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Chapter 29 - The Unexpected Twist!

Khushi couldn’t wait to reach back home to share the news with all. She couldn’t remember the last time she had been this ready-to-burst-with-happiness state. She happily clung to Arnav’s left arm all the way back home. 

The same moment Arnav’s Audi was entering via the back gate, Pavan’s Lexus was leaving to airport via the main gate. Khushi saw Dadi sitting in the garden, deep in thought. She gestured Arnav to be silent and tiptoed her way to Dadi and suddenly extended her left hand in front of Dadi’s face. Dadi was startled out of her thoughts and looked at the familiar ring in surprise and then she looked up at Khushi’s face.  With her 1000 Watt smile, Khushi sat next to Dadi on the ground and said in a conspiracy tone “Your grandson proposed to me when I was in my PJs. Haven’t you taught him any sense?” she asked with a wink. Dadi laughed and looked up to see Arnav striding towards then after parking his car.

“Chotte! What did you do? Don’t you know that a girl likes to be proposed when she is dressed in her best and looking all beautiful” Dadi mock scolded Arnav.

“She will always look beautiful to me; even when she will be looking like a baby elephant while carrying my child”

Khushi’s eyes widened in surprise & her jaw dropped at Arnav’s cool comment while Dadi’s eyes shone with love and happiness for grandchildren.

“What?” Arnav asked with a smug smile looking at Khushi. When Khushi struggled to find words to rebuke him, he continued with that same smugness “When I asked you to marry me, I talked about kids too. Don’t you recall?”

By this time Khushi was blushing and she could see that Dadi was not being helpful but has joined Arnav’s side. 

“I remember vividly. But how dare you call me elephant?” she wanted to kill him for embarrassing her in front of Dadi like this.

“I said baby elephant” he corrected her

Before she could get up to strangle him, NK & team arrived.

“Show me the ring” Sunny was the first one to reach her & took her hand to look at the ring 

“Wow! Great choice”

“It belonged to my mom” Arnav replied in a calm tone while NK hugged him from back, just the way he used to do when they were younger. It was his way of expressing thanks to Arnav for making his sister the happiest person in the world. He could see the light glowing from her face even from far.

 NK saw Khushi looking at him, her eyes tender with emotion.

“You knew?” she asked NK

“Of course! He had my blessings!” NK raised his right hand over Arnav’s head in the form of blessing.

“Does Bhaiya know?” Khushi asked in a shocked surprise?

“Not yet” It was Dadi who spoke. 

She sighed and looked at all of them and spoke “Pavan is planning on Khushi’s marriage to Prithvi Raichand”

“What?” NK, Sunny and Alexy spoke at the same time while Khushi stood stunned. Arnav didn’t react but stood staring at his Dadi in eye.

“He spoke to me about the Rishta just before you people came in”

“I will speak to Bhai” NK spoke up

“No. I was planning to speak directly to him about Khushi after the wedding. I think I will have to prepone it” Arnav said in a calm voice. Only the tight clenching of his fist was a give away to his emotional turmoil”

Khushi was suddenly scared. Whenever she felt immensely happy, dark clouds gather over her life immediately. Sunny and Alexy gave her a side hug squeeze from either sides and she looked at them with a grateful smile.

She looked up at Arnav and saw him give her a reassuring smile, he walked up to her, took her hands in his and told her “Whatever happens, this time I won’t lose you, I won’t let you go away from me. It’s a promise”

The haldi function was in full swing. It was decided for the time being everyone will enjoy the function and not worry about anything else. Arnav had decided to talk to Pavan at the first available moment and Dadi assured that she won’t let any unfortunate happenings in her family once again.Everyone enjoyed teasing Akash and Payal during the Haldi ceremony. All the male Raizada members except Akash were busy welcoming the guests. Mr. Nair was there to attend the wedding. He was allotted a bail from hospital after Khushi pleaded with Viren. Mr. Nair was allowed a bail but was under the watchful eyes of Viren and a nurse. He sat there along with Nani enjoying the wedding functions. 

When Khushi came to greet him, he winked at her and asked “Finally it happened like I told right? Did Arnav surprise you with his proposal?”

“How do you know? He just proposed me today morning and we aren’t official yet” Khushi answered without masking her surprise

He gave a hearty laugh “I told him if he wants to eat sugar free jalebis for a lifetime, he better marry you fast”

Alexy and NK was bored of watching the hide-n-seek eye-lock game between Sunny and Lavanya right from the time Lavanya appeared with the bride-to-be and Adhiti. But NK stopped complaining about it when Anuradha came in and then he started looking at Anu without blinking. 

Finally Alexy lost his patience and snapped at both Sunny and NK –“If you are going to continue this staring game, people will think you are creeps and those girls would feel you haven’t seen another woman in your life”

Sunny after the initial embarrassment gave a cheeky reply “that’s the aim bro. They should feel that they are the only woman in this world for us”

Yup. Exactly! NK gave a hi5 to Sunny while Alexy rolled his eyes.

Akash was lost, looking at his soon-wife-to-be’s face and was dreaming about their firstnight when Anjali waved a hand in front of him. Startled and shocked he looked at Di, red in face at getting caught.

“Don’t frighten her with that lecher grin. Keep those wild thoughts of yours under lock and key for some more time” Anjali teased and chided him while smile sweetly at him.

“How do you know what he was thinking?” Viren who heard this sweet exchange between the siblings leaned in to ask Anjali.

“Haven’t I seen that similar expression on your face when we got married?” He winked at him

Adhiti had seen Pavan briefly when she came in for the ceremony but he was busy attending guests yet he had given her that warm smile of his and his eyes seemed to convey something more. She looked around and spotted him the exact moment his eyes found her. They were brought out of their eye-lock when Arnav approached Pavan.

“Bhai! I need to speak with you” Arnav spoke quite seriously



A/N:  "Dewdrops" would be ending soon..I was always overwhelmed with the love and affection you have showered on me for this story. Even when I had put this one on a year long, you stuck with me. And you brought me back and made me feel so great that I couldn't even believe it..This story was my first attempt at a fan-fiction story and the awesome support you gave was truly encouraging in my growth as a writer. Thank you! To each one of you! Love you!

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  6. Lovely Update. A truly heartfelt and amazing story. Thanks for continuing.
    IF: Inamajar