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Chapter 27 - Sangeet 3

NK was the first one to reach the stage and crush Khushi into a bear hug. He smiled through his tears and kissed her forehead and pulled her back from hug holding her shoulders “That was awesome Sisso. You surprised everyone!” 

Khushi too had tears in her eyes, but she smiled and wiped NK’s tears away. Pavan was the next to reach near her; he lifted his both arms as he was nearing her and Khushi ran to those extended arms. She had always felt protected in her brother’s arms; no one could hurt her there and now she needed her brother’s hug very much. Breaking those chains of memories that always held her back from dancing was too much emotional. But she did it! Just for him! 

She looked up from her brother’s chest and found him standing there looking at her; a small smile on his face directed at her while his eyes expressed the immense happiness and the unlimited love she was searching for. She heard her Bhai saying “You danced beautifully Khushi! Mama would have been very proud of you” and he kissed her hair while his eyes glistened with unshed tears. 

Adhiti was seeing this whole exchange between the siblings and she saw Pavan looking at her gratefully. He released Khushi from the hug and walked to Adhiti with Khushi still encased in his left arm. “Adhiti, you were great, I have to say this you are an excellent dancer! And a big thanks to you for making our Khushi dance once again” Pavan said with all sincerity. 

Adhiti could feel Pavan’s hidden emotions almost telepathically, he was thrilled seeing his baby sister dance her and for him also there were lot of emotions involved like Khushi hence she answered compassionately “You don’t owe me any thanks. It’s all Khushi’s. She is a brilliant dancer, we could practice only for a day since it was something last minute decided and she was flawless” Adhiti said with a smile and all honesty because she was amazed by Khushi’s grasping ability and flexibility in dancing. 

Indeed, Khushi was a talented and gifted dancer. The rest of the parivar embraced both the bitiyas and showered them with compliments. While leaving to change the dress, Khushi glanced behind to where Arnav stood but couldn’t see him anywhere.

The competition details were last minute checked by Sunny, Di, La, Dadi. While NK and Alexy were explaining the rules and regulations to the judges (Mama-Mami, Payal’s parents) and participants (Pavan, Arnav). Pavan and Arnav were demanding to know the song before hand. But NK and Alexy gave a “NO” “NO” almost immediately hearing the demand. 

“No way guys! you are asking to destroy the thrill of this game by asking to reveal the surprise. Anyways 2 minutes before your dance time starts you will get to know which song you have to perform” Nk said with finality. 

Alexy continued the rules “One of the partner from each group gets to chose the theme of the song to which you people have to dance. Since Pavan Bhai had the opportunity to choose his partner, Adhiti will get the chance to choose the theme by taking a chit from the theme pot. In ASR’s case, Khushi get to pick the theme, since Anjali Di choose on ASR’s behalf. NK, in your case, you get to choose the theme. As for Sunny and La, I will pick your theme. He winked at Sunny who gave him a “whatever” shrug! Ok guys, so you can pick your themes now and then lets hit the dance floor” Alexy was all set for the party. 

Suddenly Akash who was listening to the whole thing asked “hey, but whats the order? Who goes first?” 

Pavan was all set to give back to his brother for planning this stupid game hence he announced “Since my chotte brother is all excited about this game right from the start” Pavan glanced to Arnav and winked and “let NK open this competition, What say Arnav?” 

Arnav who stifled a smile at Pavan’s wink came up supportingly “Ah! Yes Bhai; for sure! Nk is the best person. Stage is all yours NK!” Arnav said to NK who stood with his mouth open in surprise. 

He recovered soon and straightened, ‘yes he knew his Bhai’s have put him up for this show. ok fine, he will show them!’ he broke from his thoughts and said “Ha! Most certainly Brothers!. If you two are scared to begin, I will do the honors!” he gave shrug and reached to pick the theme for his dance.

Meanwhile, Anu was helping Adhiti and Khushi to change and then she went to fetch them something to drink. While loading a tray with refreshments, she heard a group of girls commenting on NK, which made her hands halt the juice she was pouring into the glass. 

'The girls were commenting on how handsome and cute NK was'. A girl was saying that 'NK had been very close friend of hers, almost boyfriend like'; which made Anu squeeze the juice bottle little tightly. While another girl commented that 'he was going out with one of her cousins who studying in NK’s same college'. Another girl confided in her friends about some 'outrageous gossips' that she had heard about the 'Chotte Raizada'. Anu nearly stomped from there with her tray of refreshments. She was angry with herself for believing that NK was good. ‘I should have know! That a person like NK is all charms and flirt. How did or why did she think that he was all-true and nice’ she berated herself.

 Anu was still in anger when she reached the party grounds. Adhiti had noted Anu’s silent fuming but she didn’t know the reason and she was wise enough to know not to push Anu for the reason when she is mad. Hence Adhiti maintained her silence. When they reached the center, they saw NK picking up the theme for his performance with Anu. 

