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Chapter 27- Sangeet Part 1

Hello Dears!

Everyone will have a dream about their wedding- A fairy tale wedding! Don't they? Well! I have!
 But in real life, I am not sure whether it will happen like I dream. But I love to dream, realities are not going to stop me from dreaming :-)
To be honest, the first scene I watched of Arnav and Khushi was their Teri Meri dance and from then on I was hooked. It was like a fairy tale romantic dance! In fact they made me dream again, they rekindled all those forgotten dreams. Even though in my story, its Akash- Payal wedding, I am not making it any less.  Dream Away! 

The sangeet will have many segments and I am trying to write it in a new way, inspired from my own sister daljeet aka Adhiti. I will be waiting to see you at the sangeet, read and tell me how you felt dancing at Akash-Payal Sangeet! This is just the beginning of Sangeet, the dances are to come..b warned, I am setting the pace of the story very slow, I want to enjoy each and every moment of this wedding..There you go!

The Sangeet ceremony was also to be held outside the big Raizada farmhouse in the gardens. There was a big stage erected in the middle of the garden lawn where the groom sat waiting for his bride along with the guests and his male relatives. None of the females in his family was to be seen. Akash was getting slightly nervous. His senior Bhai’s and junior Bhai was enjoying the talk they were having with their business associates and friends, respectively. Aman who was standing next to him gave him a warm smile to which he responded gratefully. His Jeeju too smiled at him and came near him “Nervous eh kya?” Viren asked the slightly edgy Akash.
 “Hah Jeeju, thoda!” Akash answered honestly
“Lekin Saale Sahib, this is not wedding, its day after tomorrow. Its your sangeet now. If you are this nervous now, then what would your state be when it’s the muhuraat?” Viren teased Akash.
“Oh Jeeju, don’t make me more nervous” Akash pleaded
“Relax Akash! Just close your eyes and recall the moments you spend with Payal and remember that you are going to get a chance for that happiness lifelong. Wedding is just a license to be with your loved one all the time” Viren tried to help Akash relax his nerves.
Akash was grateful to Jeeju and did as he told. He closed his eyes and reminisced all the happy moments he and Payal shared. His eyes opened when he heard his Nani singng an old song which he remembered from his childhood days and the sight which greeted him was one to behold for years to come

A/N: Listen to the song as you read the below lines and try to picturize this dance in your mind. You can add your own imaginations too..

A group of women along with Nani singing while gliding towards the stage and he could see they were hiding his bride behind them…

Navrai majhi laadachi laadaachi ga (my new bride has been brought up with lot of love,)
Avada hila chandraachi chandrachi ga (
She has a liking for the moon..)
Navrai majhi navsaachi navasachi ga (
my new bride was born from God's blessings,)
Apsara jashi indraachi indrachi ga (
She's like an Indra's Apsara to us..)

Sunny loved the scene unfolding in front of his eyes; he winked at NK and he took his guitar along with NK who took his and they started to play. The young generation among the guests encouraging the duo along with the groom’s family while some starting to form a circle to dance.

Akash saw the old women moving aside revealing Adhiti and Anu come out of that gang to his side dancing to the music beats while singing with a teasing look

Adhiti…………………………..Navrai majhi laadachi laadaachi ga
…………………………………….Avada hila chandraachi chandrachi ga

Anu……………………………Navrai majhi navsaachi navasachi ga
………………………………….Apsara jashi indraachi indrachi ga

They remove themselves from his line of vision with a sigh to reveal his darling sisters Khushi and Di on either side of his lady love Payal, they bring payal to the stage while he look into Payal’s shy eyes.

Payal’s Mom came to the couple on the stage, she did a nazzar utharana to her daughter and her future son-in law and sang the rest two lines while Anu’s Mom joined with her singing the next lines while she smiled at Payal and Akash and put a thilak on both of them. Payal was like a daughter to her, just like Anu.

Payal’s mom

Baurai chali sharmaati ghabraati wo (She walks going crazy, shy, feeling embarassed,
Piya ke ghar ithlaati balkhaati wo (
to her beloved's home, in style..)

Anu’s mom

Surmai naina chhalkaati-chhalkati wo(
she goes with her kohl-lined eyes spilling,)
Piya ke ghar bharmaati sakuchaati wo(
to her beloved's home, confused, shy)

Pavan had a big smile on his face and he observed the happy event happening. His eyes were secretly darting towards Adhiti and he could see how well his sister got along with her. Pavan realized something that moment, his sister seemed to be content and happy. The sadness, which she used to hide from him, has completely gone, she was truly at home and he looked towards his right where he saw his little brother truly enjoying and cheering the dance. NK was like sunshine, anyone would smile just seeing him; his boyish charm and innocent look on his happy and handsome face will make anyone happy.

