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Dewdrops-Chapter 23

It was when Nani had properly introduced Adhiti, Khushi remembered where she had seen Adhiti. Adhiti had got training in classical dance under Khushi’s dance guru and Khushi had seen Adhiti performing together with her guru at UK. Soon they both started talking about dance passionately. Khushi admitted to Adhiti that she never gave public performance, she just learned dance for her pleasure and now days she danced very rarely. Adhiti encouraged Khushi to consider dance seriously if she is really interested. Nani hearing this interesting conversation was thrilled; she had been a good dancer in her teens and then she remembered how Khushi’s mom and Arnav’s mom used to dance and her eyes misted at those memories. She looked at Khushi who was totally absorbed in Adhiti’s talk and she felt her heart constrict in pain. Only she knew how much this girl held in her heart never expressing when all she wanted to do was express. Anyways the talk about dancing have bought Adhiti and Khushi to a closer level and both felt happy knowing each other and Adhiti invited Khushi to a dance performance she was giving next week.

Meanwhile NK and Anu were standing near to each other but not looking each other or acknowledging each other.
Finally Anu gave up the pretending and turned towards NK with raised eyebrows “What?” she asked in mildly concealed frustration. NK with her easygoing manner was getting on her nerves. She didn’t want to admit to her feelings that she was getting attracted to him. But how can one resist this charming cute guy she wondered in her heart.
 “What?” NK replied in the same questioning manner but then smiled. “You look beautiful when you are riled up!” By the way why are you so angry?”

Anu folded her hands in front of her and stared hard at NK in a “as if you don’t know manner”
“Ok Ok! Well, I am not following you or spying you but my legs seems to take me to the same places where you too is present” NK gave a defending shrug as to convey,  “that’s all my honor”.
“What is it NK? What you want from me? You have been getting on my nerves recently” Anu voiced her frustration but she omitted a part of her dialogue she wanted to say that NK had been ruling her head ever since their meeting and farm trip. She wanted to tell him that she was going mad thinking about him, wondering what he is doing when he is not within her sights and while near her heart was in a strange condition. But she didn’t say all those, kept those for another time and waited for NK to reply.

NK gave her a very sweet smile and replied “I want to know you more, would like to be close friends with you, would like to spend some time with you, you know,  to know you better” Anu was surprised and asked “Why?” NK scratched his head and gave a confused look, he confessed what was in his heart, he didn’t know what would be the outcome of this friendship hence he cant promise anything now but he really wanted to know her and b close to her but if she is asking for a reason what can he tell? He knows girls always wanted to be assured and they needed answers, he has a twin from whom he has learned this fact but guys never used to think much, they just live the moment. This troublesome “Why” always makes him scratch his head. Anyways AKash and Payal who joined them rescued him from this situation and the rest of the evening went happily.

Pavan had been with Khushi talking about his New York life until she slept, he finally tucked her blankets properly and kissed her forehead goodnite and went to check on NK. But in real, Khushi hadn’t slept. Sleep avoided her; she knew her brother would wait until she slept hence she faked sleep. Her mind was exhausted. She always had the habit of thinking a lot, NK’s biggest complaint about her was that, she thinks too much and even sometimes spoil NK’s peace of mind by worrying unnecessarily. But in this case her worry was genuine. She could feel her helplessness. Her heart was breaking all the restrictions she imposed her self-control was going out of her hold.

 She was troubled; she wanted to cry her heart out. She didn’t know when she had started loving Arnav; was it before she left for US or after or was it during those years of silence or was it during the night at poolside when she met him after all those years. Or may be it might be during those childhood days when he was her hero; even though she had two doting brothers, she had always felt more secured with Arnav. It was a feeling he generated within her, when he was around nothing would happen to her and he wont allows her to quit smiling. He would go to any lengths to just make her smile and used to give into any of her demands. She had felt like a queen when she could make him do something which all tried and failed. He allowed that privilege only to her, not his mom or Di or anyone, only her. She had no idea when that childhood crush had turned into love. It wasn’t an infatuation, for years when she had not seen him or heard him she still loved him; believed one day he will come for her, come to be her old friend.

