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Dewdrops - Chapter 25

The Raizada ladies were out for wedding shopping with the groom and bride to be along with their parents. Pavan, Arnav and Aman had left for Hyderabad earlier that day for business purpose. 

Sunny was sitting on the swing, Alexy on the recliner by the poolside and NK pacing the poolside while all the 3 pairs of ears was tuned to what Vinay was saying through the iPhone 5 placed on the poolside tea table.
“Its complicated! Knowing Khushi she won’t make a move or confess even if we all beg her for her happiness, you know her, she values others happiness than hers and then ASR from what I heard and saw, he is another complicated specimen like Khushi. I have no idea how he will react” Vinay said stating his conclusion.

NK waited no time in confiding to his best buddies regarding Khushi’s matter. He was not going to sit back and watch his sister giving up her happiness; he knew he had to do something. For that he needed backup. NK knew that his friends have figured out few details during the Coimbatore trip hence he gave the flashbacks and the current scenario. NK wasn’t surprised when Sunny told him that he had already spoken to Khushi regarding Arnav. If anyone could get close to Khushi like NK does, it was Sunny.
Vinay being the one who has real hands on experience in love matters was continuing his conclusions and drawing out solutions “ The other one in this triangle is that model to whom ASR is engaged to. She sounded nice and seemed to be a pleasant kind when I met her during the reception. Its sad but we have no other option other than eliminate her from the scene, then the road is clear”.

“Eliminate her means what?” Alexy asked in a panic tone, his eyes darted towards the phone.
Sunny laughed seeing Alexy’s reaction while NK answered the question “ Not what you thought Alexy, just talk and ask her to opt out”.

“Thanks Guys!” La’s voice floated towards the poolside. All the three heads turned hastily towards the poolside door where La stood facing the three guys with a warm amused smile. La had come for a surprise visit; her main aim was to know whether ASR talked to Di and Khushi about their fake engagement. HP had informed her that all were out for shopping except NK and friends. Since she had met them before, she thought to say a hi to them and had come to the poolside but their interesting talk made her halt near the door.

With a friendly smile she came near the trio while they stood with a guilty face for plotting against her.
“You know something? I really envy Khushi! She is so blessed with such a wonderful brother and great loyal friends” La said with a great admiration.
She turned to Sunny and continued “I noticed your gestures to make ASR jealous during that reception party at Coimbatore and tell you what? You succeeded too. He was damn jealous. Do you know why? She asked them with a secretive smile.
“Because he loves her” she answered happily while all three pairs of eyes looked her with stunned expression.
La looked them with mildly surprised expression, raised her eyebrows and asked “Oh Come on guys! Do you think I am a really dumb model? She rolled her eyes and sighed exasperatedly “Guys! I will share a secret with you. I dunno why you smart people haven’t figured it out, well! Male brain works a bit slow I guess, Anyways, the point is ASR and me are not a couple, we are just friends. ASR needed Di to back off from pestering him with marriage proposals. She was worried for her brother naturally when Akash announced he was in love. Hence he asked me a small help to pretend as his fiancée. We are not involved with each other romantically”. She calmly explained her role in ASR’s life to the three guys standing in front of her with wide eyes and surprised expression.

Sunny and NK had crushed La with their bear hug while Alexy stood aside with a wide smile on his face watching the scene before him.
 “Oh my god! You are a life savior! Sunny breathed out his relief while NK gratefully spoke to La “ La dear! You have no idea, how much I love you this moment! I am so happy!” he shouted his happiness.
“La but something doesn’t add up” Alexy voiced his thoughts
“What?” all three turned towards Alexy while Alexy pondered his thoughts “if you say ASR loves Khushi then why did he ask you to pretend as his fiancée? He could have proposed Khushi. He didn’t do that instead he created this unwanted confusion”.
“Yes, I agree to Alexy” Vinay too voiced his thoughts through the phone “I don’t think it was Di’s persistence to get ASR married which made him ask you for help. I think there is something more to it, NK what do you feel?”

