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Chapter 27 Sangeet - 6

Nani was the first one to clap, her slow clap broke Arnav’s and Khushi’s trance. Khushi looked towards the audience and realized that she and Arnav was not alone, that they were in middle of a dance floor and that they were to dance for a competition. Arnav saw Khushi’s eyes widening as realization dawned on her. But he didn’t mind the crowd nor didn't bother about the competition. He did what he wanted – conveyed to her that he was all hers and she belonged to him. He was happy that she too shares the same feelings; they didn’t need words even when they were small kids or now when they are adults to express their feelings. No one can dampen his spirit now. One more thing was remaining to do and he wished to do that as soon as possible. May be tonight!

As Khushi and Arnav moved towards the front of the stage, audience remembered that the dance is over and they followed Nani’s suit; applauded the couple for their brilliant performance.  Nani took Khushi in a warm embrace and kissed her forehead while NK gave her a bear hug from behind. They just looked at each other with a smile. No words were needed between these siblings too; they could read each other’s happiness. “What a performance Khushi? You and Arnav set the stage on fire” Sunny complimented her while La and Khushi exchanged a silent wholehearted smile. Arnav was surprised when Anjali suddenly hugged him “Di!” he exclaimed while Anjali gave a small pat on his chest and said “I am so happy for you Chotey!” Khushi saw Pavan on phone, he gave her a thumbs up with a smile but continued his call and walked away from the crowd towards the other side making her wonder ‘where is bhaiyya going’.

 Now it was time for the final dance. Sunny and La got onto the stage. It was sunny’s turn to pick up the theme. Mamaji announced the theme as – “Disco song” and the song was “Disco Deewane” from the movie “Student of the Year”.

Before the dance began Sunny took the mike from Alexy and spoke “Dear friends and family, I am extremely happy to be here today for our dears Akash and Payl. Akash mere bhai, what should I say? You are a wonderful soul! As you move to a new phase of life with your beautiful lady love by your side; I wish you both all love and happiness in the world”.

As he walked back to La, he saw her smiling. For a moment he stood dazed looking at her as the lights dimmed. There was something about her…

As the stage dimmed to a sky-blue shade, the song echoed Sunny’s thoughts

There's something about tonight
Something very special
Something about the way you move that thing
Something very special

Sunny gave La a bow and moved easily with the other male team dancers in stylish dances poses voicing the lines and then walked towards La singing –

Something about the way you are looking at me
Something very special
Circling her, he moved his index finger along her cheekbones when he reached in front of her while she looked him in his eyes.

There's something about tonight
Something very special

They both stood looking at each other for a moment – both forgetting to breath for a moment.

La was in a blue fish-cut end slit lehenga n a blue choli with straps only. As Sunny stood lost looking at her, she suddenly turned to face the audience with a bright confident smile; sending her hair twirling in the force and swooshing Sunny’s face stunning him. Her eyes sparkling, she provided a stylish and glamorous pose and walked away from him dancing to the beats.
Alexy threw Sunny a basketball; twirling it in his hand, without even glancing towards La’s side he bounced the ball once on the ground hard and moved in all masculine charm with his male dancers following him to the music beats.

There's something about tonight
Something very special

As the ball bounced away from the stage La walked towards him as if she was on ramp, confidently but with a mischief smile on her face while sunny casually tied a headband on his forehead all the while looking cool.

Both of them came to the centre of the stage and looked at each other challengingly.

Something about the way you move that thing
Something very special

Sunny lifted his both hands in surrender and moved to give La a handshake as a peace offering (as to say truce). La looked at him for a moment, debating with herself what to do then as she was about to take his hand he withdrew his hand cleverly n casually ruffled his hair and walked away. La stood looking at his retreating back with an stunned angry expression.

Alexy and NK howled n whistled for him. Anjali and Viren laughed. Sunny winked at them and turned to look at La with a smug smile.

Something about the way you are looking at me
Something very special

Suddenly the smile vanished from his face when he noted that La was just behind him and now she was poking him on chest. On a reflex action, he looked down where she was pointing.

