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Chapter 27- Sangeet Part 1

Hello Dears!

Everyone will have a dream about their wedding- A fairy tale wedding! Don't they? Well! I have!
 But in real life, I am not sure whether it will happen like I dream. But I love to dream, realities are not going to stop me from dreaming :-)
To be honest, the first scene I watched of Arnav and Khushi was their Teri Meri dance and from then on I was hooked. It was like a fairy tale romantic dance! In fact they made me dream again, they rekindled all those forgotten dreams. Even though in my story, its Akash- Payal wedding, I am not making it any less.  Dream Away! 

The sangeet will have many segments and I am trying to write it in a new way, inspired from my own sister daljeet aka Adhiti. I will be waiting to see you at the sangeet, read and tell me how you felt dancing at Akash-Payal Sangeet! This is just the beginning of Sangeet, the dances are to come..b warned, I am setting the pace of the story very slow, I want to enjoy each and every moment of this wedding..There you go!

The Sangeet ceremony was also to be held outside the big Raizada farmhouse in the gardens. There was a big stage erected in the middle of the garden lawn where the groom sat waiting for his bride along with the guests and his male relatives. None of the females in his family was to be seen. Akash was getting slightly nervous. His senior Bhai’s and junior Bhai was enjoying the talk they were having with their business associates and friends, respectively. Aman who was standing next to him gave him a warm smile to which he responded gratefully. His Jeeju too smiled at him and came near him “Nervous eh kya?” Viren asked the slightly edgy Akash.
 “Hah Jeeju, thoda!” Akash answered honestly
“Lekin Saale Sahib, this is not wedding, its day after tomorrow. Its your sangeet now. If you are this nervous now, then what would your state be when it’s the muhuraat?” Viren teased Akash.
“Oh Jeeju, don’t make me more nervous” Akash pleaded
“Relax Akash! Just close your eyes and recall the moments you spend with Payal and remember that you are going to get a chance for that happiness lifelong. Wedding is just a license to be with your loved one all the time” Viren tried to help Akash relax his nerves.
Akash was grateful to Jeeju and did as he told. He closed his eyes and reminisced all the happy moments he and Payal shared. His eyes opened when he heard his Nani singng an old song which he remembered from his childhood days and the sight which greeted him was one to behold for years to come

A/N: Listen to the song as you read the below lines and try to picturize this dance in your mind. You can add your own imaginations too..

A group of women along with Nani singing while gliding towards the stage and he could see they were hiding his bride behind them…

Navrai majhi laadachi laadaachi ga (my new bride has been brought up with lot of love,)
Avada hila chandraachi chandrachi ga (
She has a liking for the moon..)
Navrai majhi navsaachi navasachi ga (
my new bride was born from God's blessings,)
Apsara jashi indraachi indrachi ga (
She's like an Indra's Apsara to us..)

Sunny loved the scene unfolding in front of his eyes; he winked at NK and he took his guitar along with NK who took his and they started to play. The young generation among the guests encouraging the duo along with the groom’s family while some starting to form a circle to dance.

Akash saw the old women moving aside revealing Adhiti and Anu come out of that gang to his side dancing to the music beats while singing with a teasing look

Adhiti…………………………..Navrai majhi laadachi laadaachi ga
…………………………………….Avada hila chandraachi chandrachi ga

Anu……………………………Navrai majhi navsaachi navasachi ga
………………………………….Apsara jashi indraachi indrachi ga

They remove themselves from his line of vision with a sigh to reveal his darling sisters Khushi and Di on either side of his lady love Payal, they bring payal to the stage while he look into Payal’s shy eyes.

Payal’s Mom came to the couple on the stage, she did a nazzar utharana to her daughter and her future son-in law and sang the rest two lines while Anu’s Mom joined with her singing the next lines while she smiled at Payal and Akash and put a thilak on both of them. Payal was like a daughter to her, just like Anu.

Payal’s mom

Baurai chali sharmaati ghabraati wo (She walks going crazy, shy, feeling embarassed,
Piya ke ghar ithlaati balkhaati wo (
to her beloved's home, in style..)

Anu’s mom

Surmai naina chhalkaati-chhalkati wo(
she goes with her kohl-lined eyes spilling,)
Piya ke ghar bharmaati sakuchaati wo(
to her beloved's home, confused, shy)

Pavan had a big smile on his face and he observed the happy event happening. His eyes were secretly darting towards Adhiti and he could see how well his sister got along with her. Pavan realized something that moment, his sister seemed to be content and happy. The sadness, which she used to hide from him, has completely gone, she was truly at home and he looked towards his right where he saw his little brother truly enjoying and cheering the dance. NK was like sunshine, anyone would smile just seeing him; his boyish charm and innocent look on his happy and handsome face will make anyone happy.

Meanwhile, Arnav’s eyes were only for Khushi. He saw how happy she was with the wedding happening; how much she was enjoying the moments, teasing Akash and Payal; he reflected that he owe her something and decided it was hi-time to confess his feelings. He noted standing next to Khushi was his Di with her cheerful persona, she was bubbling with happiness seeing her younger bro getting married.

He saw Khushi coming next to Akash, put her arm over Akash’s shoulder and with her hand gesturing to Payal’s duppatta and singing the next part of the song, he couldn’t take his eyes off from her; while his Di called Akash’s attention to Payal’s bangles and pointed towards her anklets. That gesture of his Di made Arnav touch the chest pocket of his suit.


Choonar mein iske sitaare (there are stars in her scarf,)
Saare chamkile chamkile chamkile (
all shining bright)


Kangan main iske bahaarein (there are seasons of spring in her bangles,)
Paajeb hariyale hariyale hariyale…(
and her anklets are full of greenery…)

To his big surprise, Arnav saw La joining hands with Sunny and NK and joining on the dance floor. La, in the middle, singing the song in her American Hindi slang style with Nk and Sunny on either side of her dancing with her. He was stunned beyond words; he never saw La so friendly with his family. It was just a hi-bye relationship for her with his family. He had never allowed her to interact much with his family. Hence when he La so cozy with his family that too especially at the end when she was done with her singing, his Nani and Mami came and hugged La and all of them laughed together, he was stunned. When did these joining hands happen? He wondered.


