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Chapter 28 The Surprise!

It's almost a year and i'm checking with hope that someday you would continue writing about the magical world of Arshi :)

A/N: When I read above comment, I was surprised and an inexplicable joy filled my heart. It worked as a trigger for me. Within few minutes of receiving this comment, I am here, in front of my laptop, writing in this word document titled Dewdrops Chapter 28. 

I know I had ignored this story for a long time but hadn’t realized it was a year and I didn’t know that people kept on checking the blog to see whether there is any progress. I mean this knowledge that there are some waiting for the story to progress makes me feel so …so…so.. I can’t explain.

My sister – A, always complains that it isn’t fair that I left the story halfway, a friend – V, who I came across from IF sends me Barun’s pictures as a bribe to motivate me back to writing. Three other close friends – M, N & H, precious gifts I received through this fan forum, suggested me writing as a therapy when I fell into deep depression, they urged me to complete the story. Many requested me not to kill this story as I did their favorite Strange Love.

I couldn’t kill this story because it’s my first born fictional work. Dewdrops reminds me of a time when I had been truly happy like a butterfly. I had enough time to fool around, dream to my heart’s wish, and smile stupidly at random things or people. It was the time I got back to reading fictions, fantasies, it was time I felt liberated after a long term sentence, you know like a genie who was trapped in a lamp for years finally set free. Lol! Yes, I was done with a big task then, that too successfully and it was truly a happy time. So Dewdrops – my baby was born during those happy times with lot of love for romance and dreams. I had invested lot of time to create fictional characters, to improve my language, to search for pictures which could correctly depict what I want to convey!

 When things went wrong and when I lost hope, I couldn't bring myself back to the dreamy self I was. Now, a part of innocence has been traded and I am not sure whether I still belief in love. A part of me doesn't want to completely give up.  I might have lost hope for myself but I see hope for dewdrops characters. Hence restarting the story, I need to brush up where I left each character. I need to believe in that old charm called love at least for you people who keep hoping that I will come back to complete this story. So here it goes – to all who kept hoping that the story will be continued, your that hope gave me the energy to pull myself back into writing this story. Sorry for the long author note! Thank you all for patiently waiting out, for trusting me to be back!

Khushi was immensely happy, she had no words to describe how she felt. She was floating on clouds. Even when Pavan was sitting besides her, waiting for sleep to lure her, she couldn’t even pretend sleepy, there was this high energy bursting within her. Finally she urged him to go and catch some sleep since he has to wake up early. After tossing and turning for some time, she finally got up and walked to the window looking down to the poolside. The water glittered in the moonlight, she closed her eyes with a smile, re-living the moments which happened few hours ago, her first kiss. She could feel a bird bursting to fly from her heart and she let it fly, with a smile she twirled in happiness. Her twirling was brought to an abrupt stop when she noticed NK leaning on the open door with a teasing smirk. Khushi felt her cheeks heating up in embarrassment.

“Well! That’s a first Siso! (A pause) I never saw this shade on your face all these years. New blush? You didn't remove your makeup after the dance?

Khushi knew her twin well enough to understand the teasing tone he is trying to suppress. But for the life of her, she couldn’t wipe out her facial expressions and bring a blank ‘What are you talking about?’ expression. 

She didn’t have to worry because next moment NK had taken her in a bear hug and whispered “I am happy for you siso!” in an emotional voice which is totally un-NKish! She drew back from his hug and looked at his face and saw relief and happiness shining in his eyes. 

Before she could utter a word, she heard Sunny from the doorway “Hurry up! No time for drama” and Alexy has quietly walked into her room, took her pashmina shawl and long parka lying on the chair and wrapped the shawl around her and then gestured with his eyes to make a move. NK by the time had found her sneakers.

“What’s going on?” she couldn’t decipher their strange actions and her confusion was very evident.

 Sunny, NK and Alexy shushed her almost immediately. Sunny informed her “Quiet! You will know soon”. 

NK took her one hand while his other hand held her sneakers and urged her to follow him. All four walked silently like thieves, looking out for danger and soon they arrived at the backyard of the farmhouse.

“NK, at least give me a clue, what is this about?” she whispered in urgency but NK was looking beyond the pathway that lead to the small gate and as she followed his gaze, she saw Aman signaling the coast is clear. 

She was surprised because she never felt Aman to be a mischief maker like they were. He always had a practical aura and rational approach to everything and he was always serious like Arnav. Just as that thought crossed her mind, she saw Arnav and his black Audi beyond the gate. He was standing there as if he was waiting for her and as she saw Aman walking towards them she felt the tug on her hand and looked up to see NK, Sunny and Alexy with their mischief smiles.

 “What are you waiting for?” NK asked her with his super cute dimpled smile. She blinked as if to clear the cobwebs in her head and connect the dots. 

