Sunny would be back..also I made slight changes to Adhiti's character sketch in last update. Let me know your reviews! Will be waiting!


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