There's something about tonight
Something very special

It was La’s turn to smile smugly. She took his momentary distraction as tit-for-tat and mockingly moved her fingertip upwards to his nose and gave a kiss in air to his shocked and mortified expression and walked away.

Alexy and NK were now howling with laughter at Sunny while Khushi too joined them with a helpless shrug at Sunny. Pavan was watching this scene from far and he saw his twin siblings’ laughter and also he saw La and Sunny’s cool attitude towards each other. There was something worrying his mind, he couldn’t put a finger on it.

Here we go

Sunny was dancing frivolously in style while singing---

Saari ki saari duniya bhula ke Main toh tere naal nachna (I will forget the whole world and dance with you)

His dance team echoed his thoughts

Baby you so sexy

La with the group of female dancers moved her body in elegant and graceful steps singing the lyrics.

Boy you could be my one and only
Main toh tere naal nachna (I will dance with you)

Sunny reached La and pulled her into him and they both swayed, she was tucked in his arms, they both looked at each other

And then I see you lookin' at me
Aaja baat kar le dil ki (Come and speak what's in your heart)
Hone lagenge afsaane (A tale shall start)

Sunny n la pulled back suddenly and they together mouthed the lyrics n did the signature step for disco deewane (as in song) along with the audience and NK, Alexy, Khushi, Anu, Adhiti, Anjali, Akash, Payal, Nani, Mami all cheering them while their eyes automatically sought after each other.

You know it so sing it
Now throw your hands up and say

Disco deewane aha…. Aha….
Disco deewane aha…. Aha…..

Crazy about disco

Sunny’s charms were having great effect on lady audience as he waves and dances among them; they were drooling over him.

Nasheele hai raat (The night is intoxicated)
Do haathon mein haath (Give your hand in mine)
Naachein gaayein saath (Let's dance and sing together)

While La stood on the stage looking haughtily at Sunny and did the signature steps of the song while Sunny joins her back on stage.

Disco deewane aha… aha…

La and Sunny dancing to the beats in their style, outdoing each other at the beginning of the music. Sunny then jumps and twirls his left leg in air and stands with his weight fully on one hand and legs thrown in the air in a swift moment. La doing seductively stylish steps. The audience cheers them with their whistles and howls.

There's something about tonight
Something very special
Something about the way you move that thing
Something very special

Something about the way you are looking at me
Something very special
There's something about tonight
Something very special

During the Music part, on the stage

Sunny and La come together in stylish steps; they did waltzing and twisting then suddenly Sunny pulled La towards him and pushed her back and left the hold on her hand. The audience gasped thinking La was going to fall; but Sunny caught her before she touched the dance floor ground. He pulled her up in a swift moment and steadied a shocked La. While she was slightly surprised, Sunny just smirked at her in his handsome way making her breathless. He pulled away from her, walking backwards his smirk turned into a handsome smile.

At the same time, among the audience

 Pavan needed time to gather his thoughts; this crowd, the music was not helping him. The fake smile he plastered on his face was painful. He moved away to the gazebo at the other end of the lawn inside the small garden. Adhiti saw Pavan walking away to the garden at the other end. She debated for a few moments and then moved back from the cheering crowd, slowly disappearing into the garden.

Back to stage

Sunny started emoting the next lines in his cute style – teasing La mercilessly through the words of the song----

Hoo hai na mujh pe nazar teri (You are eying me)

La brushes off his teasing through cute steps and pout singing---

Aankhon hi aankhon mein baatein hoti hain (Talks take place through eyes)

Sunny laughs and takes her in his arms singing---

Aaja baahon mein aa meri (Come in my arms)

As a reply to him, La sways with him singing----

Aise hi toh raatein shuru hoti hain (This is how nights start)

They dance together in sync; all the while, looking in each other’s eyes singing----

Kabhi kabhi pal do pal mein yun (In a moment or two)
Aisi waisi baatein hoti hain (Sometimes incidents take place)
Yunhi mulakaaton mein mil jaate hain zamaane (You get world in such meetings)

During these lyrics, La get lost in her thoughts and Sunny snaps his fingers in front of her bringing her back to reality as the song background goes “Disco Deewane”.