Nk thought for a moment about his friends comments and replied “As far I know Khushi, she always had a soft corner for ASR all through her life.  They were quite inseparable from their childhood days. But then the separation had been hard on her and Naanav stayed away from her for reasons unknown. But he was always in touch with me to know about her and I am certain he missed her like she did. I am sure he was aware of her feelings but when Di had told me about you La, I was surprised and to be honest a bit hurt too to know that he chose you over my siso”.

“I am so sorry NK, I didn’t have any idea about all this” La said apologetically. “I only knew Akash and Pavan from the family because I modeled for AR firm. Knew they were ASR’s cousins. I met Anjali Di only few days before you people arrived. Until then I had no idea about his personal life. It was during our South India trip, I got to know he was concerned about Khushi and even guessed there were more feelings involved and I was right. Sunny’s performance ignited the reactions I wanted and from then I was observing him and I got many clues which confirmed my intuition that he was indeed in love with Khushi. I spoke to him on Akash’s engagement to break off all this fake drama involving me”.
“What?” Alexy asked in surprise
“what did he say?” NK asked anxiously
“You really talked to that lion about calling off?” Sunny’s eyes shone in true admiration for La’s bravery.
“What was his response?” Vinay asked through phone.
The 4 at the same time responses to her statement stunned La; she smiled and answered “Relax guys! He agreed with me to call off our fake affair. I was hoping that he already told everyone. I had specially asked him to do it as soon as possible and specifically let Di and Khushi know ASAP”.

Sunny who was near to La lifted her off her feet and twirled her around in happiness and when he put her down NK gave her another one of his bear hugs while Alexy’s patted her shoulder and smiled radiantly at her. She was really shocked and surprised by this crazy response. NK made her sit in the recliner and went on his knee and holding her hand told her “ Know something La? You did a great favor to all of us. We were very much upset about Khushi. She really loves Arnav a lot, and the only thing that was stopping her from expressing her love I think was that Arnav was committed to you. My sister would never be a cause of pain to someone, she will always give up her happiness for her loved ones and make others happy”.
“Yes La, even when I forced her, challenged her to open up her feelings to ASR, she withheld all her feelings because she didn’t want to hurt you”. Sunny added with a proud smile recalling his friend’s gesture.
La’s eyes welled up with tears “I didn’t know, I never wanted to come in between ASR and Khushi. She is such a sweet girl”.
“Hey, easy now!” Alexy offered her some tissues.
“Ok Guys! Now its time for some action; since we are clear about the whole situation, lets think what shall we do to make the two idiots realize that they love each other?” Sunny urged his friends into a discussion to come up with a plan and before that he added looking at La “And La welcome to our group”. He winked at her making her break into a smile through tears.

The shopping had gone until evening teatime and finally Nani who was exhausted ushered everyone to her favorite five star restaurant. Payal had informed her friends Anu and Adhiti that they were on the way to the restaurant and will meet them from there. Actually Adhiti wanted Khushi to perform with her during Payal’s sangeet. She made the request during the tea and was waiting for Khushi’s response. The Raizada ladies knew dance was something Khushi associated with her mother and it was hard for her to resume dancing. Pavan had mentioned to Dadi that Khushi had continued her dance lessons privately up on his insistence but she rarely danced hence they waited anxiously for Khushi’s reply. Khushi’s initial reaction to Adhiti’s suggestion was denial but then when she saw all the faces surrounding her gloomy she remembered her new set of ghungaroo and The Note! “Ok! I am ready.” She announced and saw instantly all the faces brightening up. “But one condition!”. Khushi cautioned. All eyes were on her and she said her condition with a smile “ Any of my bhais nor my friends, especially Bhai and Nannav should not know about this performance. It should be a surprise! Agreed?”

Coming up : The Mehendi and Sangeet!

A/N: I am not happy with this update. wanted to make it longer and Arshi filled but had to clear up certain things then only I could go ahead with the romance between our lead couple hence this is a filler. I hope you didn't get bored. Kindly bear with me. Those who have requested for Arshi romance, I promise in next update you will get your treat!


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