Navrai majhi ladachi-ladachi ga
Avada hila chandrachi-chandrachi ga
Navrai majhi navsachi-navsachi ga
Apsara zashi indrachi indrachi ga ga ga haa

Sunny and NK was stealing the show with their guitar. The crowd clapped for them while the girls danced around them.

It was Daddy dearests turn to sing for their son and daughter.

Payal’s dad took Akash’s hand singing

Payal’s Dad

Suniyo ji isko, rakhiyo jatan se (
listen, please keep her well,)
ye badi naazuk hai, naazuk hai, nazuk (
she's very soft, very tender,)
Kali yeh anmol, kali yeh anmol (
priceless, flower-bud.)

Akash’s dad,ie our Mamaji placed a hand on Payal’s Dad’s shoulder and the elder men shared a sentiment moment hoping a bright and happy future for their children and he pulled the to be married couple to the center of the crowd singing and danced with his patni dearest.


Aao ji aao thumka lagao (
come, come, shake a leg,)
Zara behko ji, behko ji, behko (
go swaying, sway..)
Khushiyon ke baaje dhol (
the drums of joys are playing)

The crowd cleared a space for the 4 goregous ladies to dance for the couple

Khushi sang while gesturing with her little finger of her right hand near her eye with a shy smile

Aankhon mein iske ishaare (there are signs in her eyes,)

While Adhiti danced showing an Rutti attitude step but with a smile imitating Payal when she was angry

Bade nakhrile nakhrile nakhrile (
so stylish, throwing a little tantrum)

While our Di sang about dreams in her usual dreamy way but with lot of happiness for her chotte brother

Sapnon ke laakhon nazaare (
there are sceneries of dreams)

And finally our Anu with lot of happiness for her surrogate Di sang emotionally and came near to Payal and hugged her tightly. They both were so close to each other like any siblings hence the emotions were playing havoc since her sister is getting married.

Saare rangeele rangeele rangeele (
all so colorful)

Nani was so happy to see her family; everyone happy, love everywhere. She walked towards her grandson and his wud b soon wife Payal and blessed them by kissing their forehead while singing and crying happily.


Baurai chali sharmati ghabaati wo
Pia ke ghar ithlaati balkhaati wo
Surmai naina chhalkati-chhalkaati wo
Pia ke ghar bharmaati sakuchaati wo..

Nk, Alexy, La and sunny’s dance and sing with audience. They pull everyone, including Viren, Pavan and Arnav to the dance floor.

Navrai majhi ladachi-ladachi ga
Avada hila chandrachi-chandrachi ga
Navrai majhi navsachi-navsachi ga
Apsara jashi indrachi indrachi ga ha..

The dance is in full swing, Mami was so happy with the music and dance, that she forgot all her grand attitude and danced happily with her husband and niece and nephews for her Son’s happiness. She kissed her son and hugged him.

Pavan and Adhiti were stealing glances at each other while pretending to look somewhere else while Anu and NK were looking and smiling at each other.

Nk gestured with mouth “U ok?” to Anu and Anu just smilingly nodded yes to him.

Sunny was playing his guitar while dancing with La and Alexy.

 Arnav was looking at Khushi who was completely lost in dance and the music. He slowly moved towards her in the crowd and stood in front of her. She suddenly turned dancing, her hand hit his chest as she turned and looked into his eyes with a surprised look. He just smiled at her and took her hand making her walk with him away from the crazy dancing crowd just like last time, but this time he had an aim in his mind.

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Dewdrops - Chapter 26

The mehendi function was a colorful event. All Raizada family members were equally involved in making this marriage a memorable event hence they had seen to each and every minute details; made everything perfect to the core for the first wedding of the current new generation. Even though Pavan and Arnav were age wise senior to Akash, there wasn’t any disagreement for Akash being married earlier.  The wedding and associated rituals will be taking place at Raizada farmhouse away from the city. It’s a huge place, which is capable of accommodating the whole families and friends and guests. The mehendi function was open to all and was being conducted in the gardens with music and dance.

The ladies sat surrounding the bride, commenting on mehendi designs and funny jokes. Nani chose Payal’s mehendi design. Anu, Adhiti, Payal and Khushi has fallen easily into a strong friendship bond; an outsider would have difficulty in accepting the fact that these 4 became close friends within a time frame of two weeks. All the young ladies including Anjali was busy teasing the bride and applying mehendi hence they failed to notice the our dear Sunny, Alexy, NK, Viren and La have come to the center of the garden along with the bandbajas and they pulled Khushi, Anu, Adhiti, Anjali, Mami towards the center to dance. Though Arnav was on his Bluetooth talking to Aman for arranging the evening Sangeet stage decoration, his eyes darted towards Khushi who was in full enjoyment mood dancing her heart off with her dear brothers, family and friends.

 Pavan and Akash was also dragged to join the dance and soon Payal also was pulled into the dance. He could see his Dadi, Mami-Mama, Di- jeeju and his cousins dancing to the music beats, enjoying the fun of dancing together. He saw NK coming towards him and knew it was to drag him to the dance hence he suddenly turned to escape but suddenly all the music stopped. Arnav in surprise turned back to see what went wrong and could see all looking at him.