He gives her a raised eyebrow look as if asking, “what happened?” She just shakes her head, smiles and blinks her eyes at him and he returned one of his cute smiles as if asking “really?”. (“You know it so sing it; Now throw your hands up and say” background)

Alexy, NK, Khushi, Anu, Mami, Anjali, Viren, Nani and Mamji joins Sunny and La on stage and they all do the disco deewane signature step.

Disco deewane aha… aha…
Disco deewane aha… aha….

Nasheele hai raat (The night is intoxicated)
Do haathon mein haath (Give your hand in mine)
Naachein gaayein saath (Let's dance and sing together)

Disco deewane aha… aha…
Disco deewane aha… aha…

Sunny dances ferociously, La too dances equally and in matching tone, giving a competition to Sunny with easy moves and experienced strides. Her style aura and elegance helping her like in her name ’La van aya’ to the music beats during the ---

Dis dis ds music beats

At the same time

Khushi saw Arnav looking at her intently as if asking her to come with him with his eyes. He then started to walk away to the house; Khushi looked around her and saw that now Nani, NK, Di and Viren and all others are on stage cheering La and Sunny competing with each other through their dance steps and music and dance gala was on full swing. She slowly moved out of the stage and took the path through which Arnav disappeared a few minutes before.

Scene shifts to farmhouse interiors

Music off

Khushi walked in to the deserted house (all were in the big garden, gathered around the stage) Khushi saw Aman; he just gestured her to the library without words. Arnav was standing near the fireplace looking into it. He didn't turn when she walked in but spoke to her in a soft tone “Khushi, open the first drawer on the right side of my desk” Khushi walked slowly to the desk glancing at Arnav’s profile and curiously she opened the drawer and found a set of diaries. She was sitting on his chair behind the desk, now she looked at him as if asking him what to do. He was still facing the fireplace and his back was to her. “Go on, open those diaries; those are for you, he urged her to go through the contents. Surprised, she opened one of them it was a 5-year-old diary.

For a few minutes, there was only silence then he heard her sobbing If there was something that Arnav Singh Raizada couldn't bear, it was his Khushi’s tears. He kneeled down next to her and saw big fat tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Khushi” he said in an anguished whisper, “Shhhhhhh…..” he tried to hush her, cupping her face he wiped her tears with his thumbs, while she looked in to his eyes.

“Arnav, I …”


She threw herself onto him, her hands going around his neck. Her face near his neck and his hands patting her hair and back.

 After a few minutes he lifted her along with him. She still clung on him, her face resting on his chest. She was enclosed in his strong arms while he tried to hush her tears. She could hear his heartbeats very clearly. She couldn't stop her tears, all these years when he stayed away from her, he too have felt the same pain she felt.

 Even though Arnav Singh Raizada was a man of few words, he had written in his dairy every day of these past years about the pain of missing his heartbeat – “her”. He had also mentioned about all the silly small things and even about his big achievements, which he wanted to share with her that moment but unable to do then. Hence he had made a note of all those for her. He hadn’t planned to give her those today but suddenly he wanted to tell her how he had felt all these years without her. Earlier today evening when she had blurted out about her pain and love she had for him, he knew it was time to open up his feelings. He could no longer hold it back from her.

