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Dewdrops-Chapter 24

Author's Note: This update is dedicated to one of my favorite writer - saucechips. She always makes me lol whenever I read her stories and while attempting to write this update,  i was wondering how she writes humor situations with ease. Truly amazing, hats off to you dear! 

NK moved like a thief without making any noise into Khushi’s room. It was 6 am. Only HP and JP were awake and they were starting to get ready for breakfast preparation. NK woke up Khushi without making much noise and told her to get ready and come to the garage side within 15 minutes. They have to leave before everyone woke up; he then silently proceeded to Akash’s room. In the hurry to get ready, Khushi didn’t notice the wooden box beside her bedside lamp.

Akash was in Switzerland, in snow clad mountains with Payal, enacting their favorite song from DDLJ, tuje deka to hai jaana sanam…when suddenly earthquake happened, he yelled Payal and woke up sending a startled NK back into a near by sofa. It took a moment for Akash to realize that it was NK shaking him to wake up and not earthquake and payal would be sleeping in her bed peacefully. He sighed and looked at NK with a look “you wont give me some peace to dream even”  “Kya hai NK bhai ithni subah subah?” 

“Oh my Akash! Its already past 6 am, we should have left early but I slept off. Khushi and me would be leaving soon to airport. I just wanted to remind you, you know what to do right?”  NK asked in a conspirator voice.

A troubled and scared Akash replied “ yes, but I am afraid of Bhai’s reaction. He would not have expected this early…..” NK cut him off with a broad smile“that’s how we surprises and Sky relax  bro and enjoy, its your wedding man and we are here to entertain you, hence chill!” with a wink and broad smile NK left leaving a very nervous Akash behind.  

 Akash looked at his pillow and mussed “ NO, I don’t think I will be able to sleep a wink with this all this tension, Bhai will skin me alive that’s for sure. I better go to temple with Di and ask Devi mata to protect me from Bhai’s temper” with that thought Akash began his day.

Pavan and Arnav was on Bluetooth while at breakfast table, talking to their respective secretaries about their schedule for the day when Anjali and Nani confiscated their phones. “Di” “Dadi” Pavan and Arnav called out their protest at the same time. Mamaji and Mamiji laughed out seeing the pouting expression on their nephews.
Nani with her full authority answered “you both should learn from my Akash bitwa, look at him, kitna acha ladka hai, (Akash blushed hearing this praise from Nani) khane ke samay u should eat not talk on phone. I will give your phone back once you finish everything on your plate”.
 Pavan smiled at Dadi and started having the breakfast Anjali served him while Arnav having no other go starting eating his toast but his eyes were roaming around the room and he wanted to voice a question luckily Maami voiced the question he had in his mind “Arre, hamari sweethearts kaha hai? Subah hone ka news nahi mila ?”
Maama decided to pull Maami’s legs, with a teasing smile he said“ Kya problem hai tumari eyes ko Manu? Mein yaha hum!”. 

Maami blushed and swatted his hand lightly for embarrassing her in front of family and replied “Mein apke bare me kab pucha? Mein hamari khushi or NK ki bath kar rahi hai!”
 “Yes, even I was also wondering where the trouble makers are” Pavan said with a smile. “Hospital” “Walk” Akash and Di respectively answered in a rush at the same time. Akash swallowed the piece of puri with chewing and looked at Di for support who returned him a I will manage, don’t interfere look.

Arnav had seen the look pass between Akash and Di and he knew the news is not going to be pleasant. “Nahi Akash, aaj those two didn’t go to hospital with Viren, they have gone for their morning walk”.  She then turned to pavan and continued “Woh kya hai na, while Viren was leaving, had told NK that he needed to walk a lot to get his injuries healed soon hence Khushi had taken NK for walk”.
Anjali lied beautifully to all present while Pavan choked on his food. He looked at Anjali with a disbelief look and asked “What? NK and Khushi for a morning walk? You got to be kidding! They both are late birds, never seen such crazy sleepers” he started laughing out loudly.
Nani smiled and replied “Nahi beta, they both have started to get up early and even go to mandir with Anjali, sometimes they go with Viren to his hospital to meet a friend of theirs”.
“Yes, I know about that, Khushi had told me about Mr. Nair and I promised her that I will visit him with her but this morning walk, they haven’t mentioned and I cant believe my kids have become this susheel” he smiled at Nani.