“This is not fair Nannav! Tum hamesha escape hota hai, We all are here dancing including our darling Naniji and you are standing there aloof with your I don’t care attitude. Come on dude its wedding time”

“NK, Chup raho, all are staring at me and you know I don’t dance. Please don’t make a scene here” Arnav said in a mild irritated voice due to the unwanted attention towards him. He saw Akash and Pavan striding towards him along with his Jeejaji from his corner of his eyes and knew he was doomed. “Come on Saleb sahib, its Akash’s wedding and he would be very happy if you too join in all celebrations” Viren urged Arnav. “Jeeju sahi keha raha rai Arnav, Kitne saalom ke baad we all are gathering together, come on mere bhai, shake a leg!” Pavan said with a side hug to Arnav. Khushi even though couldn’t hear what her Bhai said to Arnav, seeing them standing together in an affectionate way made her heart soar high. Sunny who was standing next to her squeezed her shoulders understanding her feeling and she smiled at him happily. It was Akash’s turn to motivate Arnav into dancing “Bhai, I know you don’t dance, lekin this is not a competition, or no one would judging your dancing skills, its just for fun. Come on Bhai for me please”Akash pleaded suddenly NK got a brain wave. Due to everyone’s compulsion he too joined the dance crowd; he saw Khushi giving him one of her radiant smiles while she continued her dance with Anu. He saw La suddenly moving back and disappearing through the crowd, he wondered where she went but Di had caught hold of him  so that he doesn’t escape hence he couldn’t go and check where La went.

NK was waiting with Alexy near the garden gates behind the dancing crowd. He saw Sunny and La coming across the lawn.
“Whats the matter? Why you messaged for an urgent meeting? La questioned while she turned back to look to see whether anyone was watching them.
“You got some idea?” Sunny asked hopefully.
“Yes he got and its brilliant” Alexy commented.
NK with his confident smile explained his plan in conspirator style to his team and they cheered him and set out to begin the action.

Everyone settled at the big lawn table with their lunch. 

Pavan said a toast to the newly married couple “On the behalf of my dear family and friends who is gathered here today, I welcome Payal to our family. Payal! Our Akash is a very sweet hearted soul, we are entrusting him to you for a lifetime and Akash my Bhai, I wish you lifelong happiness with your love! Cheers!” Everyone joined in the toast. 

While serving the desert, Nk cleared his throat and stood up and requested for everyone’s attention. “ My dear Bhai behanom, my dear friends  and elders, I would like to bring your attention to today’s evening  Sangeet program’s highlight. Actually we youngsters are presenting various programs along with our sweethearts Dadiji and Mamiji” he turned towards Anjali and Viren and continued “Di and Jeeju, you are among youngsters. But the highlight of the sangeet would be a competition to which our Dadiji agreed. Mamaji, Mamiji and Payal Bhahi’s parents are going to be the judges. In this competition youngsters’s participation is compulsory, no excuses”. 

NK looked at his brother and Nannav and could see them going to protest to his this statement. But he continued easily “ Why its compulsory is because we have partners for this dance whom we chose by selecting this chits” Alexy passed him two bowls. “one bowl has the ladies name and the other bowl has gentlemen names, ofcourse the married couple and going to marry couple don’t have to chose. The main attraction of this competition is you don’t have to practice any dance steps or act, its instantaneous play; ie when your turn comes during the competition, you got to walk with your partner to the stage, the judges will play a random song and you got to enact instantly anything which would suit the song. The best performance wins the prize. Simple! So now its time to pick your partners” NK extended the bowl.

As expected Arnav was the first one to protest before Khushi could applaud the idea. “This is crazy, am not there for this stupid game”. Even Pavan expressed his disinterest “yea, its silly game, kids play”.  “Come on Bhaiya! Its not silly or crazy, its wonderful and fun” Khushi encouraged the idea and she was seconded by all at the table. Finally Pavan gave in and picked the chit. Dadi snatched the chit from Pavan before he could open and read out “Adhiti” NK was confused but Dadi winked at him making him wonder, “did he miss something?” NK looked at Adhiti who was looking as if she hit head somewhere and she was looking at…NK followed her gaze to Pavan and saw his Bhai’s surprised face but that look held a subtle happiness and there was a sparkle in his eyes.

 NK looked back at Dadi; Dadi came near NK and whispered “I overheard your plan, don’t worry I support your mission” Sunny who was near NK nearly choked on his water. Alexy looked stunned while La’s mouth hanged open and for the first time she saw Arnav’s Nani smiling at her, a warm smile unlike the fake ones she used to give La. La smiled back wholeheartedly knowing that finally she was accepted as a good girl by Nani. Alexy took the bowl to Anu for picking her partner since she sat next to Pavan. Here also Nani took the chit before Anu could read the name; Nani announced the partner for Anu as “NK”. Khushi wanted to whistle but that would call attention hence she patted her brother on shoulder and whispered to him “Kya luck hai Bhai!” NK was in shock, “How come Dadi ….” He wondered. Nk saw Anu look at him with a surprised shock.

Anjali sensed the motive behind this game hence she told she is going to pick the partner for her Chotte since he is being rebellious; she came to Nani who was holding the bowl, sharing a secretive smile with Nani, she picked one chit and opened it and found the name which she was looking for “Khushi” she said which made her Chotte stop in his steps.

Arnav was angry for this silly game fearing that he would have to see Khushi being paired with someone because he was sure the guys would have set up this game in such a manner where he would be paired with La. But his Di, what did she say now? That he was paired with Khushi?. Khushi who stood near NK, caught her breath when Di announced that it was she who was Arnav’s partner. Sunny’s and NK’s comment brought her back to reality “As destined” NK commented silently so that only Khushi hears while Sunny said in a whisper “See, I told you!” Khushi immediately knew it was their plan and she being stupid agreed and supported this game and now she was caught. She dared a glance towards Arnav and saw him equally surprised and he looked up, met her gaze and held it.

Dadi’s announcement of the final pair broke their gaze – La with Sunny. Alexy cant dance due to a healing ankle from the recent accident hence he was an exception to this dance competition but he joined in the judge panel. So the game was on…Now comes the Sangeet!