The theme was read out by Dadi – “Jealousy” and the song was “O Radha” from the recent movie ‘Student of the Year’. 

NK looked up at Anu with his wide smile but frowned noticing Anu’s coolness. ‘She was fine few minutes back, what happened’ he wondered and walked towards her but she went to the opposite end where the DJ stood to play the song. 

Sunny and Alexy patted him on back from either sides wishing goodluck. La gave him her best wishes with a cute smile and a hug. He saw Khushi with his Bhai and they both gave him thumbs up wreathed in smiles! Arnav stood with Aman with a lazy smile and gave him a nod as if wishing luck; Akash and Payal cheered for him. Anjali and Viren announced the official opening of the competition and judges were ready.

 Dadi walked towards NK and told in a whisper “Go and get your girl! Its your chance to tell her” NK stood there with an expression ‘Are you serious Dadi?’. Dadi then gently pushed him to stage.

A/N: Listen to this song- if you want to imagine the some of the steps which i mentioned, check the video.


NK was rechecking his sherwani for the nth time in his nervousness while walking to the stage; in between he was turning to look at the audience and gulped. Suddenly he found that the whole stage darkened and the music slowly beginning to float in the air.

Gopiyon sang ghoome Kanhaiya (Krishna roams around with Gopis,)
Raas rachaiyya, raha na jaye re (
He plays with them, can't stop,)
Ab saanwra na bhaaye re
( Now I don't like him..)

In the dark, audience could spot a girl’s silhouette swaying with the slow lyrics, with her back to the audience. To the end of the slow lyrics, the figure turned and spotlight was turned on to that figure- Anu stood there, in all her pomp and glow of female confidence and her feminine aura.

The tinkling beats started with the chorus singing

Radha on the dance floor
Radha likes to party
Radha likes to move that sexy Radha body

 NK was clean bowled by her fair skin being revealed by barely there sleeveless pink-silver lehnga that she wore. She looked glamorous…”stunning”!!! NK gulped!

Anu saw him gulping and it gave her a satisfaction knowing that she had an affect on him. She looked at him with smugness and enacted the next lines of the song with extra supporting dancers on stage (dance steps same as in the song; I loved that choreography; it was stylish in the movie!) She teased him with her mischievous eyes, hand movements, and swaying her whole body and giving into the dance; at the same time lip sync the lyrics

Panghat pe aake saiyyaan, marode baiyyaan (My beloved comes to the well, twists my wrist,)
And everybody blames it on Radha
Chhede hai hamka daiyya, bairi Kanhaiyya (
He troubles me, that Krishna my enemy,)
And everybody blames it on Radha

She teased him by showing off her backless choli by turning behind and dancing. She glanced NK over her shoulders, singing the lyrics

Hoga woh lakhon dil ka chor (He might be a thief of a thousand hearts,)
Hamka to laage bore (
but I think he's a bore,)

Now, NK was a Raizada!! And he was here to irritate his girl with jealousy, would he leave a chance to rile her up? When he loved to see her flushed angry face? He jumped onto the dance floor with a smirk near to her with enthusiasm and danced with a mocking expression singing the lyrics and literally implying it with his actions and dhumka.

O Radha teri chunri (O Radha your scarf,)
O Radha tera Chhalla (
O Radha your ring,)
O Radha teri natkhat nazariya (
O Radha your naughty sight..)
O Radha tera jhumka (
O Radha your ear-rings,)
O Radha tera thumka (
O Radha your jerky dance steps,)
O peechhe peechhe saari nagariya (
The entire town's behind you..)

Radha on the dance floor..

During the music beats, Anu and NK got down from the stage into the audience with the fellow dancers. All moved to provide ample space for them to dance. Khushi, Pavan and all were encouraging this charming duo. But in between Khushi’s eyes were clashing with Arnav’s who keeps looking at her openly. Nani smiled whole-heartedly! NK’s was a brilliant idea and she prayed to devi maiyya for all her kids.

Anu continues to tease NK with the lyrics, her smug look and alluring dance steps.

Maathe pe pankh mor (There is peacock feather on his forehead,)
Kehte hain makhan chor (
he's called butter thief..)
Bajaaye baansuri
(He plays the flute,)
Bada aaya chit chor
(thinks of him as some big heart stealer..)
But Radha wants more

NK couldn’t stop himself from smirking. He couldn’t believe that he could smirk like Pavan Bhai or Nannav. But this girl! He shook his head unbelievingly with a smile and looked at Anu This girl is who he needed in his life, for sure!. He smiled his signature cute smile at her while listening to her singing

Dhoondhoongi chaaron ore (I'll look everywhere,)
Milega koi aur
(I'll find someone else..)