Arnav knew his Di was lying and the relief on Akash’s face confimed his hunch. He cornered Akash while leaving for office and in his no-nonsense sytle questioned him. Before Akash could confess Arnav noticed that Di’s black BMW was missing from garage but its driver was standing next to his driver. Everything fell in place in Arnav’s mind and he turned towards Akash in full fury and asked, “You let her drive? Do you know she is rash driver? How could u be so irresponsible Akash” he nearly screamed at Akash while fear clutched his heart.  Arnav even though he had stayed away from Khushi while she was in US, he was informed about her all happenings and he knew she was a very accident prone person and he also knew she raced car without following any traffic rules when she was totally upset. That last bit of information was provided to him by NK.
“Relax Bhai! NK is with her and she wont drive….” Akash was again cut off second time in the morning because Arnav had already started his car leaving a dejected Akash at the garage.
In his hurry, Arnav had forgotten to ask Akash what was the destination of the twins. He called NK while driving and spoke into his Bluetooth in anger when the call was attended “Where the hell are you NK?” 

Arnav could hear lot of noises in background but couldn’t make out the location “hey Nanav mere bhai! We are almost reaching home now, got a big surprise for u, see you soon! Nk disconnected the call which left Arnav irritated.

The scene which greeted Arnav when he came back to make sure NK and Khushi reached home safely stunned him and his anger skyrocketed. Pavan was leaving for office when Sunny and Alex took him by surprise. A trained kickboxer, PAvan immediately defended himself out of reflex by locking Sunny’s hand behind his back, which made Sunny cry out. “oh Bhai, its me, don’t break my hand”. “Hey, badiya surprise hai, how come you two are here” Pavan asked with a wide smile and rubbed Sunny hand in sorry gesture “wow! Bhai, what a handlock was it, I thought you broke my bone” Sunny exclaimed in awe at Pavan’s martial skill.

“It was a sudden plan bhai, when akash invited us for his wedding, we thought we better join khushi and NK and give the wedding a special glow with fireworks” Alexy replied Pavan with a smile and Pavan was pleased. “Wow, that’s great! Akash mere bhai, beware, you have invited fire crackers!” Pavan joked while Sunny, NK, ALexy and Khushi yelled “Bhai!” and Akash looked like someone who digged his own grave. “Hey! I was just kidding!” Pavan raised his hands in surrender and said “btw, where is Vinay? He is missing from your group”. “Oh! He is still busy with post-wedding rituals and there is a talk about his marriage fixing” sunny answered to Pavan. “Really?” Khushi was happy and excited for his friend, Pavan noticed this enthusiasm and laughed “Why Khushi? You too want to get married?” “Oh no Bhai!” she came to pavan and side hugged him with a smile “I am happy for Vinay, do you know I meet Keerthi, they both are perfect for each other and in very much love”. NK was silent all this while but seeing Khushi’s reaction to Vinay’s news he silently prayed for his sister’s dream and said “yes bhai, its always a happy feeling to see one’s love getting real and being bonded forever”. All eyes were on NK with raised eyebrows. NK didn’t realize he had voiced his thoughts; Pavan recovered from his surprise and said “Really NK? I never knew you had such notions about love”. Alexy and Sunny snorted, Akash looked confused while Khushi had a secretive and silent laugh in her eyes and NK looked sheepish. Anjali came to the group and informed that breakfast was ready. 