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Dewdrops - Chapter 25

The Raizada ladies were out for wedding shopping with the groom and bride to be along with their parents. Pavan, Arnav and Aman had left for Hyderabad earlier that day for business purpose. 

Sunny was sitting on the swing, Alexy on the recliner by the poolside and NK pacing the poolside while all the 3 pairs of ears was tuned to what Vinay was saying through the iPhone 5 placed on the poolside tea table.
“Its complicated! Knowing Khushi she won’t make a move or confess even if we all beg her for her happiness, you know her, she values others happiness than hers and then ASR from what I heard and saw, he is another complicated specimen like Khushi. I have no idea how he will react” Vinay said stating his conclusion.

NK waited no time in confiding to his best buddies regarding Khushi’s matter. He was not going to sit back and watch his sister giving up her happiness; he knew he had to do something. For that he needed backup. NK knew that his friends have figured out few details during the Coimbatore trip hence he gave the flashbacks and the current scenario. NK wasn’t surprised when Sunny told him that he had already spoken to Khushi regarding Arnav. If anyone could get close to Khushi like NK does, it was Sunny.
Vinay being the one who has real hands on experience in love matters was continuing his conclusions and drawing out solutions “ The other one in this triangle is that model to whom ASR is engaged to. She sounded nice and seemed to be a pleasant kind when I met her during the reception. Its sad but we have no other option other than eliminate her from the scene, then the road is clear”.

“Eliminate her means what?” Alexy asked in a panic tone, his eyes darted towards the phone.
Sunny laughed seeing Alexy’s reaction while NK answered the question “ Not what you thought Alexy, just talk and ask her to opt out”.

“Thanks Guys!” La’s voice floated towards the poolside. All the three heads turned hastily towards the poolside door where La stood facing the three guys with a warm amused smile. La had come for a surprise visit; her main aim was to know whether ASR talked to Di and Khushi about their fake engagement. HP had informed her that all were out for shopping except NK and friends. Since she had met them before, she thought to say a hi to them and had come to the poolside but their interesting talk made her halt near the door.

With a friendly smile she came near the trio while they stood with a guilty face for plotting against her.
“You know something? I really envy Khushi! She is so blessed with such a wonderful brother and great loyal friends” La said with a great admiration.
She turned to Sunny and continued “I noticed your gestures to make ASR jealous during that reception party at Coimbatore and tell you what? You succeeded too. He was damn jealous. Do you know why? She asked them with a secretive smile.
“Because he loves her” she answered happily while all three pairs of eyes looked her with stunned expression.
La looked them with mildly surprised expression, raised her eyebrows and asked “Oh Come on guys! Do you think I am a really dumb model? She rolled her eyes and sighed exasperatedly “Guys! I will share a secret with you. I dunno why you smart people haven’t figured it out, well! Male brain works a bit slow I guess, Anyways, the point is ASR and me are not a couple, we are just friends. ASR needed Di to back off from pestering him with marriage proposals. She was worried for her brother naturally when Akash announced he was in love. Hence he asked me a small help to pretend as his fiancée. We are not involved with each other romantically”. She calmly explained her role in ASR’s life to the three guys standing in front of her with wide eyes and surprised expression.

Sunny and NK had crushed La with their bear hug while Alexy stood aside with a wide smile on his face watching the scene before him.
 “Oh my god! You are a life savior! Sunny breathed out his relief while NK gratefully spoke to La “ La dear! You have no idea, how much I love you this moment! I am so happy!” he shouted his happiness.
“La but something doesn’t add up” Alexy voiced his thoughts
“What?” all three turned towards Alexy while Alexy pondered his thoughts “if you say ASR loves Khushi then why did he ask you to pretend as his fiancée? He could have proposed Khushi. He didn’t do that instead he created this unwanted confusion”.
“Yes, I agree to Alexy” Vinay too voiced his thoughts through the phone “I don’t think it was Di’s persistence to get ASR married which made him ask you for help. I think there is something more to it, NK what do you feel?”

Nk thought for a moment about his friends comments and replied “As far I know Khushi, she always had a soft corner for ASR all through her life.  They were quite inseparable from their childhood days. But then the separation had been hard on her and Naanav stayed away from her for reasons unknown. But he was always in touch with me to know about her and I am certain he missed her like she did. I am sure he was aware of her feelings but when Di had told me about you La, I was surprised and to be honest a bit hurt too to know that he chose you over my siso”.

“I am so sorry NK, I didn’t have any idea about all this” La said apologetically. “I only knew Akash and Pavan from the family because I modeled for AR firm. Knew they were ASR’s cousins. I met Anjali Di only few days before you people arrived. Until then I had no idea about his personal life. It was during our South India trip, I got to know he was concerned about Khushi and even guessed there were more feelings involved and I was right. Sunny’s performance ignited the reactions I wanted and from then I was observing him and I got many clues which confirmed my intuition that he was indeed in love with Khushi. I spoke to him on Akash’s engagement to break off all this fake drama involving me”.
“What?” Alexy asked in surprise
“what did he say?” NK asked anxiously
“You really talked to that lion about calling off?” Sunny’s eyes shone in true admiration for La’s bravery.
“What was his response?” Vinay asked through phone.
The 4 at the same time responses to her statement stunned La; she smiled and answered “Relax guys! He agreed with me to call off our fake affair. I was hoping that he already told everyone. I had specially asked him to do it as soon as possible and specifically let Di and Khushi know ASAP”.