At the same time, at the gazebo in the enclosed garden

Pavan was trying to decipher his emotions. Until today, he had never noticed that his Khushi was no longer his baby but a grown up woman. Of course, she might have changed physically but to him she was always a baby. More than NK, he was concerned about her. When people approached him with alliances for her, he always brushed them away saying she is still a child. Of course, recently when a good proposal came, he couldn't say no; instead he said he would consider and get back. So far he hadn’t discussed it with Nani nor got back; he was trying to stall it but today her dance performance with Arnav left no doubt in his mind – “Its time for her to get married”. He felt a presence behind him and turned to see Adhiti standing at the steps bit hesitantly. He was surprised but gave her a small smile. Adhiti was slightly nervous; she had no idea why she decided to follow Pavan. But he seemed to take her presence as a natural and welcomed her with a warm smile.
“I was gathering my thoughts” Pavan answered her silent question

“I hope I didn't intrude” Adhiti spoke as she felt now that she did intrude his personal space

“Nope! Btw, I did want to thank you personally for making my Khushi wear her ghungaroo again” Pavan thanked her sincerely.

“You don’t need to thank me. I had no part in it. It was Khushi’s decision”.

Pavan just smiled and spoke “She is a big girl now right? No more my little baby”.

Adhiti just smiled in understanding; here she was witnessing a brother coming in terms with reality.

 Back to the  Stage

Music on-

Sunny was standing near by a stage pole enjoying the song and dancing, earning wide approval from the audience.

La has joined the ladies among the audience and was shaking her leg with them. Sunny moves swiftly to front of the stage dancing and then falls into the waiting arms of NK, Alexy and few other guys near the stage and get down from their arms, shakes a leg with them.

He then catches La’s left arm as she crosses him and he pulls her close to him singing

Khel ja raaton ka khel yeh thodi der (Play the game of night for some time)

La moves closer to him and replies back seductively singing and then tries to push him back----

Jhoom ja baahon mein tu Aake aa meri thodi der (Come and dance in my arms for some time)

Sunny doesn't let go of her, holds her closer and sings back----

Naazron se hi main aha Tujhko samjhadunga aha (I shall explain you through eyes)

La gives him ‘Oh really look’ and replies----

Raat baaki hai saari (Still a little night remains)
Hosh udha de bas thodi der (We have lost senses just for some time)

She pulls away from him, looking at him dances while she sings and walk back to the stage

Dance like deewana tonight (Dance like crazy tonight)
Move like mastana tonight (Move like a carefree)
Party like parwana tonight (Party like a butterfly)
Jo kehna hai keh de (Say whatever you want to)

He smiles in reply and watches her on stage.

You gotta do the DISCO
When everybody knows where we gonna go
Hotey hotey milte hain mil jaate hain bahaane (You find an excuse on the way)

As Sunny goes back on stage to say whatever he wanted to La, NK and Alexy who had pulled Akash and Viren with them pushed Sunny back and they took over the stage. A very hilarious move; causing the audience to burst into laughter.

La dances to the signature move along with NK, Alexy, Akash, Viren on her either sides.

You know it so sing it
Now throw your hands up and say
Disco deewane aha… aha…

Sunny on his spot does the signature step with his team backing him with claps and cheers

Hoo disco deewane aha… aha…

He moves back to the stage, pulls La onto him and dances closely. Both of them moves forward to the stage dancing

Nasheele hai raat (The night is intoxicated)
Do haathon mein haath (Give your hand in mine)
Naachein gaayein saath (Let's dance and sing together)

Clap music

In the library at the same time

Music - On

Ishq wala love ishq wala love ishq wala love; Surkh wala soz wala faiz wala love (True love, Deep love, passionate love; Love which is more than love)

Khushi lifts her head from Arnav’s chest and looks into his eyes. Their eyes silently communicating; asking forgiveness for the lost time and promising to make up for that loss by living a future together.  They both were lost looking at each other. Slowly Arnav’s gaze moves down towards her lips. She saw his gaze and suddenly felt her breath catch. 

