Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Strange Love - Prologue


Tokyo, Japan

Time : 11.30 pm, December 31st

Khushi yawned and looked up at her clock. It was time, she put aside the papers she was reading, removed her spex and was going to set her laptop aside but then she glanced up the clock once again. With a slow smile she bought back her Mac Air with the laptop stand on to her lap and opened Yahoo Messenger and logged in using a fake id she had created when was a teenager. She wasn’t a person who login to Yahoo chats and talk to strangers but tonight she felt lonely. Her research had been eating her head for sometime and she missed her family. While the whole world was waiting for a new year celebrating, she opted to stay back at her apartment, alone with her research articles. But now since she had put aside her work and was in no mood to continue it she thought why not some fun? She wanted to talk, usually she talked to the walls of her apartment or to the cute teddy bear which was always near her bed stand. Tonite she didn’t want to talk to the materialistic things, she wanted to talk to a person, who was carefree to listen to her rumblings, who wont judge her, who would let her be herself. She went online to yahoo general chat room in her ID “Somemomentsplz”.

New York, US

Time: 10.30 am, December 31st
Arnav was bored; he get easily bored, he always wanted challenges to keep him active and focused. The current project he was working bore him no challenges hence he was irritated with his firm for assigning him for such silly projects. He was planning to talk to his boss for a reassignment. Since it was Christmas and New year time, his boss was with his family on vacation. Most of his team was absent today since they all have taken off to spend sometime with family.  He leaned back in his revolving chair and closed his eyes. He could see his Di’s face and that brought a smile on his face. He knew if he was in India, Anjali Di would have made him help her with her sweet preparations, lighting lot of Diyas, it was her way of celebrating new year. May b they would have gone for a movie or beach. It was the way they celebrated all festivals ever since their parents passed away. He checked his watch and groaned, it would be 8pm in India, Dr. Anjali Raizada might have gone in for her night shift. He missed her, his only family. In frustration he looked at his computer screen,a few seconds later, a slow smile spread his face, he minimized her files in the PC and downloaded Yahoo Messenger, created a fake ID after debating a few seconds for a suitable user name and finally settled on “Strange Love” and logged in to Yahoo Chat room and waited for the General room chat room to load…


  1. interesting prologue...
    btw dis post is visible to me unlike d prev one... :O

  2. its too interesting...
    do continue...