Sunny who was near to La lifted her off her feet and twirled her around in happiness and when he put her down NK gave her another one of his bear hugs while Alexy’s patted her shoulder and smiled radiantly at her. She was really shocked and surprised by this crazy response. NK made her sit in the recliner and went on his knee and holding her hand told her “ Know something La? You did a great favor to all of us. We were very much upset about Khushi. She really loves Arnav a lot, and the only thing that was stopping her from expressing her love I think was that Arnav was committed to you. My sister would never be a cause of pain to someone, she will always give up her happiness for her loved ones and make others happy”.
“Yes La, even when I forced her, challenged her to open up her feelings to ASR, she withheld all her feelings because she didn’t want to hurt you”. Sunny added with a proud smile recalling his friend’s gesture.
La’s eyes welled up with tears “I didn’t know, I never wanted to come in between ASR and Khushi. She is such a sweet girl”.
“Hey, easy now!” Alexy offered her some tissues.
“Ok Guys! Now its time for some action; since we are clear about the whole situation, lets think what shall we do to make the two idiots realize that they love each other?” Sunny urged his friends into a discussion to come up with a plan and before that he added looking at La “And La welcome to our group”. He winked at her making her break into a smile through tears.

The shopping had gone until evening teatime and finally Nani who was exhausted ushered everyone to her favorite five star restaurant. Payal had informed her friends Anu and Adhiti that they were on the way to the restaurant and will meet them from there. Actually Adhiti wanted Khushi to perform with her during Payal’s sangeet. She made the request during the tea and was waiting for Khushi’s response. The Raizada ladies knew dance was something Khushi associated with her mother and it was hard for her to resume dancing. Pavan had mentioned to Dadi that Khushi had continued her dance lessons privately up on his insistence but she rarely danced hence they waited anxiously for Khushi’s reply. Khushi’s initial reaction to Adhiti’s suggestion was denial but then when she saw all the faces surrounding her gloomy she remembered her new set of ghungaroo and The Note! “Ok! I am ready.” She announced and saw instantly all the faces brightening up. “But one condition!”. Khushi cautioned. All eyes were on her and she said her condition with a smile “ Any of my bhais nor my friends, especially Bhai and Nannav should not know about this performance. It should be a surprise! Agreed?”

Coming up : The Mehendi and Sangeet!

A/N: I am not happy with this update. wanted to make it longer and Arshi filled but had to clear up certain things then only I could go ahead with the romance between our lead couple hence this is a filler. I hope you didn't get bored. Kindly bear with me. Those who have requested for Arshi romance, I promise in next update you will get your treat!

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Strange Love - Prologue


Tokyo, Japan

Time : 11.30 pm, December 31st

Khushi yawned and looked up at her clock. It was time, she put aside the papers she was reading, removed her spex and was going to set her laptop aside but then she glanced up the clock once again. With a slow smile she bought back her Mac Air with the laptop stand on to her lap and opened Yahoo Messenger and logged in using a fake id she had created when was a teenager. She wasn’t a person who login to Yahoo chats and talk to strangers but tonight she felt lonely. Her research had been eating her head for sometime and she missed her family. While the whole world was waiting for a new year celebrating, she opted to stay back at her apartment, alone with her research articles. But now since she had put aside her work and was in no mood to continue it she thought why not some fun? She wanted to talk, usually she talked to the walls of her apartment or to the cute teddy bear which was always near her bed stand. Tonite she didn’t want to talk to the materialistic things, she wanted to talk to a person, who was carefree to listen to her rumblings, who wont judge her, who would let her be herself. She went online to yahoo general chat room in her ID “Somemomentsplz”.

New York, US

Time: 10.30 am, December 31st
Arnav was bored; he get easily bored, he always wanted challenges to keep him active and focused. The current project he was working bore him no challenges hence he was irritated with his firm for assigning him for such silly projects. He was planning to talk to his boss for a reassignment. Since it was Christmas and New year time, his boss was with his family on vacation. Most of his team was absent today since they all have taken off to spend sometime with family.  He leaned back in his revolving chair and closed his eyes. He could see his Di’s face and that brought a smile on his face. He knew if he was in India, Anjali Di would have made him help her with her sweet preparations, lighting lot of Diyas, it was her way of celebrating new year. May b they would have gone for a movie or beach. It was the way they celebrated all festivals ever since their parents passed away. He checked his watch and groaned, it would be 8pm in India, Dr. Anjali Raizada might have gone in for her night shift. He missed her, his only family. In frustration he looked at his computer screen,a few seconds later, a slow smile spread his face, he minimized her files in the PC and downloaded Yahoo Messenger, created a fake ID after debating a few seconds for a suitable user name and finally settled on “Strange Love” and logged in to Yahoo Chat room and waited for the General room chat room to load…

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Dewdrops-Chapter 24

Author's Note: This update is dedicated to one of my favorite writer - saucechips. She always makes me lol whenever I read her stories and while attempting to write this update,  i was wondering how she writes humor situations with ease. Truly amazing, hats off to you dear! 

NK moved like a thief without making any noise into Khushi’s room. It was 6 am. Only HP and JP were awake and they were starting to get ready for breakfast preparation. NK woke up Khushi without making much noise and told her to get ready and come to the garage side within 15 minutes. They have to leave before everyone woke up; he then silently proceeded to Akash’s room. In the hurry to get ready, Khushi didn’t notice the wooden box beside her bedside lamp.

Akash was in Switzerland, in snow clad mountains with Payal, enacting their favorite song from DDLJ, tuje deka to hai jaana sanam…when suddenly earthquake happened, he yelled Payal and woke up sending a startled NK back into a near by sofa. It took a moment for Akash to realize that it was NK shaking him to wake up and not earthquake and payal would be sleeping in her bed peacefully. He sighed and looked at NK with a look “you wont give me some peace to dream even”  “Kya hai NK bhai ithni subah subah?” 

“Oh my Akash! Its already past 6 am, we should have left early but I slept off. Khushi and me would be leaving soon to airport. I just wanted to remind you, you know what to do right?”  NK asked in a conspirator voice.

A troubled and scared Akash replied “ yes, but I am afraid of Bhai’s reaction. He would not have expected this early…..” NK cut him off with a broad smile“that’s how we surprises and Sky relax  bro and enjoy, its your wedding man and we are here to entertain you, hence chill!” with a wink and broad smile NK left leaving a very nervous Akash behind.  