“Go on, he is waiting…chalo chalo chalo...” all three of them pushed her towards the gate and she started walked towards the gate as if in trance, her mind whirling trying to understand the whole situation. As she looked up, she saw Arnav waiting for her with a smile and then things fell into their places in her mind. Her brother knew, her friends knew, Arnav told them, and they were happy for her. Hell, even Aman is smiling at her in happiness. 

She felt overwhelmed at the realization and turned back to see all 4 smiling whole- heartily at her and she felt tears prick her eyes. She rushed towards her twin brother who held his arms open for her to crash on to his chest. He took her in a bone crushing hug which conveyed all his happiness and approval. As she pulled back, she saw all her happiness reflected in his eyes in the form of tears. NK walked her towards Arnav who was still waiting by his car. The men exchanged a look which spoke volumes and with a nod NK seated Khushi in the car while Alexy kept her parka and sneakers at the back seat and Sunny winked at her.

They have been traveling for more than an hour now and they have changed their means of transportation to Arnav’s helicopter. They had not spoken anything; he had not told her the destination nor had she asked him. She felt at peace at his side, her hand on his shoulder and his left hand engulfing her right hand completely. It provided her warmth, security and happiness. That was her last thought before dozing off.


She didn’t want to wake up. It’s just now she went to sleep, she tried to snuggle more into the warmth but her sleepy mind told this isn’t her bed, because nothing will beat lub-dub inside her bed? As she tried to pry open her eyes she realized that she was almost all over Arnav; her head had slipped from his shoulder and he has nestled her securely, resting her face over his chest and forehead beneath his chin.


She heard him again and by now the realization of how she was sleeping cleared her mind and she lifted her head in hurry, hitting his chin with her head.

“Oh!” he cried out. He knew the exact moment she woke up because when she realized where she was, her body had stilled. However, he hadn’t expected this hit. He felt Khushi immediately rubbing his chin saying a 100 sorry in hurry.

He took her hand in his hand and smiled saying “its ok. (A pause) we reached”.

 It was then she looked out and realized that they were at their ancestral haveli. The home where they grew up as kids, the home where both of them lost their dear ones, the home which held lot of memories. She didn’t know what to feel, seeing this home after so many years, the memories lurking around the corners of her mind to be let in, she almost felt breathless. She felt Arnav near her and allowed him to guide her out of the helicopter and to the grounds.

Arnav knew his surprise would make her speechless. When he requested NK’s help and explained his intentions, NK didn’t reply for a long time but just stared at him. After sometime the elder twin nodded and asked for the details.

Now as he led her around the haveli, across the grounds, where they have played as kids, he understood her emotions since he too felt the same. He always also was coming here for the first time after she left this haveli.

 Sensing where he was taking her, he felt her hold on his hand tighten but he gave a reassuring squeeze and told her to trust him with his eyes. When they reached a particular part of the haveli which was considered special, he felt her tears because he too felt tears prick the back of his eyes.

 They stood looking the white tombs of her parents and his mothers’. He held her close to his heart and felt her tears cascading down her cheeks and into his shirt. But he let her cry as he too finally let the long held back tears of his too flow.

When she realized he was taking her to where her parents were laid to rest, she couldn’t hold back the tears or the memories and he let her to relieve all those past while holding her close to his heart. She had no idea how long they were standing like that, her tears stopped, her sobs quieted, she finally felt peace.

“Khushi”, she looked up into his eyes and saw that he too has made peace with the past.

“I wanted to bring you here and I wanted them to be the sole witnesses to this moment”. 

When she looked at him in surprise, she saw him take a ring, the ring which belonged to his mother, her eyes flew up to meet his, 

“Marry me Khushi, Be mine. I love you so much that it hurts me to breathe even when you go away. I want to grow old with you, I want to enjoy each moment I live with you. I want have kids with you and tell them about our childhood mischief’s, I know I am not easy to live with but I am sure, if there is anyone who can makes me want to be a better man, it’s you Khushi. Say yes Khushi”.

 She thought she had finished crying and there were no more tears left but when he asked her to be his, a fresh set of tears rolled down her eyes in quick succession in happiness. She threw herself into him with a force that made him stagger back.  

He heard his laugher “I am going to take it as a yes”. 

She pulled back and extended her left hand “Hurry up! Else I might change my mind”. 

They both laughed but then looked at their parents’ tombs once, feeling their parents’ happy gazes on them. They knew they had their parents’ blessings, with that permission, Arnav slid the emerald ring set in diamonds on her ring finger.

A/N: As you know, I had been out of sync with this story for sometime, I dunno whether I lost my mojo with emotional scenes and these characters. I will let you be the judge..Let me know what you think!