She was happy with lot of young people at home, it gave a cheerful atmosphere and with the wedding approaching, Maami and Nani could use the youngers help for planning and making the wedding a memorable event for Akash. “OK guys, take rest and gear up for the wedding, I will get going now. See you later” Pavan said as farewell but turned and in stern manner but with a smile gave his command to the group “listen all of you, behave well! No mischiefs! And Anju please don’t join them, they are hand full of trouble without you joining them”. Anjali rolled her eyes with a disbelief look at Pavan while all laughed at the last part of Pavan’s comment. 
After breakfast and settling Sunny and Alexy at guessroom, Khushi was going to her room taking the bypass route through Arnav’s poolside. She hadn’t seen Arnav earlier at the corridor when Pavan was talking to her friends. She thought he might have left for the office; she had heard NK’s reply to his call earlier but didn’t know he knew about her friend’s arrival or about her driving hence when she was whirled around and hit his chest, she was stunned and the newspaper flew out of her in to the pool. Before she could utter anything Arnav issued his command in soft but serious tone that she didn’t dare to defy “Don’t you dare drive again, this is not UK or US, its India and people here don’t give a damn about the rules and traffic regulations. Hence take a driver when you want to go out, I shouldn’t see you driving. Understood? The order was clear and she couldn’t do anything other than shake her head in agreement. But she didn’t plan to obey him completely. He could read that in her eyes, that resistance and protest was forming into words. He has locked her eyes within his and she couldn’t withdraw from his hold and he didn’t seem to leave her. 

She was going to question him. But as she squirmed in his hold and unintentionally moved her leg back, lost her footing as she was standing on the edge of the pool. This sudden and unexpected movement caused even Arnav to loose his balance since he was drowning in her eyes hence they both landed in the pool with a crash causing Nani and Anjali who was walking near by to run to poolside.

  They both nearly laughed out loudly seeing their Chotte and Khushi completely drenched in the pool and fighting each other saying that
“its your fault” “
no, its your fault”
“you didn’t leave me”
“you made me fall with you”
“why you had to hold me?”
“who told u to stand by the edge of the pool”

Nani and Anjali was highly amused watching this fight, it was Arnav who first noticed that they had audience hence he calmed down and started to climb back from the pool but khushi being khushi wouldn’t stop, seeing Nani and ANjali she started complaining to them “ Dadi, Di, Nanav pushed me to the pool” hearing this lie, Arnav turned to her and said “I didn’t push you, stop lying Khushi. You pulled me to the pool”. Khushi waded through the water and stood before Dadi pushing Arnav out of the way and said “No Dadi, I didn’t pull him, he is the one who is lying. Actually he was angry with me for driving and was scolding me…”

“Enough!”Arnav cut off Khushi, he knew she was trying to get Dadi side with her and lift his ban for her driving. He climbed out of the pool and turned back and extended his hand to her “Come on, climb out of the water!”
Khushi folded her hands and glared at him, “no way! he is not going to get his way” she decided strongly in her mind. Arnav very well knew her this pose, it is when she is determined to get her way. “Look we can talk about it when you are changed” he put mildly but he had no intention to change his decision. Khushi was ready to start her denial when Dadi and Anjali intervened and she had to give up for their sake. She refused Arnav’s hand to help her out telling him that she is not talking with him. Anjali and Nani saw Arnav’s face which gave “not again Khushi” look and they smiled recalling Arnav’s and Khushi’s childhood fights. 

They very well knew their chotte only gave up his fight for Khushi, even now. Because Arnav sighed and agreed “Ok. You can drive….. but…. only when I am there in the car. Heard? No more arguments, go change” he said that and left the poolside before Khushi protested. Khushi wanted to fight but Dadi cooled her off and boosted Khushi’s ego “Chalo! Accha bitiya, atleast he agreed that you could drive, tum ko patha hai na, he doesn’t amend the changes he made but you made him”. Even Anjali patted khushi’s shoulder in appreciation “Dadi teek keha raha hai Khushi, Chotte doesn’t even listen to me these days lekin u made him agree, great, now come on, you will catch cold if you remain in this dress”

It was while drying her hair with towel, she noticed the wooden box near her bed. Curiously she opened the box, it had a pair of ghungroo that looked exactly like her old ones which her mom and arnav’s mom had made for her.

There was also a childhood photo of her dancing with a note in a very dirty handwriting, which could only belong to Arnav “Dance again”. Khushi smiled through her tears.
Photo model: Aali
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    1. Thanks Nici, I really love your comments, it tells me what clicks wit the audience and the way you write about what you liked in each character tells me what u expect from each of them. I think you love NK! only when you pointed out that i changed the flirty NK to a dedicated lover, i noticed it. Thanks!

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