 Akash looked at his pillow and mussed “ NO, I don’t think I will be able to sleep a wink with this all this tension, Bhai will skin me alive that’s for sure. I better go to temple with Di and ask Devi mata to protect me from Bhai’s temper” with that thought Akash began his day.

Pavan and Arnav was on Bluetooth while at breakfast table, talking to their respective secretaries about their schedule for the day when Anjali and Nani confiscated their phones. “Di” “Dadi” Pavan and Arnav called out their protest at the same time. Mamaji and Mamiji laughed out seeing the pouting expression on their nephews.
Nani with her full authority answered “you both should learn from my Akash bitwa, look at him, kitna acha ladka hai, (Akash blushed hearing this praise from Nani) khane ke samay u should eat not talk on phone. I will give your phone back once you finish everything on your plate”.
 Pavan smiled at Dadi and started having the breakfast Anjali served him while Arnav having no other go starting eating his toast but his eyes were roaming around the room and he wanted to voice a question luckily Maami voiced the question he had in his mind “Arre, hamari sweethearts kaha hai? Subah hone ka news nahi mila ?”
Maama decided to pull Maami’s legs, with a teasing smile he said“ Kya problem hai tumari eyes ko Manu? Mein yaha hum!”. 

Maami blushed and swatted his hand lightly for embarrassing her in front of family and replied “Mein apke bare me kab pucha? Mein hamari khushi or NK ki bath kar rahi hai!”
 “Yes, even I was also wondering where the trouble makers are” Pavan said with a smile. “Hospital” “Walk” Akash and Di respectively answered in a rush at the same time. Akash swallowed the piece of puri with chewing and looked at Di for support who returned him a I will manage, don’t interfere look.

Arnav had seen the look pass between Akash and Di and he knew the news is not going to be pleasant. “Nahi Akash, aaj those two didn’t go to hospital with Viren, they have gone for their morning walk”.  She then turned to pavan and continued “Woh kya hai na, while Viren was leaving, had told NK that he needed to walk a lot to get his injuries healed soon hence Khushi had taken NK for walk”.
Anjali lied beautifully to all present while Pavan choked on his food. He looked at Anjali with a disbelief look and asked “What? NK and Khushi for a morning walk? You got to be kidding! They both are late birds, never seen such crazy sleepers” he started laughing out loudly.
Nani smiled and replied “Nahi beta, they both have started to get up early and even go to mandir with Anjali, sometimes they go with Viren to his hospital to meet a friend of theirs”.
“Yes, I know about that, Khushi had told me about Mr. Nair and I promised her that I will visit him with her but this morning walk, they haven’t mentioned and I cant believe my kids have become this susheel” he smiled at Nani.

Arnav knew his Di was lying and the relief on Akash’s face confimed his hunch. He cornered Akash while leaving for office and in his no-nonsense sytle questioned him. Before Akash could confess Arnav noticed that Di’s black BMW was missing from garage but its driver was standing next to his driver. Everything fell in place in Arnav’s mind and he turned towards Akash in full fury and asked, “You let her drive? Do you know she is rash driver? How could u be so irresponsible Akash” he nearly screamed at Akash while fear clutched his heart.  Arnav even though he had stayed away from Khushi while she was in US, he was informed about her all happenings and he knew she was a very accident prone person and he also knew she raced car without following any traffic rules when she was totally upset. That last bit of information was provided to him by NK.
“Relax Bhai! NK is with her and she wont drive….” Akash was again cut off second time in the morning because Arnav had already started his car leaving a dejected Akash at the garage.
In his hurry, Arnav had forgotten to ask Akash what was the destination of the twins. He called NK while driving and spoke into his Bluetooth in anger when the call was attended “Where the hell are you NK?” 

Arnav could hear lot of noises in background but couldn’t make out the location “hey Nanav mere bhai! We are almost reaching home now, got a big surprise for u, see you soon! Nk disconnected the call which left Arnav irritated.

The scene which greeted Arnav when he came back to make sure NK and Khushi reached home safely stunned him and his anger skyrocketed. Pavan was leaving for office when Sunny and Alex took him by surprise. A trained kickboxer, PAvan immediately defended himself out of reflex by locking Sunny’s hand behind his back, which made Sunny cry out. “oh Bhai, its me, don’t break my hand”. “Hey, badiya surprise hai, how come you two are here” Pavan asked with a wide smile and rubbed Sunny hand in sorry gesture “wow! Bhai, what a handlock was it, I thought you broke my bone” Sunny exclaimed in awe at Pavan’s martial skill.

“It was a sudden plan bhai, when akash invited us for his wedding, we thought we better join khushi and NK and give the wedding a special glow with fireworks” Alexy replied Pavan with a smile and Pavan was pleased. “Wow, that’s great! Akash mere bhai, beware, you have invited fire crackers!” Pavan joked while Sunny, NK, ALexy and Khushi yelled “Bhai!” and Akash looked like someone who digged his own grave. “Hey! I was just kidding!” Pavan raised his hands in surrender and said “btw, where is Vinay? He is missing from your group”. “Oh! He is still busy with post-wedding rituals and there is a talk about his marriage fixing” sunny answered to Pavan. “Really?” Khushi was happy and excited for his friend, Pavan noticed this enthusiasm and laughed “Why Khushi? You too want to get married?” “Oh no Bhai!” she came to pavan and side hugged him with a smile “I am happy for Vinay, do you know I meet Keerthi, they both are perfect for each other and in very much love”. NK was silent all this while but seeing Khushi’s reaction to Vinay’s news he silently prayed for his sister’s dream and said “yes bhai, its always a happy feeling to see one’s love getting real and being bonded forever”. All eyes were on NK with raised eyebrows. NK didn’t realize he had voiced his thoughts; Pavan recovered from his surprise and said “Really NK? I never knew you had such notions about love”. Alexy and Sunny snorted, Akash looked confused while Khushi had a secretive and silent laugh in her eyes and NK looked sheepish. Anjali came to the group and informed that breakfast was ready. 