Meanwhile, Arnav’s eyes were only for Khushi. He saw how happy she was with the wedding happening; how much she was enjoying the moments, teasing Akash and Payal; he reflected that he owe her something and decided it was hi-time to confess his feelings. He noted standing next to Khushi was his Di with her cheerful persona, she was bubbling with happiness seeing her younger bro getting married.

He saw Khushi coming next to Akash, put her arm over Akash’s shoulder and with her hand gesturing to Payal’s duppatta and singing the next part of the song, he couldn’t take his eyes off from her; while his Di called Akash’s attention to Payal’s bangles and pointed towards her anklets. That gesture of his Di made Arnav touch the chest pocket of his suit.


Choonar mein iske sitaare (there are stars in her scarf,)
Saare chamkile chamkile chamkile (
all shining bright)


Kangan main iske bahaarein (there are seasons of spring in her bangles,)
Paajeb hariyale hariyale hariyale…(
and her anklets are full of greenery…)

To his big surprise, Arnav saw La joining hands with Sunny and NK and joining on the dance floor. La, in the middle, singing the song in her American Hindi slang style with Nk and Sunny on either side of her dancing with her. He was stunned beyond words; he never saw La so friendly with his family. It was just a hi-bye relationship for her with his family. He had never allowed her to interact much with his family. Hence when he La so cozy with his family that too especially at the end when she was done with her singing, his Nani and Mami came and hugged La and all of them laughed together, he was stunned. When did these joining hands happen? He wondered.


Navrai majhi ladachi-ladachi ga
Avada hila chandrachi-chandrachi ga
Navrai majhi navsachi-navsachi ga
Apsara zashi indrachi indrachi ga ga ga haa

Sunny and NK was stealing the show with their guitar. The crowd clapped for them while the girls danced around them.

It was Daddy dearests turn to sing for their son and daughter.

Payal’s dad took Akash’s hand singing

Payal’s Dad

Suniyo ji isko, rakhiyo jatan se (
listen, please keep her well,)
ye badi naazuk hai, naazuk hai, nazuk (
she's very soft, very tender,)
Kali yeh anmol, kali yeh anmol (
priceless, flower-bud.)

Akash’s dad,ie our Mamaji placed a hand on Payal’s Dad’s shoulder and the elder men shared a sentiment moment hoping a bright and happy future for their children and he pulled the to be married couple to the center of the crowd singing and danced with his patni dearest.


Aao ji aao thumka lagao (
come, come, shake a leg,)
Zara behko ji, behko ji, behko (
go swaying, sway..)
Khushiyon ke baaje dhol (
the drums of joys are playing)

The crowd cleared a space for the 4 goregous ladies to dance for the couple

Khushi sang while gesturing with her little finger of her right hand near her eye with a shy smile

Aankhon mein iske ishaare (there are signs in her eyes,)

While Adhiti danced showing an Rutti attitude step but with a smile imitating Payal when she was angry

Bade nakhrile nakhrile nakhrile (
so stylish, throwing a little tantrum)

While our Di sang about dreams in her usual dreamy way but with lot of happiness for her chotte brother

Sapnon ke laakhon nazaare (
there are sceneries of dreams)

And finally our Anu with lot of happiness for her surrogate Di sang emotionally and came near to Payal and hugged her tightly. They both were so close to each other like any siblings hence the emotions were playing havoc since her sister is getting married.

Saare rangeele rangeele rangeele (
all so colorful)

Nani was so happy to see her family; everyone happy, love everywhere. She walked towards her grandson and his wud b soon wife Payal and blessed them by kissing their forehead while singing and crying happily.


Baurai chali sharmati ghabaati wo
Pia ke ghar ithlaati balkhaati wo
Surmai naina chhalkati-chhalkaati wo
Pia ke ghar bharmaati sakuchaati wo..

Nk, Alexy, La and sunny’s dance and sing with audience. They pull everyone, including Viren, Pavan and Arnav to the dance floor.

Navrai majhi ladachi-ladachi ga
Avada hila chandrachi-chandrachi ga
Navrai majhi navsachi-navsachi ga
Apsara jashi indrachi indrachi ga ha..

The dance is in full swing, Mami was so happy with the music and dance, that she forgot all her grand attitude and danced happily with her husband and niece and nephews for her Son’s happiness. She kissed her son and hugged him.

Pavan and Adhiti were stealing glances at each other while pretending to look somewhere else while Anu and NK were looking and smiling at each other.

Nk gestured with mouth “U ok?” to Anu and Anu just smilingly nodded yes to him.

Sunny was playing his guitar while dancing with La and Alexy.

 Arnav was looking at Khushi who was completely lost in dance and the music. He slowly moved towards her in the crowd and stood in front of her. She suddenly turned dancing, her hand hit his chest as she turned and looked into his eyes with a surprised look. He just smiled at her and took her hand making her walk with him away from the crazy dancing crowd just like last time, but this time he had an aim in his mind.


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