With lot of expectations when she got ready to come over for Akash’s ceremony, NK broke the news to her that Arnav is getting engaged to La. Khushi took in a stride, realization often came late to her. She enjoyed the news with all even though her heart suddenly dulled its activity but her outside cheer was intact. She reasoned with her mind a lot and accepted that Arnav might not have thought about her like that or may b he might have forgot about her and their childhood days or may b he loved La very much. That thought had seared her heart but she accepted with a smile and when she met La she couldn’t blame him. But still it hurt somewhere but now her mind was muddled. The realization that Arnav hasn’t forgotten their childhood time; his reason for staying away; the looks he gave sometimes, Sunny’s revealation, and Arnav’s proximity atimes cause havoc in her. Even though she voiced her reasons with NK and denied her love, she couldn’t crush it within her. It was too much pain; the pain of loosing someone you loved your whole life. The feeling of knowing that the person whom you loved is going to be someone else’s or loves someone else is shattering. Especially when its Arnav who treated her like the queen of his life; she had soaked the pillow with her tears by dawn.

Arnav was waiting for Aman, he had given Aman a task and wanted it to be done by morning. He sat by his recliner by the poolside; he could see her swing, slowly moving in breeze while the moon smiled at him. He thought of khushi winking at moon and looked towards her window. She might be sleeping, he thought; he wanted to talk to her, confess something to her. Her expression and the way she called out his name when he kissed her forehead had been a wake up call for him. The story that Mr. Nair told him was still fresh in his mind. He didn’t want to take chances, especially when it comes to her, he cant live without her.  That much he knew and he was ready to face any challenge or obstacles if she was with him. He recalled Di’s story of “sassein ruk jaunga jab tumare pyaar door jate waqt” and smiled; he knows he will never admit to Di but he now believed it to be true. He knew he have to correct certain things, La had talked to him after the party and asked him to break the news of their fake engagement’s fake break-up due to professional reasons to his family as soon as possible and she had given him a meaningful glance when she mentioned Khushi. He smiled recalling of their childhood days, he wanted all those back, he wanted her, god! Why had he been such an idiot? he smiled at the moon, no he is Arnav SIngh Raizada! he will make everything right..soon..he promised!

It was 4 am when Aman had finally got the exact replica of small ghungroo set but bigger in size done. He reached RM and saw Arnav was awake by the poolside looking up at a specific window. Aman smiled when he realized the love this man in front of him holds for a special person. He never thought Arnav was capable of loving a girl; he had always been business or business acquaintance and very less and rare friends. He placed the two sets of ghungroos in front of Arnav; one set was small and old; Aman had a feeling that it belonged to Khushi.

Aman was rewarded with a grateful smile and order to sleep the next 4 hours. Arnav crept noiselessly into Khushi’s room and placed the wooden box near her bedside lamp; he couldn’t see her face; she was turned away from him. He smiled at her sleeping form and left the room as quiet as possible. 

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  1. awesome update.. Adhiti and Khushi bonding is so good.. art bounds people and it is very true.. you understand each other at a different level..

    Arnav's realisation is cool, now I guess he would do the right thing by breaking off with la and giving some peace to Khushi, so that she can stop feeling guilty of loving someone, who loves someone else

    Anu and NK scene was cute.. NK, the flirt, is all going honest on Anu..

    beautiful update..

  2. it was really interesting.

    adhiti part was done well this time.nk-anu part was cute!yea u hv written very well with an idea abt men's n women psychology!!

    kushi had been dying then from beginning.oh God!dont make her suffer too much.

    n i liked the thot tht u provided thro nani tht arnav's n kushi's mom dancing.tht was really a nice thot.

    n arnav's thots n the gungroo was really good.excellent.i hope kushi performs with adhiti wearing tht gungroo.but did we see the past of the gungroo scene in childhood b4???i dont rem??can u enlighten me???

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    I loved how khushi faked sleep so that pawan would get some rest too! Thats adorable! And I loved the fact how she was trying to figure out when she fell in love with Arnav!
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