She was happy with lot of young people at home, it gave a cheerful atmosphere and with the wedding approaching, Maami and Nani could use the youngers help for planning and making the wedding a memorable event for Akash. “OK guys, take rest and gear up for the wedding, I will get going now. See you later” Pavan said as farewell but turned and in stern manner but with a smile gave his command to the group “listen all of you, behave well! No mischiefs! And Anju please don’t join them, they are hand full of trouble without you joining them”. Anjali rolled her eyes with a disbelief look at Pavan while all laughed at the last part of Pavan’s comment. 
After breakfast and settling Sunny and Alexy at guessroom, Khushi was going to her room taking the bypass route through Arnav’s poolside. She hadn’t seen Arnav earlier at the corridor when Pavan was talking to her friends. She thought he might have left for the office; she had heard NK’s reply to his call earlier but didn’t know he knew about her friend’s arrival or about her driving hence when she was whirled around and hit his chest, she was stunned and the newspaper flew out of her in to the pool. Before she could utter anything Arnav issued his command in soft but serious tone that she didn’t dare to defy “Don’t you dare drive again, this is not UK or US, its India and people here don’t give a damn about the rules and traffic regulations. Hence take a driver when you want to go out, I shouldn’t see you driving. Understood? The order was clear and she couldn’t do anything other than shake her head in agreement. But she didn’t plan to obey him completely. He could read that in her eyes, that resistance and protest was forming into words. He has locked her eyes within his and she couldn’t withdraw from his hold and he didn’t seem to leave her. 

She was going to question him. But as she squirmed in his hold and unintentionally moved her leg back, lost her footing as she was standing on the edge of the pool. This sudden and unexpected movement caused even Arnav to loose his balance since he was drowning in her eyes hence they both landed in the pool with a crash causing Nani and Anjali who was walking near by to run to poolside.

  They both nearly laughed out loudly seeing their Chotte and Khushi completely drenched in the pool and fighting each other saying that
“its your fault” “
no, its your fault”
“you didn’t leave me”
“you made me fall with you”
“why you had to hold me?”
“who told u to stand by the edge of the pool”

Nani and Anjali was highly amused watching this fight, it was Arnav who first noticed that they had audience hence he calmed down and started to climb back from the pool but khushi being khushi wouldn’t stop, seeing Nani and ANjali she started complaining to them “ Dadi, Di, Nanav pushed me to the pool” hearing this lie, Arnav turned to her and said “I didn’t push you, stop lying Khushi. You pulled me to the pool”. Khushi waded through the water and stood before Dadi pushing Arnav out of the way and said “No Dadi, I didn’t pull him, he is the one who is lying. Actually he was angry with me for driving and was scolding me…”

“Enough!”Arnav cut off Khushi, he knew she was trying to get Dadi side with her and lift his ban for her driving. He climbed out of the pool and turned back and extended his hand to her “Come on, climb out of the water!”
Khushi folded her hands and glared at him, “no way! he is not going to get his way” she decided strongly in her mind. Arnav very well knew her this pose, it is when she is determined to get her way. “Look we can talk about it when you are changed” he put mildly but he had no intention to change his decision. Khushi was ready to start her denial when Dadi and Anjali intervened and she had to give up for their sake. She refused Arnav’s hand to help her out telling him that she is not talking with him. Anjali and Nani saw Arnav’s face which gave “not again Khushi” look and they smiled recalling Arnav’s and Khushi’s childhood fights. 

They very well knew their chotte only gave up his fight for Khushi, even now. Because Arnav sighed and agreed “Ok. You can drive….. but…. only when I am there in the car. Heard? No more arguments, go change” he said that and left the poolside before Khushi protested. Khushi wanted to fight but Dadi cooled her off and boosted Khushi’s ego “Chalo! Accha bitiya, atleast he agreed that you could drive, tum ko patha hai na, he doesn’t amend the changes he made but you made him”. Even Anjali patted khushi’s shoulder in appreciation “Dadi teek keha raha hai Khushi, Chotte doesn’t even listen to me these days lekin u made him agree, great, now come on, you will catch cold if you remain in this dress”

It was while drying her hair with towel, she noticed the wooden box near her bed. Curiously she opened the box, it had a pair of ghungroo that looked exactly like her old ones which her mom and arnav’s mom had made for her.

There was also a childhood photo of her dancing with a note in a very dirty handwriting, which could only belong to Arnav “Dance again”. Khushi smiled through her tears.
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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Dewdrops-Chapter 23

It was when Nani had properly introduced Adhiti, Khushi remembered where she had seen Adhiti. Adhiti had got training in classical dance under Khushi’s dance guru and Khushi had seen Adhiti performing together with her guru at UK. Soon they both started talking about dance passionately. Khushi admitted to Adhiti that she never gave public performance, she just learned dance for her pleasure and now days she danced very rarely. Adhiti encouraged Khushi to consider dance seriously if she is really interested. Nani hearing this interesting conversation was thrilled; she had been a good dancer in her teens and then she remembered how Khushi’s mom and Arnav’s mom used to dance and her eyes misted at those memories. She looked at Khushi who was totally absorbed in Adhiti’s talk and she felt her heart constrict in pain. Only she knew how much this girl held in her heart never expressing when all she wanted to do was express. Anyways the talk about dancing have bought Adhiti and Khushi to a closer level and both felt happy knowing each other and Adhiti invited Khushi to a dance performance she was giving next week.