As to seal his promise, he leans forward to her face and she closes her eyes as he bend down to claim her lips. Their bottled up emotions finally found a way out and their yearning for each other finally gets fulfilled and they sealed their promise with this passionate kiss (a passionate moment)

In the Gazebo

Music – On

Ishq wala love ishq wala love ishq wala love; Surkh wala soz wala faiz wala love (True love, Deep love, passionate love; Love which is more than love)

Adhiti comes to Pavan’s side. He is not only a brother to Khushi. He is her Dad, her mom, her brother, and her friend. When a parent realizes that his/her, daughter/son is no longer a child, the realization takes time to sink in. Along with those realizations, the new responsibilities come up where he/she got to decide for the future of their child. One mistake on their part can destroy their child. Pavan knew the very huge responsibility, which lay ahead of him - choosing the best for Khushi, is going to be tough. He knows her but he has to take the best interests for her here. Adhiti even though couldn’t understand completely about his inner turmoil; she just walked up to him and placed her hand on his shoulder in understanding. He tilted his head and acknowledged her support. Both of them share an eyelock; gratitude is passed and felt in that one moment and then both of them stood looking at the far away sangeet crowd in companiable silence( a  mature moment).

On the dance floor – left side

Music – On

Ishq wala love ishq wala love ishq wala love; Surkh wala soz wala faiz wala love (True love, Deep love, passionate love; Love which is more than love)

While dancing and twirling Anu and NK come face to face on the stage. Anu’s smiling face suddenly froze and she gave NK a cool look and starts to turn away. But NK holds her hand and circles his index finger over her face in air and gives a thumps up appreciating her beauty. She does the same the same gesture with her hand with a fake smile but shows a thumps down, implying she didn’t like him and pulls away from his hold and continues to dance with others while NK chuckles at her haughtiness (a romantic moment)

On the dance floor - right side,

Music – On

Ishq wala love ishq wala love ishq wala love; Surkh wala soz wala faiz wala love (True love, Deep love, passionate love; Love which is more than love)

While dancing Sunny and La comes crashing on each other; Sunny holds her waist, steadying her (both of them were like in almost hug position). A moment of silence passes between them. Sunny’s eyes darken and La realizes it. Not even realizing what he was doing, he moves forward and pecked La’s lips. La was shocked and so was Sunny and so was Nani who almost had a cardiac arrest at the unexpected love pair and their spontaneous kiss. Luckily no one else noticed this; only Nani saw their moment and turned her face away smiling mischievously.

On the stage, in the middle of the crowd

Music – On

Ishq wala love ishq wala love ishq wala love; Surkh wala soz wala faiz wala love (True love, Deep love, passionate love; Love which is more than love)

Akash and Payal comes face to face. Akash kneels and ask for her hand dramatically, Payal raises her eyebrows and the smilingly gives her hand. Akash stood up and then twirls her and pulls her for a close dance.

In the stage background

Music – On

Anjali and Viren who stood in the background swayed together to this music with their foreheads touching and lost in their own world.

Music beats back

Sunny let go of La and La too moved back in a reflex. Both of them embarrassed due to their private moment and lack of control. They couldn’t look at each other but eyes kept colliding. Sunny pulled his collar in restlessness. La turned away.

There's something about tonight
Something very special
Something about the way you move that thing
Something very special

NK and Alexy pulled Sunny from back not knowing all this and Sunny moved with them but kept on turning to look at La. La adjusted her hair looked around and sighed in relief, all were busy dancing, hoping that no one saw their impulsive kiss she moved away and disappeared from the stage. Sunny kept on looking for her, feeling unsurely at the sudden loss.

Something about the way you are looking at me
Something very special
There's something about tonight
Something very special

A/N: End of Sangeet…Hope you all enjoyed with the unexpected twists and dance, songs! Now the story is going forward…stay tuned! I thank each and everyone who reads this story and appreciates the effort taken to write this romantic tale! I express my sincere gratitude to Daljeet/Adhiti/Ranjanjali for motivating me to do Sangeet like a real sangeet and her contribution to the dance parts. I share the dance part credits with her since its her imagination, her steps which each character of this story performed!