NK folded his hands in front of his chest with a look “Really?”

Doongi main haathon mein
(I'll give him,)
Mere dil ki ye dor
(My heart's strings) ..
'cause Radha wants more

Anu singing these lyrics moved to Sunny who was standing along with La and Alexy. Anu suddenly pulled Sunny to the dance floor and attuned herself to him. Khushi raised her eyebrows in surprise at this juncture, Arnav was still looking at Khushi’s expression while Mami whistled. Nani and Anjali laughed with surprise while Payal and Akash looked at each other with a really? expression with a smile. La and Alexy started laughing at Sunny’s and NK’s expression. Pavan cheered his brother from crowd with laughter.Arnav was calm with his usual smrik.

Sunny gave a million dollar expression at Anu during the ‘Radha wants more’ line and her challenging look to NK. Sunny knew he was caught into this mess and NK would take his life out of him tonight “Mar gaya!” he thought and gulped.

But NK contrarily smirked enjoying every bit of Anu’s actions and then started dancing and literally singing the next lyrics to Anu’s face like a whip with his confidence stance, challenging eyes and smirk. (After all he was khushi’s twin .wink!) He literally took this opportunity like his Dadi said to tell Anu blatantly that “He was her Man or the Krishna for her”.

O Radha Radha bholi deewani hai (O Radha Radha is an innocent mad one,)
O Radha Radha do pal jawani hai
(Radha, it's two moments of youth,)
O Radha ko sambhaalo
(Someone control Radha)
Koi ise bata do (
Someone tell her,)
ki milega na koi saanwariya
(That there will be no other dear (like Krishna)..)

Anu moved away from NK with her proud bearings. Suddenly the lights changed to green and music slightly took a dip and rise, Anu turned around to see what happened. There was NK, walking to her in all manly grace but stopped abruptly with girls drooling over him at his back and started to dance frivolously. Mami whistled again, while Mama sitting next to her covered her ears shaking his head smiling at his wife’s antics.

 Anu looked on with the challenge look on her face; but enjoyed NK’s dance, secretly. NK advanced to her and sings the next lyrics to her moving a lazy finger over her cheekbones, holding her closer to him, twirling her around, still not leaving her and tenderly teasing with these lyrics

O Radha teri chunri..

Hey Radha Radha kaahe itna guroor bhala
(O Radha, why so much Pride?)
Chhodo bhi nakhre ye kaisi ada
(Leaves your tantrums, what's the style in that)
Toone kya socha ik tu hi mashhoor yahan
(Did you think only are famous here)

He moved from her back, not leaving her eyes and pulled La out from the crowd and twirled her around for a dance step singing that he had a lot of gopis. La had a wide knowing smile on her face, there was definitely more than one love story going on, she mussed.

Laakhon hain gopiyaan bhi hum pe fida (There are lacs of gopis dying on me,)
Ho saari hi duniya ye maani hai
(The whole world has now admitted)
Shuru hum se teri kahaani hai
(The whole story begins with me only,)
O rehne de re kanha
(O leave, dear Krishna,)
Bhoolega tu sataana
(You'll never trouble me,)
Jo giroongi main ban ke bijuria
, (once when I fall on you like electricity..)

The drumbeats started and the music and dance charged to another level. Sunny pulled Khushi from Pavan’s side and took her to the stage along with Akash walking Payal with him to the stage. Nani pushed Anjali and Viren to join the couples on stage while Mami dragged Mama to join NK- La on stage. Nani then took Adhiti and Pavan with her to stage in spite of their protests.

 Sunny came to NK’s side and gave him a special bear hug and shared an eye-lock silently while NK gave him a secret smile and winked. The gents took one side of the stage while the ladies took the other side with Anu and encouraged Anu for a step. But Anu stood her ground with an unreadable yet calm posture. All danced to their lives best.

Amidst all the music and dance NK came slowly to a still seeing Anu’s face, which wasn’t revealing anything from her calm exterior. But NK could gauge a jealousy mingled with amusement reaction from her upright posture and our darling NK smirked realizing that he DID rile her up.

All clapped and cheered for NK and Anu as the song ended while Anu stood there nonchalantly clapping not leaving the eye lock with NK.

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A/N: I love to acknowledge daljeet(IF)/ranianjali(myeduniya)/Adhiti who helped me to write the song part. The myeduniya readers will know her specialty in choreography through her stories. Its always a tough job to write a song scene, lot of imagination involved there! hence if you loved the NK-Anu dance, the credit is to Adhiti! Its her imagination! And there is more to come..hence stay tuned...let us know your reviews; it helps to improve the writing.

Some have asked me whether I could change "Dewdrops" to wordpress blog, unfortunately, Ican't do so at present; Dewdrops will b continued in this blog for time being. But the other FF "Strange Love" will be continued in IF as well as blog. Thanks!


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