Meanwhile NK and Anu were standing near to each other but not looking each other or acknowledging each other.
Finally Anu gave up the pretending and turned towards NK with raised eyebrows “What?” she asked in mildly concealed frustration. NK with her easygoing manner was getting on her nerves. She didn’t want to admit to her feelings that she was getting attracted to him. But how can one resist this charming cute guy she wondered in her heart.
 “What?” NK replied in the same questioning manner but then smiled. “You look beautiful when you are riled up!” By the way why are you so angry?”

Anu folded her hands in front of her and stared hard at NK in a “as if you don’t know manner”
“Ok Ok! Well, I am not following you or spying you but my legs seems to take me to the same places where you too is present” NK gave a defending shrug as to convey,  “that’s all my honor”.
“What is it NK? What you want from me? You have been getting on my nerves recently” Anu voiced her frustration but she omitted a part of her dialogue she wanted to say that NK had been ruling her head ever since their meeting and farm trip. She wanted to tell him that she was going mad thinking about him, wondering what he is doing when he is not within her sights and while near her heart was in a strange condition. But she didn’t say all those, kept those for another time and waited for NK to reply.

NK gave her a very sweet smile and replied “I want to know you more, would like to be close friends with you, would like to spend some time with you, you know,  to know you better” Anu was surprised and asked “Why?” NK scratched his head and gave a confused look, he confessed what was in his heart, he didn’t know what would be the outcome of this friendship hence he cant promise anything now but he really wanted to know her and b close to her but if she is asking for a reason what can he tell? He knows girls always wanted to be assured and they needed answers, he has a twin from whom he has learned this fact but guys never used to think much, they just live the moment. This troublesome “Why” always makes him scratch his head. Anyways AKash and Payal who joined them rescued him from this situation and the rest of the evening went happily.

Pavan had been with Khushi talking about his New York life until she slept, he finally tucked her blankets properly and kissed her forehead goodnite and went to check on NK. But in real, Khushi hadn’t slept. Sleep avoided her; she knew her brother would wait until she slept hence she faked sleep. Her mind was exhausted. She always had the habit of thinking a lot, NK’s biggest complaint about her was that, she thinks too much and even sometimes spoil NK’s peace of mind by worrying unnecessarily. But in this case her worry was genuine. She could feel her helplessness. Her heart was breaking all the restrictions she imposed her self-control was going out of her hold.

 She was troubled; she wanted to cry her heart out. She didn’t know when she had started loving Arnav; was it before she left for US or after or was it during those years of silence or was it during the night at poolside when she met him after all those years. Or may be it might be during those childhood days when he was her hero; even though she had two doting brothers, she had always felt more secured with Arnav. It was a feeling he generated within her, when he was around nothing would happen to her and he wont allows her to quit smiling. He would go to any lengths to just make her smile and used to give into any of her demands. She had felt like a queen when she could make him do something which all tried and failed. He allowed that privilege only to her, not his mom or Di or anyone, only her. She had no idea when that childhood crush had turned into love. It wasn’t an infatuation, for years when she had not seen him or heard him she still loved him; believed one day he will come for her, come to be her old friend.

With lot of expectations when she got ready to come over for Akash’s ceremony, NK broke the news to her that Arnav is getting engaged to La. Khushi took in a stride, realization often came late to her. She enjoyed the news with all even though her heart suddenly dulled its activity but her outside cheer was intact. She reasoned with her mind a lot and accepted that Arnav might not have thought about her like that or may b he might have forgot about her and their childhood days or may b he loved La very much. That thought had seared her heart but she accepted with a smile and when she met La she couldn’t blame him. But still it hurt somewhere but now her mind was muddled. The realization that Arnav hasn’t forgotten their childhood time; his reason for staying away; the looks he gave sometimes, Sunny’s revealation, and Arnav’s proximity atimes cause havoc in her. Even though she voiced her reasons with NK and denied her love, she couldn’t crush it within her. It was too much pain; the pain of loosing someone you loved your whole life. The feeling of knowing that the person whom you loved is going to be someone else’s or loves someone else is shattering. Especially when its Arnav who treated her like the queen of his life; she had soaked the pillow with her tears by dawn.

Arnav was waiting for Aman, he had given Aman a task and wanted it to be done by morning. He sat by his recliner by the poolside; he could see her swing, slowly moving in breeze while the moon smiled at him. He thought of khushi winking at moon and looked towards her window. She might be sleeping, he thought; he wanted to talk to her, confess something to her. Her expression and the way she called out his name when he kissed her forehead had been a wake up call for him. The story that Mr. Nair told him was still fresh in his mind. He didn’t want to take chances, especially when it comes to her, he cant live without her.  That much he knew and he was ready to face any challenge or obstacles if she was with him. He recalled Di’s story of “sassein ruk jaunga jab tumare pyaar door jate waqt” and smiled; he knows he will never admit to Di but he now believed it to be true. He knew he have to correct certain things, La had talked to him after the party and asked him to break the news of their fake engagement’s fake break-up due to professional reasons to his family as soon as possible and she had given him a meaningful glance when she mentioned Khushi. He smiled recalling of their childhood days, he wanted all those back, he wanted her, god! Why had he been such an idiot? he smiled at the moon, no he is Arnav SIngh Raizada! he will make everything right..soon..he promised!

It was 4 am when Aman had finally got the exact replica of small ghungroo set but bigger in size done. He reached RM and saw Arnav was awake by the poolside looking up at a specific window. Aman smiled when he realized the love this man in front of him holds for a special person. He never thought Arnav was capable of loving a girl; he had always been business or business acquaintance and very less and rare friends. He placed the two sets of ghungroos in front of Arnav; one set was small and old; Aman had a feeling that it belonged to Khushi.

Aman was rewarded with a grateful smile and order to sleep the next 4 hours. Arnav crept noiselessly into Khushi’s room and placed the wooden box near her bedside lamp; he couldn’t see her face; she was turned away from him. He smiled at her sleeping form and left the room as quiet as possible. 

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