I look forward to hear your reviews…and the long due; talk between Mr.Nair and Arnav will be told soon…

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Chapter 27 Sangeet - 5

Yes, the most awaited dance. Anjali, Sunny, NK, La, Nani were holding their breaths’ as Alexy announced the next pair – Arnav and Khushi. They saw Arnav waiting for Khushi at the steps, which lead to the stage. He held out his hand for her when she reached near him. She looked into his eyes and saw the gentle smile which he usual reserves for her. She placed her hand in his still looking at him and then walked with him to the stage. 

Viren held out the pot for her to choose the team of their dance. Khushi picked one and passed it to Mami who announced the theme – “ Love” which earned so many cheers from the audience and the song was – Jab Tak Hai Jaan title song.

The stage was getting ready, light settings were being tested and in that semi-darkness Arnav walked towards Khushi and stood in front of her


She had heard him approaching and her heart was thundering in her chest. When he called out to her she looked up, into his eyes and there it was – his eyes conveyed everything that he couldn't voice. Both stood there looking at each other, an intense eye-lock, their unspoken emotions and feelings being expressed freely through their eyes. 

Finally as the piano music started, Arnav took her hands in his and said “My answer to your question (Why Arnav? Why?) is this Khushi” – with that Arnav bought her hand to his heart while the song played its first verses 

A/N: Strong recommendation to play the song as you read the below


Tumse hi jeete rahe (I kept living from you)

tumpe hi marte rahe,
(I kept dying on you)

jab tak hai jaan..
(as long as there is life..)

Khushi’s eyes were still locked with Arnav’s and she could feel all his hidden love for her. 

The audience was staring at the pair on stage in surprise wondering why they didn't start dancing. Pavan suddenly felt an unknown fear gripping his insides as he looked on his sister and cousin on stage while the other family members waited with bated breath.

As the song went on,

tumse do lafzon mein, (To you, in two words,)

tumse ye kehna tha..
(To you, I have to say,)

Arnav pulled Khushi closer to him and started walking in a circle around her singing

tumse hi mohabbat thi, (You are the one I always loved,)

tumse hi mohabbat hai,
(You're the one I love..)

Suddenly when he reached her back, he pulled her on to him so that her back hits his front and he waltz her slowly in that position singing 

tumse kehna hai, yoon rehna hai,
(I have to say, I have to live like this,)

In a very sensual manner, his right palm casually rubbed over her tummy causing goose bumps to erupt on her skin.

 She immediately catches his hand, her face flushed and lost in the moment.
 He takes her hand and runs it over his right side of the face singing 

jab tak hai jaan..
(as long as I live..)

NK, Sunny, Alexy, La and Anjali were standing stunned, but their eyes were shining. Nani had tears in eyes. Adhiti, Anu, Payal were enjoying this love song and the slow passionate dance. Akash was frowning. Viren, Aman, Mami and Mamaji had a knowing smile on their face. While Pavan was feeling slightly disturbed?

Arnav turned Khushi towards him and he then lifted her up in his arms and rotated in a circle singing the lyrics slowly while Khushi held on to his shoulders. Both still in eye-lock.

teri aankhon ke sajde mein (In prayer to your eyes)

rehna palkon ke parde mein (
I have to live hidden, (lit: under curtains))

jab tak hai jab tak hai jaan
(long as I live, long as I live..)

He allowed her to glide down along his body while stressing the words ‘jab tak hai jaan’

Khushi tries to moves away but he holds on to her hand making her look back at him.

 When she finally looks at him, he gave a tugged her hand pulling her closer into his arms. As she tries to shy away again he holds her hand and twirls her. Sitting on his one knee, he catches her waist from behind as she comes crashing into him after the twirl.

He then stands up and brings her hands around his neck and as he takes her in a hug, he sings

teri baahon ki narmi mein, (in the softness of your arms,)
saanson ki garmi mein,
(in the heat of your breaths,)
jab tak hai jab tak hai jaan
(long as I live, long as I live.)

Khushi rest her head above his wildly beating heart and closed her eyes. There she found the peace that she had been searching for.  Arnav’s hands moved over lower back bringing her more closely into him if possible. He touched her right cheek with his nose while singing and khushi breath hitched. 

Suddenly realizing what he was doing he leaves her slowly singing the lyrics and turns his back to her trying to control his raging heart as the piano music takes a dip

Khushi was in a trance till then. The female lyrics had started to play in the background. She noticed Arnav moving away from her as the lyrics continued.

tumse do lafzon mein, (To you, in two words,)

tumse ye kehna tha..
(To you, I have to say,)

Khushi’s heart sang the next lines of the lyrics and Arnav as if he heard them turned to her slowly.

tumse hi mohabbat thi, (You are the one I always loved,)

tumse hi mohabbat hai,
(You're the one I love..)

The stood slightly apart with their eyes locked and slowly they bridged the gap between them and embraced each other. 
tumse kehna hai, yoon rehna hai, (I have to say, I have to live like this,)

Both looked into each other’s eyes with a small happy smile – ‘Yes! They both realized that they are destined to be together. Neither can survive alone again’

jab tak hai jaan..
(as long as I live..)

Khushi then started singing her next lines with a teasing smile nudging Arnav’s right cheek with her ring finger and grazing it over his cheekbone. 

raatein jaagenge raaton mein, (we'll wake for nights, all nights)
teri bemaani baaton mein, (in your useless talks)

Arnav holds her hand and kisses her fingertips singing “Jab tak hai jab tak hai jaan”

kori kori shaamon mein, (in free, untouched evenings)

gungunaaye kaano mein,
(someone will whisper into my ears,)

jab tak hai jab tak hai jaan
(long as I live, long as I live..)

Khushi turns to face him and Arnav holds her waist with his right hand. Khushi locks her right hand in his left hand and they sway towards the audience taking a dip with their locked hands and then breaking the hold twirls and comes face to face again. All this time, Arnav keeps repeating the line “Jab tak hai jab tak hai jaan” as an echo to her lines while caressing her face , hands, palm involuntarily.

He then twirled her around him in a pride with an expression of “MINE” written all over his face. Her eyes conveyed to him her silent promise -  “I am yours” and with their each twirl this realization bought a wonderful and peaceful smile on the couple. 

She finally landed in his arms and he bends her to the floor of the stage as the stage lights dimmed around them. 
They were both lost in each other’s eyes as the music played on. 

The mild breeze from the near by riverside ruffled her hair strands making them tease his nose. He brings her back to standing position; their eyes still locked and they stood still in their embrace.

Audience stood in awe forgetting to clap. The pair was magnetic to each other and their sizzling chemistry was unmistakable. The family too, stood enchanted by this handsome pair standing in the spotlight on the stage. NK, Sunny, Alexy and La looked at each other in happiness as their mission became success. Anjali had tears running down her cheek silently while Viren squeezed her shoulders. Akash had a small smile on his lips while Pavan felt suddenly worried. Adhiti however noticed this slight agitation and worry lines on Pavan’s face as she stood across him. Anu and Payal winked at each other confirming their hunch about Arnav and Khushi’s relationship.

Arnav and Khushi were lost in their memories – their childhood days; the care, the love, the fun, the pain, the sorrow, the happiness. They realized that they had been in love all these years without realizing it. They both smiled at each other and silently promised to be there for each other not only in this life but also in every lives they have (7 janmom ki rishta).

 Nani noticed that her kids were “lost in their own world”…..”Not bothering to come from there…. ever”. She couldn't have been more happier than now.

A/N: I know I had been on a long break with this story. Well, personal reasons kept me away; anyways your comments encouraged me for a comeback. 
Well! The comeback should be with a dhoom! Right?

I hope I had been able to deliver an impact performance with Arshi. You people should let me know how you felt. I know this song is different from the other songs/dances I have written but I wanted this song to convey their feelings. Arnav or Khushi never wanted words to express their feeling. 

If you feel like the you didn't have a ball, then get ready for the final performance in the Sangeet! We will rock the stage...what say?

Song part writing credit shared with Ranianjali/Daljeet/Adhiti

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